The Best Mulching Blade For Optimal Lawn Maintenance

Best Mulching Blade

It’s one thing to maintain your garden, and it’s another to have the right equipment to make that happen. That’s why you need to have a mulcher. 

However, your mulcher is most likely not that efficient in mulching because of its stock blade.

This is the reason why you need to have a mulching blade.

In this article, we’re going to show you the best mulching blade that’ll surely make your lawn maintenance endeavor a whole lot nicer.

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The Best Battery Leaf Blower For Lawn Maintenance


Ensuring that your lawn is clean and neat is not an easy thing to do. In fact, it’s quite of a hassle to make sure that it regularly gets its well-deserved maintenance. Whichever way it is, there’s no need to worry because there are leaf blowers you can use. In this article, we’re going to show you the best battery leaf blowers that will help you with your lawn maintenance endeavor.

Top Reasons Why You Need A Battery Leaf Blower



1. There are Backpack Models

One of the best things why these battery leaf blowers are such a big hit to gardeners is that it can be carried on your back. It's portable. And what's cool about it is that most battery leaf blowers have a strap enabling you just to hang it on your back.

2. Lightweight and Convenient

What makes these battery leaf blowers stand out among other gardening maintenance tools is that these are very lightweight. Why? It’s because it is specifically designed to help in gardeners have an easier time maintaining their lawn.

3. Lots of Feature Options

Then there are the many feature options you can choose from. This gives you the freedom to use the battery leaf blower whichever way you want. For sure, this will help make it easier for you to take on your lawn’s dried and fallen leaves with style.

4. Low Maintenance

These battery leaf blowers are also very easy to maintain. These are low maintenance tools where you don't need to worry a lot if it breaks down because it likely wouldn't. It's as simple as that. These are simply tools that don't have any complicated wirings or mechanics.

5. Helps Clean Lawns Faster

Now here is what seals the deal with battery leaf blowers – they are fast cleaners. Gone are the days when you have to manually rake the leaves, pick them up, and throw them in the bin. It's because these battery leaf blowers do all of that.

The Characteristics Of A Good Electric Leaf Blower



1. Durable

Before you buy a battery leaf blower or any product, the first thing that you should consider is its durability. It's where you'll know if you've used your money for the right thing. It's through this that you'll have your money's worth. Make sure that it is a high-quality product that'll last long.

2. Availability of Many Features

Make sure that the battery leaf blower of your choice has many features. It should give you a lot of options or usage modes to choose from so that you can use it for the specific purpose that you wish to use it for.

3. Design and Comfort

Of course, you want to have a good-looking battery leaf blower. However, it's not just about the aesthetic or visual appeal that we're talking about here because this is also where the comfort levels rely on. Having a nice design or ergonomically designed handle makes it comfortable for you. This means that you won't easily get tired or get stressed up when you're using it for quite some time.

4. Price

It doesn’t matter that if the battery leaf blower is sold expensively, it automatically is of high quality. Take note that there are a lot of cheap and affordably priced blowers that have the same features or quality with the more expensive ones. So you have to take care of that reality when buying.

5. Strength

See to it that the battery leaf blower’s strength or intensity can easily and efficiently blow the leaves because that's what it is supposed to do right? It should be strong enough to blow the leaves. Make sure that its power and strength is on par with your purpose.

Top 5 Best Electric Leaf Blower

1. DeWalt Lithium Ion XR Brushless Blower


The DeWalt Lithium Ion XR Brushless Blower features a MAX 5.0 Ah lithium ion battery clocked at 20 volts. This is enough to take care of your lawn maintenance needs.

It is a lightweight leaf blower thanks to its simple yet highly effective design. It can reach air speeds of up to 90 mph which make it easier for you to clean up your lawn's leaves. It goes along with the 400 CFM making it more capable. This gives you the peace of mind in knowing that your work is less likely to be interrupted. Its handles also feature an ergonomic design.


  • It’s a great product when it comes to capability and durability. This gives you an impression that it’ll be serving you for a long time.
  • This blower has a lot of power and strength. It can easily blow up leaves in a very effortless manner.


  • It’s a bit noisy, probably because of it being a lightweight and simple leaf blower.
  • The design is a bit unpleasant, but it’s not that of a big deal.

2. EGO Power+ Lithium Ion Blower


The EGO Power+ Lithium Ion Blower can deliver up to 480 CFM. This is surely a capable blower for your lawn maintenance needs. It features a brushless motor that perfectly matches its weather-resistant body build construction. If you need a durable blower that can take up a lot of beating, this might be just your best choice. You have a lot of variable speeds to choose from as there are 250 CFM to 480 CFM.


  • It’s a lightweight leaf blower, which means that you can easily carry and use it for extended periods of time.
  • It’s a capable leaf blower and blows leaves in a very constant and efficient manner.
  • This is a compact product which is easy to use.


  • Be careful about its supposed warranty privilege because it can be tricky when you get it.

3. Snapper 2Ah Battery Blower


The Snapper 2Ah Battery Blower has 40 minutes of running time. It features a variable speed of 550 CFM that can go up to 130 mph in air speeds. If you need a strong blower, then this might just be your best choice. It can well go beyond that time span if you use it in lower variable speeds. Its LXT is amped at 2 Ah making it capable of easily blowing through leaves. It got a compact and highly ergonomic design which is made to make it more comfortable to use. This weighs a very light 3.9 pounds.


  • This is a high-quality leaf blower because of its materials, design, and overall body construction.


  • It lacks a keep on the button. It would be better if it has that to give you better precision.
  • The design is ergonomic, but its base is a bit too stout.

4. Black+Decker 40V Lithium Ion Sweeper


The Black+Decker 40V Lithium Ion Sweeper is another nice product to get for yourself. It's got a 40 volt lithium ion battery that you can rechargeable if ever it’s drained of power. It’s got two-speed control which gives you a lot of options to choose from depending on the lawn that you're going to cover. Weighing only 4.7 pounds, it sure is a convenient way to blow up your lawn’s leaves.


  • It’s got a lot of handy features, making it stand out among other brands.
  • It’s a fully capable leaf blower that can easily blow the leaves in your lawn, even if they’re moist or wet.
  • It’s lightweight and has comfortable handles.


