Nelson Raintrain Traveling Sprinkler Review

It’s vital for all of us to ensure that our plants stay healthy and at peak conditioning. I myself agree with this as I have experienced the usefulness of having a steady supply of water. What am I talking about? Well, it's these traveling sprinklers. One of the best you can get out there is the Nelson Raintrain traveling sprinkler. Want to know more about it? Then read on.

Things To Consider When Buying A Traveling Sprinkler

1. Design

When choosing a traveling sprinkler, it’s important to consider the design. It’s because you’re going to place it on an area which is very visible to everyone. Make sure that it looks nice and visually pleasing.

2. Quality

Then look at it if it’s made of high quality materials. You’ll know this by asking the salesman what material it’s made of. You can also touch it and look at it closely to see if there are minor imperfections.

3. Reputation

Ask people who might have used it. It’s in doing this that you’re able to know if it’s worth buying or not.

4. Brand

It is in knowing the brand where you can know if it's a high-quality product or not. Though this doesn't apply to all brass impact sprinklers, it's the usual case most of the time. If you haven't heard of that brand, then most likely, it doesn't perform well. You can also ask other people that used it what they think about the sprinkler's performance.

5. Water Coverage

The water coverage is very important because this is where the traveling sprinkler’s efficiency depends on. It should easily cover the area you want to water without any problem. And take note that this is a traveling sprinkler, which means that it moves from one place to another. this ensures that all of your intended coverage area are going to be watered.

6. Price

Make sure that it’s not too expensive or too affordable. Too expensive traveling sprinklers doesn’t equate to high quality, while affordable ones usually get easily broken down.

Knowing More About The Nelson Raintrain Traveling Sprinkler


Nelson is another company that’s known to be a quality maker of sprinklers. That’s why you can trust this sprinkler all the way you like. Though traveling sprinklers are not yet that popular, Nelson is trying to make that trend change with this product.

The Nelson Raintrain Traveling Sprinkler is the product of years of careful development, improvement, and research done by the company to perfect the whole mechanism of this sprinkler.

If you want to make sure that all of your plants are going to be watered, then you can trust this one as it assures that it will cover the entire area you intend to water. After all, this one’s a traveling sprinkler, right?

And don’t be worried if you don’t know how this works, because it’s user-friendly design makes it easy to use. Just be sure that you let a person who have used this before or even better a professional, to install this one. It’s installation process is quite tricky, but once it’s installed you won’t anymore have problems. This one’s also a sleek-looking sprinkler, that’s why you’ll surely love this.

Features And Benefits Of The Nelson Raintrain Traveling Sprinkler

The Nelson Raintrain Traveling Sprinkler is one of the most popular traveling sprinklers there is. It’s because its body is made of cast iron material. And not only that as this one’s chip resistant thanks to its powder-coated paint. This has a very big coverage area as it can water up to 13,500 square feet.

And it can even travel up to 200 feet. That’s how efficient this one is. Its spray arms are made from aluminum, and it’s completely adjustable. You also don’t have to worry about turning this off as it has an automatic shut-off feature.

To learn more about this traveling sprinkler, you can check out this video:


The main asset this traveling sprinkler has is its range. It’s by far one of the biggest water coverage of traveling sprinklers we’ve come across. It’s also very durable thanks to its aluminum and cast iron design. It’s a pretty solid traveling sprinkler, by all means.


You might experience few issues with this one such as its bulky design which isn’t attractive. This also isn’t portable because of the


So is the Nelson Raintrain Traveling Sprinkler worth buying? Well, the answer to that is simple. Yes it is worth buying because it’s very durable and will surely last a lifetime. And it also has very huge area coverage.

These features are exactly what you need knowing that a reliable garden sprinkler is vital to the health of your garden or lawn. This one is surely what you’re searching for if you want to make the most out of your garden or lawn. So look no further and decide to buy this product. Check this link and get one for yourself. You’ll surely love it.

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