The Best Grow Tents For Optimal Yield


Growing plants might be one thing, but ensuring that they grow healthily and properly is also another. That's where these grow tents come in handy. This help cultivates the growth of plants, improving their standard of living and producing higher yields. However, it's quite difficult to choose one. Luckily, you've found this article, because here, we're going to show you the best grow tents that'll surely increase your plants' yields.

Top 5 Best Grow Tents

1. TopoLite Indoor Grow Tent Room


The TopoLite Indoor Grow Tent Room features a reflective capability that can reflect around 96% sunlight. It also features a waterproof diamond mylar which helps in improving its reflective capabilities. It’s made of a durable lightproof oxford cloth that has a 16mm diameter, enough to support the whole grow tent’s body construction. It has an easy-to-install process, making it ideal for beginners or first-time grow tent owners.


  • It features a harmonious interconnection of its materials, functions, and processes. It is specifically designed to help the growth of plants.
  • The materials are of high quality. It feels premium when you’re touching them, especially the zippers. It easily zips into place.


  • Though there are parts which are no doubt durable and premium quality, there are also some parts that can easily get cut or scratched.

2. Amagabeli Hydroponic Grow Tent


The Amagabeli Hydroponic Grow Tent has lightproof capabilities thanks to its 600D double stitched room kit. If you’ve got lettuce, herbal cannabis, tomato, pepper, or herbs, this grow tent is what you need. It is specifically designed for the growth of the aforementioned plants and herbs. It features vent holes, is ergonomically designed, and is easy to assemble. Even first time grow tent owners won’t have a hard time in dealing with it.


  • It’s a grow tent that is very easy to set up. You don’t need to spend hours or even minutes in learning how to assemble and set it all up.
  • It has great reflective capabilities which work to your plant’s growth advantage.
  • The canvass material is very thick and rugged at the same time. It’s tear resistant.


  • Sunlight can slightly enter or peep through the zippers.
  • The overall body and frame construction of the grow tent is not that sturdy.

3. Valuebox Indoor Mylar Hydroponics Grow Tent


Valuebox Indoor Mylar Hydroponics Grow Tent is another one that we recommend. It’s lightproof, is assured to be durable thanks to its metal bar and connectors, and features its own viewing window. These features are very helpful in cultivating the proper growth of the plants. It also has a removable Mylar till spray which is waterproof. Aside from those, the overall design is very simple yet highly functional as it looks like a closet. What’s great about this is that you are entitled to a one year warranty.


  • The price of this grow tent is great, knowing that its low despite its materials and size.
  • The quality of this product is excellent. You can see and feel that it’s made from premium quality materials.
  • It’s also sturdy and feels very solid. You get the feeling that your plants are in safe hands.


  • The zippers are a little bit weird because of the way they look.
  • The grow tent’s design is not that attractive or visually pleasing because it’s too simple and has no highlights, except for its plain black color.

4. AV Prime Inc. Reflective Mylar Indoor Hydroponic Grow Tent


Then there’s the AV Prime Inc. Reflective Mylar Indoor Hydroponic Grow Tent. This one features a 210D Oxfor Fabric for its exterior material. It is a lightproof material that is assured to not let light enter its premises. It’s also 100% waterproof, ensuring that your plants’ growth and development is well taken care of. Its rod capacity is 88 pounds and its overall capacity is 176 pounds, which is more than enough to take care of your many plant species. The door has a large zipper to help in easy storage.


  • This grow tent works just fine. It proves that its lightproof and waterproof capabilities are true and will remain functional even when used for a long time.
  • This is a solid grow tent that gives you the feeling that it will last for years to come. It’s a sturdy one.


  • It’s a little bit small, and it might not be enough to accommodate all of your plants.
  • Its got a weird shape, which might not be a good thing especially if you’re going to place it in a small space.

5. TopoLite Multiple Size Grow Tent


The TopoLite Multiple Size Grow Tent is one of the best product if not the best one in this list. Why? It’s because it boasts itself to have a long lifespan, and that has been proven by us. It’s a great indoor or greenhouse plant home that can help facilitate the proper growth of different species of plants. It has a durable 600D lightproof oxford cloth which has a diameter of 16mm. Its metal rods painted with white coating. The heavy duty zippers and double stitching features give you an assurance that you won’t have leaking problems.