  • This leaf blower isn’t sturdy. It’s a bit flimsy, but not too much.

5. LawnMaster Electric Blower/Sweeper


The GreenWorks Pro Battery-Powered Blower is another highly recommended product of ours. It has a 70 minutes running time which is more than enough to cover your entire lawn. It is run by a 2 Ah battery that perfectly goes in tandem with its 32cc gas engine. It can go up to 125 mph thanks to its 500 CFM engine.


  • It is a great product to use because of its nicely designed handles.
  • It’s a powerful leaf blower knowing that it’s small and very light.


  • It's a bit too heavy. Be prepared to get some arm or hand pains especially if you plan on using it for an extended amount of time.


The best product to stand out is the WORX WG516 Electric Blower. It is a fully capable leaf blower, has a lot of ingenious features, is lightweight, and is very comfortable to hold. It has all of the features necessary of a good and worthy to buy an electric blower. If you want to make your lawn maintenance task easier, then it'd be smart for you to get this one.

The Best Leaf Shredder For Better Lawn Maintenance


Lawn maintenance is very important because this is where the overall look and feel of your property depends on. Doing maintenance work is quite of a laborious task to do, but you don’t have to worry about it too much. It’s because as long as you have a leaf shredder, you’re good to go. In this article, we’re going to show you the best leaf shredder that’ll surely make your lawn look neat, clean, and refreshing.

The Cool Things About Leaf Shredders



1. Environment Friendly

The first thing why you need to have a leaf shredder is because it helps the environment. It does this because you don’t have to put the leaves in a garbage bag and let the garbage truck take them and place them on a landfill.

2. Creates Natural Compost

Another cool thing about these leaf shredders is that they can be used a natural composting material. The shredded leaves function as a great compost to improve the health of your plants. These can be easily degraded, which means that they can also be easily absorbed by your plant’s roots.

3. Useful for Mulching

Mulching is important for growing plants because they need to be protected from the outside environment. With this, you can use the shredded leaves as a form of mulch. By simply placing them on top of the plants to cover them up until the right time comes for them to be exposed to its surroundings.

4. Easier Lawn Maintenance

You don't have to rake all the fallen leaves in your lawn because you can simply use your leaf shredder to collect them. Once it's done the collecting, it automatically grinds and shreds the leaves into small pieces. It's as simple as that.

The Characteristics Of A Good Leaf Shredder



1. Brand

The first consideration you need to make is the brand. It’s in knowing the brand that you can know if the leaf shredder will function properly or not. By getting a leaf shredder that is made by a reputable brand, you can have the peace of mind in knowing that you won’t encounter any problems with it.

2. Compartment

All leaf shredders have a compartment because this is where the collected leaves go. It is also where they will get the leaves that they’re going to shred. With this, it makes perfect sense for you to choose one that has a huge compartment so you’ll have a lot of space for the leaves. You don’t want to constantly empty the compartment. So get one that has a large compartment space.

3. Wheels

The wheels are an integral part of a leaf shredder, because it is the one which enables you to use it in different terrains. You want something that has big wheels so that it can easily muster its way through the soil, be it muddy, sandy, or sloping.

4. Shredding Mechanism

The shredding mechanism is the most important thing you need to consider. It’s through this that you’ll have your money’s worth. Make sure that it shreds the leaves in a very fine, smooth, and silent manner. In the first place, it’s what a leaf shredder is supposed to do.

5. Price

Last but not the least thing you need to consider is the price. The price should not be too high or too low. It should be in the midrange so you can be assured that its quality and materials don't come cheap.

Top 5 Best Leaf Shredders

1. Tazz K32 Chipper Shredder


The Tazz K32 Chipper Shredder features a 212cc Viper engine that gives you an assurance it can easily shred any kind of leaves in a very easy manner. It includes an optional vacuum kit that can produce more than 20% strength. This leaf shredder measures 25.4 inches by 29.9 inches, making it a very space-friendly leaf shredder to begin with. Its wheels measures 11 inches and are assured to never go flat. It’s a leaf shredder that is built for rugged and outdoor situations. It also has a zipper and bag connector that’ll surely make you feel comfortable in using it.


  • It has a very easy manual starting procedure.
  • You’ll find it very easy to operate.


  • It’s got 11 inch wheels which isn’t enough especially if you’re going to use it in muddy or sloping terrains.
  • The quality of this one is not that great.

2. Homegear Electric Leaf Shredder


The Homegear Electric Leaf Shredder is a multipurpose tool that can either be used as a leaf blower, vacuum, or shredder. It can reduce up to 81% of mulched debris into just ½ inches. That’s how effective this leaf shredder is. It is powered by a 12 amp motor and has a two-speed setting capability. The decibel rating is at 102DB. Its zip bag and collection bag are also assured to be secure. Its vacuum capacity is 15.8 gallons and mulch ratio is at 10:1.


  • It is a strong and fully capable leaf shredder.
  • It shreds leaves in a very efficient way because it does it really fast.


  • The capacity of the bag compartment is not that much. You might be short of space especially if you’re going to cover a huge lawn.
  • It’s not also the best when it comes to durability because the materials it’s made of are not of high quality.

3. Power Smart Electric Chipper Shredder


The Power Smart Electric Chipper Shredder is another highly recommended product. It has an overload protection which gives you an assurance that it’s safe to use. This shredder is powered by a 15 amp motor which is enough if you’re going to cover a small to medium-sized lawn. It has 1 5/8 inches cutting capacity and 6-inch wheels that make it a mobile tool to use. For added safety, this leaf shredder has a locking knob that stops the function of the motor when it is opened or becomes loose. If it’s your first time to use a shredder and you’re looking for something safe, then this is what you might be looking for.


  • This is a leaf shredder that is specifically designed for mulching. It’s great in shredding leaves that you can turn into mulch later on.


  • Its quality is not the best because it feels a bit too flimsy. It isn’t that stable especially if it’s working on a huge pile of leaves.

4. Toro Electric Leaf Shredder


Then there’s the Toro Electric Leaf Shredder. It is an electric-powered multipurpose equipment that can either be used as a blower, vacuum, or leaf shredder. You can easily choose how it will function by switching from the blowing and vacuum modes. This can reduce 10 bags full of leaves into just a single bag. That’s how effective it is. It makes disposal easier for you. It has a two-speed motor which is very compact and portable. It’s because of this that you can bring it wherever you want to go. It also has a cord-lock system that prevents unnecessary slack. Its air speed can go to a whopping 230 mph that is perfectly matched by 420 watts of air pressure. For sure, this will reduce your working time.


  • It is a great product because of the way it functions.
  • It’s worth the price because of its functionality and portability.


  • The safety with this one is a bit off because of its lack of extra security features.
  • You’ll have a bit of issue when it comes to durability because it’s not made from the finest materials.

5. Wood Chipper Cutter Leaf Mulcher Shredder


The Wood Chipper Cutter Leaf Mulcher Shredder is a gas-powered shredder. It runs on a 15 horsepower 420cc engine. Its handles measures up to 5 inches and it can chip down 1/4 inch mulch. The centrifugal clutch is the one which safeguards its engine from overuse. What’s cool about it is that you have a one year warranty when you get this one. It’s also made from steel cutting blade which is hardened and assured to be of the finest quality.


  • This can easily grind down whatever kind of leaves you put into it.
  • It works flawlessly. Its operation and mechanism is soft. There are no signs of over-vibration or something similar.
  • It does great in what it is supposed to do, and that is shredding leaves.


  • The instruction manual is not easily understandable. It’s confusing.


The best product out of the five reviewed products is the Wood Chipper Cutter Leaf Mulcher Shredder. It is made of high quality materials, it is very effective in shredding leaves and turning them into mulch, and it’s comfortable to use. If you want the best leaf shredder in the market, that can do a lot of other things, then this is what you need to get.

The Best Lawn Sweeper For Your Yard And Garden


Ensuring that your garden stays clean and neat all year-round might sound pretty easy. But in reality, it isn’t. You need to have the right equipment and tools, and of course, a whole lot of determination to make that happen. With this, you need the best lawn sweeper to get the job done right. In this article, we’re going to help you choose the best one.

Lawn Sweeper Buying Guide



1. Wheels

The first thing you need to take into consideration is the wheels. The wheels should be big enough for it to be used on different terrains. You'll never know if your garden or lawn will be muddy. If it gets muddy, you need bigger tires that can provide more traction for it to move passed it smoothly.

2. Durability

It's also important that you make sure that the lawn sweeper of your choice is durable. It should be made of high-quality materials and manufactured by a reputable company. It's through this that you'll have your money's worth. It shouldn't easily get scratches and loose parts. It should be capable of taking a lot of beating.

3. Compartment

Its compartment is as important as its engine. It is where all of the collected leaves are placed, which is why it should be spacious enough to accommodate loads of this rubbish. The compartment should also be secure where the collected leaves are assured to not pour out of it.

4. Comfort

Of course, you need to make sure that it’s comfortable to use. You are the one who is going to use it, which is why you need to feel at ease. You might use it for hours at an end, which is why you shouldn’t be stress or your hands shouldn’t be strained when using it.

5. Price

The price is the determining factor which tells you if you'll proceed to get it. The lawn sweeper shouldn't be over priced as it doesn't mean that it's of better quality than the cheaper ones. Canvass lawn sweepers of different prices and settle for the best deal.

Good Things You Can Get Out Of A Lawn Sweeper



1. Effective Removal

This is the main purpose why lawn sweepers are even made – to remove all of the debris in your lawn. These lawn sweepers are very effective in doing that because of its design. It does the collection process in a very seamless and productive way which makes it a must-have for people who have lawns.

2. Pollution-Free

What's great about these lawn sweepers is that they run on zero emissions. This means that it doesn't produce any smoke or other pollutants that can cause a hazard to the environment and yourself.

3. Silent

It's cleaning process is what makes it a standout among other tools. Why? It's because it collects the debris in a very silent way. It's a very quiet tool to clean up your lawn at whichever time of the day you want. You won't be disturbing anyone.

4. Prevent Entanglement Issues

Another cool thing about these lawn sweepers is that the likelihood of having debris get entangled is minimum or even none at all. These means that it’s also less likely for your sweeper’s blades to get dull.

5. Fast Debris Gathering

Using a lawn sweeper is perhaps the fastest way to collect and gather debris from your lawn. This is because it collects debris and places them all in one place – the bag. This reduces the time to spend cleaning your lawn, giving you more time to spend it on more important things.

Top 5 Best Lawn Sweeper

1. Brinly Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper


The Brinly Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper features high velocity brushes that you can easily adjust its height. This makes it easier for you to pick up huge amounts of debris. It has a large 20 cubic foot of hamper that goes well along its 42-inch sweep. This is very effective in decreasing the number of passes you need to do on your yard. If you’re going to sweep up leaves, grass clippings, old grass, and after dethatching work, then this is what you need.


  • It’s an easy to assemble lawn sweeper. You can easily use this without prior experience.
  • It does a great job in collecting debris from your lawn.


  • Its drive gears can be easily stripped away.
  • Its assembly instructions are confusing.

2. Agri-Fab Push Model Lawn Sweeper


The Agri-Fab Push Model Lawn Sweeper is another highly recommended product because of pf its effectiveness and functionality. It weighs 25.3 pounds which are a decent weight for a lawn sweeper. If you need something that can be easily used due to its portability, then this is what you need to have. It has a red debris compartment and what's best about this is that it is foldable. You even have a three-year warranty when you get this one.


  • It’s a lawn sweeper that is great in picking up different kinds of debris in the lawn.
  • This is very useful in speeding up your work because of its smooth process of debris collection.


  • The size of this one is a bit off. It’s weirdly sized making you feel a bit unorthodox when using this one.
  • The price is also a bit too high. There are other lawn sweepers that are more affordable than this one, yet have similar features and durability levels.

3. Ohio Steel Sweeper


The Ohio Steel Sweeper is another highly recommended product in this list of best lawn sweepers. Its sweeper measures 42 inches which are ideal for use on small to medium-sized lawns. If you want something that is easy to use and has great maneuverability and handling, then this is a pretty good choice for you. It's also assured to be made from the finest materials as it's made in the U.S.


  • It has a huge sweeper, measuring 42 inches. You can cover a large area with this one.
  • It works well even in different weather conditions and terrain. It’s easy to use and is very much functional.