  • This one is a tough grow tent because of its durability and sturdiness.
  • The quality of this grow tent is great. You’ll get the feeling that the materials that this one’s made of are all of high quality.
  • You won’t have any problem when using this for the first time because it’s fairly easy to install.


  • The only downside is that its size is a bit too short.

How Nice Is It To Have A Grow Tent?



1. Doesn’t Need a Lot of Space

One of the best things about these grow tents is that they only take little space. They don’t need a huge area or space to grow properly. This is perfect for people who don't have the luxury of having a huge place or garden to cultivate their plants.

2. Speedy Cultivation

Another cool thing about these grow tents is that they help speed up the whole cultivation process. This is what makes them stand out among other gardening methods. The growth process speeds up, some say two-folds or to even three-folds speed. If you want to see fast results, then better get your own grow tent.

3. Total Control on Growth

With the help of a grow tent, you can grow your plants your way. And when we say your way, we mean that you have full control over its development. You can control the variables which affect its growth, as well as the factors that contribute to the changes in its form over time.

4. Healthier Plants

Your plants will undeniably become healthier in the process, because of the sufficient supply of nutrients and minerals they are getting from the highly-secured and effectively-controlled environment.

Tips In Choosing The Perfect Grow Tent



1. Size

The first thing you should always consider when choosing a grow tent is its size. It's in knowing the size that you can know if you can make the most out of it. Make sure that it can fit the place that you intend to put it on. It should also be capable of supporting the number of plants that you wish to put inside of it.

2. Material

Then there's the material which you need to make sure is of high quality. By knowing more about the material of the grow tent, you can assess if the product is durable or if it will last for a long time. The least thing you want to experience is to see your grow tent get easily damaged.

3. Price

The price is another determining factor when it comes to choosing a grow tent. It'd be wise of you if you were to choose a grow tent that is in the midrange of prices. It shouldn't be expensive or neither too cheap. If it's too cheap, chances are is that it wouldn't last long. Expensive grow tents also doesn't mean that they're of high quality. So you want to take note of that.

4. Maker

The brand or the maker of the grow tent is where you can know if it will last a long time. It's another factor in knowing the product's durability. If the maker of the grow tent has been in the business for a long time and that they are reputable, then that's a good sign that you're picking the right to grow tent.


The best product out of the five reviewed grow tents is the TopoLite Multiple Size Grow Tent. It’s sturdy, made of high quality materials, and fairly easy to install. And thanks to these good thing, there’s no doubt that your plants are going to grow in a speedy way with high quality yields. This is surely the best choice you can make.

The Best Hydroponic Nutrients For Healthier Plants


We all want the best for our plants. Plants aren't just mere decorations for our houses, but they also serve an important purpose. And that is to either serve as a food source or to be used as herbal medicine. Whichever the case is, one of the best ways to take care of them is by nurturing them inside a hydroponic system. But how can we do that? Well, by simply using the best hydroponic nutrients.


1. Improvement Environmental Tolerance

What makes these hydroponic nutrients important in the overall welfare of your plants is that they improve their tolerance. What we mean by this is that they become stronger and become more tolerable of the changes happening in their environment. They don’t easily wither or die if the temperature changed or if you’ve skipped watering them. Your plants become tougher in the process.

2. Longer Lifespan

What happens when your plants become tougher? Well, they have a longer lifespan. The likelihood of them is withering or dying out decreases to a minimum because they have a stronger body frame. This gives you the chance to make the most out of your plants and yield every single fruit or vegetable from them.

3. Bigger and Blooming Features

The plants inside your hydroponic system become bigger, stronger, and taller. These hydroponic nutrients make your plants bloom and be at its best form. It's because of this that your plants don't serve a functional purpose, but they also become more appealing and attractive looking. So if you want to make the plants in your hydroponic system serve an aesthetic purpose, using hydroponic nutrients is the best way to go.

4. Economical

Using hydroponic nutrients on your hydroponic plants is also an economical way to take care of your plants. You don’t need to spend money on countless different types of fertilizers of herbicides. It’s because all of the vitamins and minerals are already present in the hydroponic nutrients that you’re giving to your plants.

Elements That A Good Hydroponic Nutrient Should Have



If you’re searching for a good hydroponic nutrient, make sure that it has nitrogen. Nitrogen is very important because it is the one that enables your plants to have more energy. Energy is needed because it is the one that helps your plant to bear more fruit or to generate more stems and leaves.