  • This lawn sweeper is too heavy. You’ll have a bit of problem if you’re going to bring this with you in a different place.
  • It's not good for hills or sloping places because of its weight.

4. Ohio Steel Pro Sweeper


Here’s another lawn sweeper from Ohio Steel, which is the Ohio Steel Pro Sweeper. This is similar to the previous one, but it's designed to a more peculiar market. It has a 50-inch sweeping width and a hopper that has a capacity of 26 cubic feet. Its brushes measure 11 inches and are made from spiraled polypropylene. It's an exclusive feature that has been patented by the Ohio Steel. This also has 9-inch chutes that prevent it from experiencing clogging. Its hopper is collapsible that perfectly goes with its hitch pin.


  • It is excellent in picking up debris. It never misses to pick up something from the yard.
  • It’s a heavy duty lawn sweeper, which is why it can take a lot of beating even if you use it ruggedly.
  • This is a multipurpose lawn sweeper, giving you the most out of your money.


  • Its price is a bit of a turnoff due to it being so high. However, it’s still worth it because of its advanced features.
  • The design is not also that nice. It looks too heavy and bulky.

5. Agri-Fab Lawn Sweeper


Then there’s the Agri-Fab Lawn Sweeper which is probably the best product in this list. It has a 25 cubic feet mesh back and flow through hoppers that makes it easier for you to empty it. Its brush height lever is easy to use thanks to its pull button feature. This gives you an assurance that it wouldn’t slip off of it. You can also offset the sweeper tongue in one passing. And what’s best about it is that you can improve the dump lever without leaving your tractor seat. It’s surely a space saver.


  • This is very useful if you have a big lawn as it can cover a huge area in one single sweeping.
  • It has pretty good consistency in sweeping.
  • The material it’s made of is durable and of high quality.


  • The packaging is not that nice and secure.

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The five reviewed products are all highly recommended, but the best one is the Agri-Fab 45-0492 Lawn Sweeper. It can be easily used, is fully functional, is affordable, and is consistent in what it does best, and that is sweeping. If you want the best lawn sweeper you can lay your hands on, this is simply the wisest choice you can make. Get it now and see how useful it is.

The Best Riding Lawn Mower For Hills Reviews – 2018


Using a lawn mower to maintain the cleanliness of your garden or lawn is a must because it's through this that you're able to cut and trim down the grass. But what kind of lawn mower should you use? Well, we're going to talk about riding lawn mowers in this article. We're also going to help you choose the best riding lawn mower for hills. For sure, you'll get the best one for yourself.

Things To Check If A Riding Lawn Mower Is Worth The Buy

1. Speed

The first thing you need to consider when choosing a riding lawn mower is its speed. This is because there are times when you need to be fast or to slow down. If you’re going to work on a large lawn where there are few obstructions, then it’s best you get a riding lawn mower that can go at fast speeds. But if there are a lot of obstructions in your yard, you need to be more precise when it comes to mowing, which is why you need a slower riding lawn mower.

2. Cutting Path

Every riding lawn mower has its own respective mower deck width. The wider the mower deck is, the more coverage area you can trim in a single pass. If you’re going to work on an area that is about 1 to 3 acres, it’s best if you use a riding lawn mower that is 30 to 48 inches in width. On the other hand, get a riding lawn mower that has a 50 to 60-inch width if you’re going to work on a 3-acre yard.

3. Power

You also need to take into consideration the power of your riding lawn mower of choice. It should be able to easily drive through different surfaces, such as hills, ponds, or even through fences. It is best if you choose one that has a front and rear-drive, and zero turn mower feature.

4. Engine Features

When it comes to the features you need to consider, the first ones you need to take into account are the ones in its engine. Prefer buying a riding lawn mower that has its cooling system and oil filtering system. These are vital in ensuring that your mower will last for ages.

5. Maintenance Features

Riding lawn mowers are just like vehicles because they also need to undergo regular checkups and maintenance. These are prone to getting clogged up engines due to the dust, dirt, and grime that might accumulate due to its constant mowing. It's highly recommended that your riding lawn mower should have an advanced debris management system, so you don't have to spend money on its maintenance and tune-ups regularly.

How A Riding Lawn Mower Makes Mowing Easier?

1. Faster Mowing

There are a lot of ways that using a riding lawn mower can make your mowing easier. However, one of the best reasons is that it increases your working speed. This is because of the automated mowing system these lawn mowers have. There are even times that your working time can be cut to half or three folds when you’re using riding lawn mowers.

2. Independence

If you have your riding lawn mower, you don't need to contact or avail the service of professional gardeners or mowers. You have the equipment, the skill, and the capability to go on with your lawn mowing task. This will also help you save money.

3. Multi-Purpose

What's great about riding lawn mower is that they are multipurpose vehicles. They are not just made for merely mowing, but they can also be used as snow plows or small trailer carriers if you need to.

Top 5 Best Riding Lawn Mowers For Hills 2018

1. Snapper SPX 22/46 46-Inch 22 HP Riding Tractor Mower

The Snapper SPX 22/46 46-Inch 22 HP Riding Tractor Mower is powered by a V-twin 22 horsepower engine. It has a 46-inch wide mower deck that is made of high quality steel. This perfectly matches its 4 anti-scalp wheels and three ultra-sharp blades. This one has a 14-inch turning radius and an electric blade engagement that reduces the tendency of it having stuck up grass.


  • This one makes your mowing easier and more comfortable because it works very fast.
  • It has a lot of great safety features. You don’t have to worry about injuries or accidentally cutting yourself because those won’t happen.


  • You need to regularly grease the pinion and sector gear to make it work properly.
  • If you don’t give it a regular tune up or maintenance, there’s a big probability that the steering will be damaged.

2. Troy-Bilt TB42 420cc Auto Drive 7-Speed Riding Lawn Tractor

The Troy-Bilt TB42 420cc Auto Drive 7-Speed Riding Lawn Tractor is another is powered by a 420cc engine. It has a 7-speed transmission and an automatic foot pedal. Its mowing deck measures 42 inches that perfectly matches its 13-gauge steel Step Thru frame. You have five deck height adjustments to choose from. Its front wheels measure 15 x 6 inches while its rear wheels are 20 x 8 inches in size.


  • Its large tires are very helpful in improving its maneuverability
  • It gives you a comfortable ride. You won’t be stressed up even if you’re riding it for a while


  • There is no mulching kit included.
  • Thought it’s generally comfortable to ride on, it’s not that easy to maneuver. It’s steering wheel is hard to turn.

3. Swisher ZTR2454BS Response 24HP 54-Inch B&S ZTR Mower

The Swisher ZTR2454BS Response 24HP 54-Inch B&S ZTR Mower is powered by a 24 horsepower Briggs & Stratton engine. It has a very wide cutting deck that measures 54 inches that perfectly goes hand in hand with the 3 Gator mulching blades. It can go as fast as 8 MPH whether it be on forward or on reverse.


  • This riding lawn mower is very easy to operate because it has great maneuvering features.
  • It’s also light, making it a fuel efficient mowing vehicle.
  • The seats are comfortable because of its soft padding cushion.


  • It’s not the best when it comes to durability.
  • Its front wheels are too small. It’s because of this that you might experience bouncing off when you pass through rocky surfaces.

4. Poulan Pro 960420181 Lever Riding Tractor Mower

Then there’s the Poulan Pro 960420181 Lever Riding Tractor Mower. This is powered by a 155 horsepower Briggs & Stratton single cylinder overhead valve engine. It features a 6 speed transmission that gives you the liberty to choose your speed. Its mowing deck measures 42 inches. What makes this riding lawn mower stand out is the way it is designed. It features a very robust and solid body that makes it capable of getting a lot of beating. Its seat is also padded with soft cushion that assures your comfort. You also have 6 cutting options to choose from.


  • It has a very nice design that not only looks attractive but also makes it durable and robust.
  • It’s very reliable in mowing grass whether the area that you’re going to cover is large or small.
  • This one has the best seat in the list as it is very soft and comfortable to sit on for long periods of time.


  • The price of this riding lawn mower is a bit too high. However, it is justified by its durability and efficiency.
  • This consumes a lot of gas. You’ll spend a lot of money in refueling it.

5. Husqvarna 967271501 Briggs and Stratton Zero Turn Lawn Mower

There is also the Husqvarna 967271501 Briggs and Stratton Zero Turn Lawn Mower which has a 46 inch mowing deck. Its special zero turn feature also makes this a one-of-a-kind riding lawn mower because of its ease in driving. It has its own deck lift system that is supported by a by a spring device to make it easy to use. Its cutting deck is made from stamped steel and is further reinforced by a heavy flat-stock steel.


  • It’s comfortable to ride on because of the soft seat.
  • It’s fuel efficient because of its simple and lightweight design.


  • Its wheels are too small. It’s because of this that you’ll feel uncomfortable when you’re driving through a rocky surface.
  • There’s a likelihood that you might stumble over if you go too fast and you hit a rocky patch of soil.


Out of the five reviewed products, the one that managed to emerge as the best riding lawn mower is the Poulan Pro 960420181 Lever Riding Tractor Mower. This is a very efficient machine vehicle, has a durable and sturdy design, is very comfortable to ride on, and is easily maneuverable. You won’t have any problem riding these on rocky surfaces. If you want to make your lawn mowing task easier, then this is what you need.

The Best Commercial Backpack Blower For A Cleaner Lawn


Maintaining the cleanliness of our garden is a must for every homeowner. However, we can’t deny the fact that it is quite a bit of a challenging thing to do. Fortunately, there is now an equipment we can use, which is called as a commercial backpack blower. In this article, we’re going to help you choose the best commercial backpack blower that’ll surely make your lawn look clean and net.

Why Use A Commercial Backpack Blower?

1. Lightweight

These commercial backpack blowers are lightweight. These won’t strain your hands or arms even if you’re using these for a couple of minutes or even an hour. This is what makes these very popular today, instead of using the rakes or dustpans. With the help of commercial backpack blowers, you can easily carry on with your job without having to exhaust yourself in holding it. Remember, these are just strapped on your back.

2. Convenient to Use

One of the best things about a commercial backpack blower is that these are very easy to use. You won’t have a hard time carrying them with you because you just simply strap them at your back. You don’t need to keep on holding them throughout the entire time. You just leave them at your back, hold on their nozzles, and use them. That’s how easy it is to use these commercial backpack blowers.

3. Improves Work Efficiency

Another cool thing about using commercial backpack blowers is that these help you become more productive in your work. It improves your efficiency because you can work faster when you’re using it. You can easily clean all of the fallen dried leaves on the ground in just a few minutes depending on the size of the area that you’re going to be covering. This makes it easier for you to finish your garden or lawn cleaning task in the fastest possible time. And it’s not just about the time, but it’s also about how your work is done.

4. Variety of Features

When it comes to commercial backpack blowers, you have a lot of choices to choose from. There are different kinds of commercial backpack blowers that have their respective features. You can choose one that has special features depending on where or how you're going to use it.

Things To Factor In When Choosing A Commercial Backpack Blower

1. Startup and Use

The very first thing you need to check on a commercial backpack blower of your choice is if it is easy to start up. You also need to see to it if it’s easy to use. These are very important because if the blower is difficult to start, it would surely take up a lot of your time. You need to make sure that you’ll have an easy time using it.

2. Low Vibration

You also need to see to it that the blower of your choice has low vibration. This is important because using a backpack blower that has high vibration would only stress you up. You’ll experience higher levels of fatigue because your muscles and bones are shaken up. Make sure that that the backpack blower doesn’t vibrate too much so that you can go on with your leaf blowing work easily.

3. Air Speed and Airflow

The air speed and airflow of your commercial backpack blower should also be powerful enough to blow the leaves easily. If the air speed is weak, it will take a longer time for you to finish your work. You need something that will make your work easier for you.

4. Comfortable Harnesses

Backpack blowers are called that way because you strap these on your back. With this, it makes perfect sense for you to choose on that has comfortable straps or harnesses. It's through this that you won't have a hard time carrying this on your back for an extended amount of time. It would be best if the harnesses have padding cushions so that they'll be soft on your skin. Commercial backpack blowers with wide shoulder straps and hips belts are also recommended.