Potassium is an essential component of hydroponic plants because it activates the enzymes in your plant. It’s because of this that your plant is better capable of producing more Adenosine Triphosphate, which is a vital source of energy for the many chemical processes your plant undergoes.


Phosphorus is highly needed by your hydroponic plants because this is what stimulates their root growth and development. Aside from that, it also helps strengthen their stems and stalks and improved seeding and flowering formations. Overall, supplying your plant with phosphorus leads to better crop quality.


Also, make sure that the hydroponic nutrient you're getting contains a lot of calcium. Calcium is the one which enables your plant to have better metabolic processes. It's through this that the plant gets a stronger cell wall structure, thanks to the calcium component formations on its body.


You should also make sure that it has a fair amount of chlorine as this is what neutralizes the plant’s microbes and other unhealthy microorganisms. It is what cleans up your plant’s living environment. Chlorine is the one which disinfects your plant.

Top 5 Best Hydroponic Nutrients

1. General Hydroponics MaxiGro


The General Hydroponics MaxiGro takes up the first spot on our list because it features dry concentrated nutrients which help propel your plant's growth. It's a stand-alone type of product which has water soluble features. If you've got a variety of crops in your hydroponic system, then this is what you need to have. This product is specifically designed to speed up seedling growth during its vegetative growth stage.


  • It’s great if you’re going to use it on hydroponics vegetables.
  • It has great results because of the stronger and better structure of the plant’s body.
  • It’s the perfect choice if you need a source of nutrients for your tower garden.


  • The packaging can easily get damaged because of its design and quality.
  • The zip lock also easily gets damaged, making it unsafe for your nutrients as it might spill out of it.

2. General Hydroponics Armor SI


The General Hydroponics Armor SI is another highly recommended product. It is s hydroponic nutrient that will do well for any plants, and in whichever growth stage they're in. If you've got a lot of different plants which are in various stages of development, this is what you need.

But what makes this stand out is that it's not just for hydroponic, but can also be used for coco coir and other plant media. It's a growth enhancer that can serve as a backup support for your other fertilizers.


  • It’s pretty good in protecting your plants because it hardens them.
  • It also bulks up your plants, making them more tolerable of the sudden changes in their environment.
  • Your plants get a longer lifespan because of this because they don’t easily get infected with plant sicknesses.


  • You need to make sure that you’ve got some PH downing substance before you apply this one.
  • The price is a little bit too high for this one.

3. General Hydroponics FloraGro


The General Hydroponics FloraGro is what you need if you want to stimulate the structural improvement of your plant. This is also best if you're going to use it on plants that are currently in their vegetative growth stage. It's great for the buildup of stronger roots, making your plants easily absorb nutrients and minerals in the hydroponic system. This product is chosen by NASA and the Antarctic Research Scientists because of its superior reliability.


  • This works great for different kinds of herbal plants.
  • It is an effective way to ensure the health of your plants as it provides them with a steady supply of nutrients.
  • This is pretty good in speeding up the growth of your plants.


  • It doesn’t have that much nitrogen component. This makes it inferior to the other products that have higher nitrogen levels.
  • There are no clean directions or instructions on how to use it properly.

4. Fox Farm Tiger Bloom Liquid Concentrate Fertilizer


The Fox Farm Tiger Bloom Liquid Concentrate Fertilizer is another highly recommended product because it is great for flowering plants. If you want to improve the aesthetic appeal of your plants and hydroponic system, this is what you’re searching for.

This product prioritizes the extension of the fruiting and flowering stages of your plants, making you get the most out of it. This also has a low pH content that ensures micronutrients will survive its time in the soil for a long time.


  • It enables your plant to bloom into its best form. This is perfect if you're making your hydroponic system as a décor for your home.
  • You don’t need to use a lot of it to strengthen your plants. Even a tiny amount of it will be very effective in strengthening your plants.
  • This is perfect if you’re going to use it on potted plants.


  • You need to make sure that you don’t use a lot of it as it can lead to plant burn.
  • The price for this hydroponic nutrient product is a bit too high.

5. Growth Science Nutrients Rock Solid Bud and Bloom Booster


Then there’s the Growth Science Nutrients Rock Solid Bud and Bloom Booster, which is specifically made to be used as a bloom booster. If you want to improve your plant's flowering capability, this is what you need to have. It has great CO2 uptake which can lead to 30% more extra yields. This is also designed to be used by beginner gardeners.