Top 5 Best Commercial Backpack Blower

1. Husqvarna 150BT 50.2cc 2-Cycle Gas Backpack Blower

The Husqvarna 150BT 50.2cc 2-Cycle Gas Backpack Blower features a 50cc X-Torq engine that makes this a powerful and easy to start backpack blower. Its fans are also designed in a way that it can efficiently deliver powerful air speed and air flow. Its air speed can reach as high as 250 MPH. It’s also comfortable to use thanks to its load reducing harness that perfectly matches its wide hip belt and shoulder traps.


  • It constantly blows air. This makes it very easy for you to get rid of the fallen dried leaves.
  • This is the perfect blower to use when you’ve got large lawns or gardens. It blows leaves very fast. You’ll be finished in just a couple of minutes.
  • It’s also very easy to use thanks to its fast startup feature and comfortable straps.


  • Though it can help you finish the work fast, it’s not the best when it comes to its power and strength.

2. New Husqvarna 580BTS 75.6cc Gas Powered 2 Cycle Backpack Leaf Blower

The New Husqvarna 580BTS 75.6cc Gas Powered 2 Cycle Backpack Leaf Blower is another highly recommended product because of its X-Torq 75.6cc engine. It has its own centrifugal air cleaning system that can easily remove dust and particles before it enters the air filter. It also has a 2-stage intake air filtration device that assures you it can operate in extended amounts of time. Aside from those technical things, its handles are adjustable that’ll make you feel comfortable when using it.


  • The 75.6cc engine is very strong. You won’t have any problem in blowing a huge pile of leaves.
  • It’s also very easy to use. It starts quick and fast and is also very lightweight.


  • The adjustable handles are a bit difficult to hold on to because of its design and shape.

3. Solo 467 67-Cc 2-Stroke Gas Powered Commercial Grade Backpack Blower

The Solo 467 67-Cc 2-Stroke Gas Powered Commercial Grade Backpack Blower features a 2-cycle engine and an electronic ignition. This assures you that you won’t have any problem in starting it up. Its noise level is kept at a minimum 94 decibels, making this as a very quiet backpack blower. It also features an anti vibration system that gives you a comfortable experience when using it.


  • It’s very easy to assemble and use. It starts up pretty fast and you can easily maneuver it in different directions.
  • It has the sufficient power you need. It’s truly a reliable piece of equipment.


  • It can stop working if you this every day and averaging around two to three hours per use.
  • Its body can also easily catch dirt.

4. Redmax Ebz6500 Backpack Blower

The Redmax Ebz6500 Backpack Blower is powered by a 65.6 cc engine that has a power output of 3.81 horsepower. It can reach air speeds of up to 230 MPH which is strong enough to blow even the thickest of piled leaves. It weighs around 20 pounds, light enough to easily carry it around your back.


  • It’s a powerful blower that can easily blow any kind of leaves, be it dry or damp.
  • This one is lightweight, making it very easy to use even if you use it for hours.
  • You can feel that this is made of high quality materials because of its premium-feel textures.


  • The price is a bit too expensive.

5. Makita EB7650WH MM4 Hip Throttle Backpack Blower

The Makita EB7650WH MM4 Hip Throttle Backpack Blower is another highly recommended product in this list because it is powered by a 75.6cc engine. It has its own mechanical engine decompression that ensures you it can easily start up. You can even enjoy its cruise control which features a hip throttle and an easy to see on and off switch. Its shoulder straps are fully adjustable, giving you a tight and snug fit. The large capacity mufflers make this a very quiet blower, producing only a minimum of 76 decibels.


  • This is a very durable and tough backpack blower. It’s truly made for the outdoors.
  • This one’s very easy to use because of its comfortable straps and handles
  • It’s a very silent machine and produces fewer vibrations.


  • It’s a bit heavy to carry for long periods of time.


The five products reviewed are all highly recommended. However, the one that stood out as the best one is the Makita EB7650WH MM4 Hip Throttle Backpack Blower. It can take a lot of beating, has a very capable 75.66 engine, gives you comfort, and is very quiet to use. If you want to make the most out of your leaves blowing experience, then this one’s what you need to get.

How To Choose The Best Fertilizer Spreader For Lawn Care


While the soil naturally provides lawns with the nutrients they need, fertilizers provide the extra boost during the growing season. Fertilizers are one of the most important aspects of proper lawn care. You do not need to hire expensive landscapers and gardeners for your lawn care. The best fertilizer spreader can help you maintain a healthy lawn just like a pro.

Fertilizers keep your lawn beautiful and healthy. They enhance the growth of roots and leaves. Fertilizers also lessen the appearance of unsightly weeds. More importantly they provide additional nutrients to save plants. The proper application will allow fertilizers to do what they need to. Spread rate is important because applying too much will damage your lawn and too little will make the fertilizer useless.

The best fertilizer spreader can do the job of applying the right amount of additional nutrients your lawn needs. Spreaders apply fertilizers uniformly and in accurate amounts over the entire lawn. There are a lot of fertilizer spreader models available. Choosing the best for your lawn entails some knowledge on what is available.

3 Types Of Fertilizer Spreader

1. Rotary or Broadcast Spreader

If you have a large lawn, this may be the fertilizer spreader for you. A rotary or broadcast spreader will fire the fertilizer in an arc to reach its front and sides across a large area.

To effectively use this type of spreader, place the spreader on top of a tarp and fill the container with fertilizer. This way, overflowing fertilizer (spills) will not go directly to your lawn. This will avoid one spot from getting too much fertilizer.

To uniformly fertilize your lawn with this spreader, start with the perimeter of your lawn. Mover toward the inner portion in a pattern to make sure every portion of the lawn gets the same amount of fertilizer.

2. Drop Spreader

This spreader is ideal for small to medium lawns. It is also ideal if you need to spread fertilizer in a precise manner. With this type of spreader, fertilizer is dropped between both wheels of the spreader. This ensures the precise spreading of fertilizer in the entire area.

To uniformly fertilize your lawn with this spreader, start at one end of your lawn. Create imaginary rows and drop the fertilizer row by row until you reach the other end of your lawn. A fertilizer trail is left directly under the spreader to show what area has already been fertilized

3. Hand Held Spreader (Battery Powered or Pre-Calibrated)

This spreader is ideal for small lawns which will not allow the maneuvering of a broadcast or drop spreader. This type of spreader applies fertilizer as you walk from one end to another in a straight line. To ensure uniform spreading of fertilizer, you need to walk in a steady and even manner.

Which is the right spreader then for your lawn? Here are a few tips.

  • If your lawn has an irregular shape, go for a drop spreader.
  • If you have a large lawn, go for a broadcast spreader.
  • If you have flower beds in your lawn, go for a drop spreader so fertilizer does not get to your flower beds.
  • If you are always in a rush, go for a broadcast spreader.
  • If space does not allow for a broadcast or drop spreader, go for a hand-held spreader.

To ensure fertilizer spreaders continue to work efficiently, this lawn equipment needs to be regularly maintained – wheels need to be checked and working parts need to be lubricated. You also need to look out for possible cracks and the usual wear and tear of the equipment.

Top 5 Best Fertilizer Spreader For Your Lawn

1. Scotts Turf Builder EdgeGuard Mini Broadcast Spreader

This broadcast fertilizer spreader is ideal for large lawns. This spreader is designed to fire fertilizer in an arc ensuring a fast and uniform spread. This spreader is equipped with the Scotts® Exclusive Edgeguard® Technology which when activated will disengage the spreader’s right side. This is to prevent fertilizer from spreading on areas not part of the lawn.

This spreader is ready to use out of the box as it does not need any assembly and comes pre-calibrated. Just load up the fertilizer and you are ready to go. The control panel features precise settings to ensure coverage is accurate. It can hold up to 5,000 square feet worth of fertilizer. It is also ideal for any type of fertilizer. Speed is easy to control reducing fertilizer wastage.


  • Ideal size for use and storage (foldable handle)
  • Budget cost
  • One refill for every `1/3 acre
  • Easy to adjust seed drip
  • Easy to use controls
  • Lightweight but does not wobble.


  • Thin wheels.
  • Height cannot be adjusted
  • Material supply door does not have a lock
  • Low durability
  • Fertilizer easily gets on the wheels requiring frequent cleaning

2. Scotts Easy Hand-Held Broadcast Spreader

This relatively cheap hand-held broadcast spreader is ideal for small lawns. It comes with rustproof materials. Fertilizer flow is easily controlled with gears and agitators that are made of durable plastic material. This equipment features 5 settings: light and heavy fertilizer, grass seed and big pellets such as ice melt.

This spreader is equipped with the EdgeGuard safety feature which makes sure fertilizer gets to where it is needed and away from you. This equipment is delivered fully assembled and ready to use. It can hold up to olds up to 1,000 square feet worth of fertilizer.


  • Rustproof agitator and hopper
  • Fully assembled and ready to use
  • Heavy duty
  • Ergonomic design prevents wrist fatigue and pain.
  • Great price for the built and features


  • Not so durable

3. Agri-Fab 45-0463 130-Pound Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader

This broadcast spreader is ideal for very large lawns. It can more or less cover a 25,000 square feet area (1/2 acre) and its hopper can accommodate about 130 pounds of fertilizer. If you have a small tractor, this is one of the best spreaders you can use for your very large lawn.

This spreader is made of top quality materials and is easy to assemble. It comes with durable and large tires. Is equipped with a universal tow bar making it easy to attach with most vehicles.

You can control the amount of fertilizer this spreader can release with its easy to use settings. Spreading of fertilizer is fast and efficient, too. It is easy to load fertilizer as its hopper comes in a wide-mouth design. This equipment is so durable, it can withstand constant abuse without breaking. 


  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable and powerful
  • Steady and strong body
  • Easy to use On/Off controls
  • Gearbox is enclosed and powerful
  • Comes with a 130 pound hopper (that’s a lot of fertilizer)


  • Hopper handle spring is not durable
  • A lot of residue remains on the hopper
  • Relatively expensive

4. Earthway 2750 Hand-Operated Bag Spreader/Seeder

This is a seed spreader that can double as a fertilizer spreader. For a handheld spreader this is rather expensive but it offers so much value for money. This spreader is ideal for small lawns. It is easy to carry as it weighs only 2.63 pounds. Being a bag spreader it is able to spread fertilizer with precision and accuracy while reducing wastage.

It has a collapsible bag-type hopper made of nylon fabric making it easy to store. Nylon is a breathable material but just the same the hopper comes with a mesh. Mesh is fine enough to prevent fertilizer from slipping out. This equipment is simple and easy to operate.


  • Even distribution of fertilizer
  • Bag type hopper can load up to 25 pounds of fertilizer
  • Shoulder strap is adjustable for comfort
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Cranks smoothly
  • Sturdy base design so the bag type hopper will not flip over
  • Equipped with variable speeds


  • Spreader needs to be tilted when used
  • Not very durable construction
  • Gears are prone to locking up while in use

5. Scotts Turf Builder Classic Drop Spreader

This drop spread arrives assembled and ready to use. It features a heavy duty hopper and frame. It can cover up to 10,000 square feet of lawn. This drop spreader is easy on the pocket and does not waste a lot of fertilizer while in use because of its pre-calibrated system. It has a spread pattern of 22 inches giving you better control of how to care for your lawn. It also drops fertilizer with accuracy and precision. It comes with a large capacity hopper thus it gets the job done fast. Drop spreaders are not very popular but this model has proven to be accurate and efficient.


  • Easy to operate
  • Arrives assembled and pre-calibrated
  • Large 10,000 square feet coverage
  • Handlebar and lever are comfortable to the hands
  • Durable frame and hopper
  • Lightweight with uniform coverage


  • Tires slip easily on wet grass


The Scotts Turf Builder EdgeGuard Mini Broadcast Spreaderis a surefire winner. It is less than $50 but its features are worth more than triple its price. As compared to spreaders which cost more than double or even triple its price, this mini broadcast spreader gets the job done accurately and efficiently. Being a common product, most fertilizer bags comes with a setting compatible with this product.

The Best Leaf Rake For A Better Gardening Experience


We all want the best for our gardens and lawns. We need to make sure that it is clean, tidy, and conducive for living for our plants. One way to ensure that it happens is by using a leaf rake. In this article, we're going to show you the benefits of having one, as well as the best leaf rakes you can get.

The Benefits Of Having A Leaf Rake

1. Cleaner Garden or Lawn

One of the first benefits that you can get out of using a leaf rake is that you’ll surely have a cleaner garden or lawn. This is because you have a tool that can help you clean up the fallen leaves that will soon rot if left unattended. Not only does your garden look cleaner, but it will also look more spacious. This would then add beauty to your home.

2. Easier Cleanup Job

Another benefit you can get in using a leaf rake is that you'll find it easier to clean up your garden or lawn. It sure is a hassle to manually pick up the fallen and rotten leaves on the ground. That will take you hours and hours of work. Worse is that you'll suffer from back pain when you do that for extended amounts of time. To prevent that from happening, you need to use a leaf rake. You just need to hold onto it and scrape off the accumulating leaves on the garden, gather them up, and use a dustpan to throw them to the garbage bin.

3. Prevents Rotting

One of the main problems that happen on your garden or lawn is that the dried up leaves rot when they are left on the ground for quite some time. You surely don’t want to see rotting leaves on the ground. Not only does this mess up the look of your home, but this can also be a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects. Rotting leaves will also give off a foul smell. But with the help of a leaf rake, you stop that from happening because you can easily rake them off and throw them straight in the garbage bin.

4. Prevents Fungi Buildup

Fungi love cool and damp places, such as surfaces that have a lot of dried up fallen leaves. You surely don't want to let fungi grow in your garden or lawn because they would just suck the life off your plants and flowers. Fungi need nutrients to survive, and they usually get these from the surrounding plant life. By using a leaf rake, you are making sure that all of the dried leaves are removed and scraped off the ground. This warms up your garden and enables sunlight to shine onto the ground, thus stopping the potential growth of fungi.

5. Prevents Injuries

This is perhaps the most underrated benefit that you’ll get when using a leaf rake. Leaf rakes help prevent injuries because it clears up your pathway whenever you're walking in your garden or lawn. Piled up dried leaves most likely cover holes, dips, or slight bumps on the ground and you can't see them. You can then tumble and fall to the ground when you step on them, which might cause you injuries. With the help of a leaf rake, you are motivated to clear up all the piled up fallen leaves. This clears up your path and removes the tendency of you falling on the ground and sustaining injuries.

Top 5 Best Leaf Rakes

1. Emsco Group Children's Garden Leaf Rake



If you are searching for a reliable leaf rake, then you can get the Emsco Group Children's Garden Leaf Rake. This leaf rake is specially made for children. It is made of soft but durable plastic material which makes it lightweight and convenient for children to play with. This ensures the safety of your kids because it doesn't have any sharp edges. Aside from that, it also has a bright red color that makes it easy to see.


  • It is a very affordable leaf rake and is perfect for children’s use.
  • This rake is perfect for raking leaves in small places. It’s lightweight and is surely an enjoyable object for your kids.
  • Despite it being a mini leaf rake, it still has good quality.


  • Your usage is a bit limited because of its short length and small size.

2. Flexrake Shrub Rake



The Flexrake Shrub Rake is another highly recommend leaf rake you can buy. It features a 48-inch wood handle and an 8-inch steel shrub that can reach into nooks and little crannies. This is perfect if you need to rake leaves found on hard to reach places. It also has 11 wide tines that assure you it can get the job done in the most efficient way possible. You won’t have any problem with this when it comes to raking leaves of different sizes. It can even rake up dirt and huge rocks because of its sturdy tines.


  • This leaf rake is handy in raking different materials, be it leaves, dirt, or even rocks.
  • You'll feel that it is made of high-quality materials. It feels pretty sturdy and solid.
  • This is also one of the most affordable leaf rakes in the market.


  • The tines are strong, but they’re a bit small.

3. Gardenall 11 Tine Steel Shrub Rake



The Gardenall 11 Tine Steel Shrub Rake is also a pretty good choice if you want to make your garden or lawn cleaning session easier. It is 48 inches in length making it capable of reaching leaves in hard to reach places. Its head measures 7 inches, which is enough to gather the dried leaves efficiently. What makes this durable is that its handle is made of durable steel.


  • This leaf rake is very capable because of its length. You won’t have any problem when it comes to raking the leaves that have seeped in nooks and tight crannies.
  • The construction also feels very durable as it’s made of high-quality steel. You’ll feel that it is very stable. It doesn’t slide off your hands. It gives you a very good grip.
  • It is also very efficient in gathering leaves. It doesn’t leave leaves on the ground when you’re raking them.


  • It’s a bit heavy because of the steel handle construction.

4. Rovtop Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake



The Rovtop Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake is one of the best leaf rakes in the market. It features a 63-inch adjustable handle. This is what makes it stand out from the others. Aside from that, it has a lot of teeth rakes, totaling to 15. These could also be adjusted. The length of the teeth rakes is 7 inches, but it can be extended to 22 inches. That's how functional this leaf rake is. It is made from pure high-quality steel which ensures you that it will last a long time in your hands.


  • This a very lightweight leaf rake. You don’t need to exert much effort when carrying and using this.
  • Even though it is very light, it still is a very durable leaf rake. Whenever you use this, you’ll feel the premium material that it’s made of.
  • Its adjustable handle and teeth make this a very flexible leaf rake, making this useful in doing a variety of gardening or lawn tasks.
  • It’s also pretty easy to use. The adjustable handles and rakes can easily be extended.


  • The only downside to this product is that it’s a bit expensive. However, it’s definitely worth the price.

5. Bond 2060 Adjustable Steel Rake



You might also want to try the Bond 2060 Adjustable Steel Rake, which is another highly recommended leaf rake. It is made of pure, high-quality steel and has an adjustable handle. It is 7 inches in length, but it can expand to 22 inches. This is the perfect leaf rake for light tasks.


  • This is one of the lightest leaf rakes in the market. It’s very compact and portable. You can bring this with you wherever you go.
  • It’s also pretty strong and durable. It seems like this will last for a long time even if you use it regularly.
  • It is very efficient in getting and raking leaves to one location.


  • Its use and functions are a bit limited because of the short length it has.


The best product that stands out from the other four products reviewed is the Rovtop Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake. The reason behind this is that it has the right size which enables you to use it to rake leaves on hard to reach places. It’s also a very flexible leaf rake because you can adjust its handles and teeth. This leaf rake is also very durable. This will surely serve you for a long time.