However, this can also be used by experts because of its effectiveness and reliability. This is produced in California and has undergone a series of tests which ensures you get a high-quality hydroponic nutrient for your plant.


  • It increases the plant's mass by up to 20% more while tightening up its structural body.
  • It has a very fast positive effect on your plants.
  • This is great for your plant’s development.


  • Your flowers can get very dense if you overuse it.


Out of the five reviewed products, the best hydroponic nutrient to stand out is the Growth Science Nutrients Rock Solid Bud and Bloom Booster. It’s reliable, has a very fast effectiveness rate, and makes your plants bloom into its best form. You’ll get all of those without having to worry about the price. It’s surely the best hydroponic nutrients you can lay your hands on.

The Best Hydroponic System For Your Plants


It is essential for us to ensure that the environment where our plants will be growing is conducive for living, right? Well, there are many ways to do that. We can place them outside and lay them flat on a garden bed. Or we can make use of a hydroponic system. We suggest you do the latter. In this article, we’re going to help you choose the best hydroponic system for the better growth and development of your plants.

Top 5 Best Hydroponic Systems

1. Growmanji Hydroponics System


The Growmanji Hydroponics System is solar-powered product. It is a hanging hydroponic system that doesn’t need any soil. It also comes with a complete hydroponics kit. What’s great about this product is that it conserves a lot of space, and doesn’t need too much electricity or water for it to survive. If you want to speed up the growth and development of your plant, then this is what you might need. When you purchase this product, you’ll get a free 1.2 gallon reservoir, an electric and solar-powered aerator, a hanger assembly, PH strips, and a germination tray.


  • It’s a great starter unit for amateur hydroponics enthusiasts.
  • It can support the growth of a lot of small vegetables.


  • The sponge is a bit useless. It has no real functional use.
  • The tube is too soft, making it feel to be not made of high-quality materials.

2. Abbaponics Hydroponic Grow Room


The Abbaponics Hydroponic Grow Room is another good choice of product. It comes with its own grow ten which secures your plant in a safe and conducive for living environment. It has LED lights that are specifically designed to help the growth of the plants inside it. There is also a reservoir tank included that features four net pots that comes along with an air pump and air stones. You don’t have to use soil with this because it uses clay pebbles instead.


  • It’s effective in speeding up the growth of your plants.
  • It’s a great choice if you are into plant cloning.


  • The system is good but has a generally limited space. There’s not much room for it to grow.
  • The design is quite unattractive because it gives off a dark violet light.

3. HTGSupply Bubble Boy (DWC) Hydroponic Bucket System


The HTGSupply Bubble Boy (DWC) Hydroponic Bucket System is an electric-powered system, which draws 3 watts and 0.03 amps power from its source. It runs in 120 volts current. It includes a 3.5 gallon bucket, a 7.8 liter dual outlet air pump, and a 6-inch net pot lid. Instead of soil, this hydroponics system uses air stone and hydrostone.


  • This hydroponics system is made of high quality materials, giving you the premium feeling every time you come in contact with it.
  • The air pump is quiet and doesn’t make any unnecessary sounds or noises.


  • The bucket lid is a bit bigger than the bucket itself. Its size is not a perfect fit on the product.

4. GOWE Hydroponics system NFT


The GOWE Hydroponics system NFT has a long sloping irrigation channel design where the roots can hang freely on top of it. It follows an intermittent feed cycle process which continuously supplies the plants with nutrients and water. If you’re living in an urban area, this is the ideal way to grow them because it saves a lot of space. It measures 100 cm x 120 cm and can accommodate 6 net cup sites.


  • This hydroponics system works great because of its smooth processes and transitions.
  • It’s fairly easy to assemble. You don’t have to worry if it’s your first time to use a hydroponics system.


  • The design is not that sturdy. It can fall or tumble if you bump on it even in the slightest manner.

5. iRSE Indoor Garden Kit, Hydroponics LED Growing System


The iRSE Indoor Garden Kit, Hydroponics LED Growing System is probably one of the best products in this list because of its design and functionality. It uses the latest and most advanced hydroponics technology, giving you the advantage. This can be used to nurture herbs, fruits, vegetables, and any kind of plants. It has an elegant design which comes with two LED light modes. You don’t need any soil with this one. You can grow this inside your home with full delight.


  • Its size is perfect because it can fit onto almost any space. It saves a lot of space.
  • It’s great for beginners because it’s fairly easy to use.
  • This one is a great-looking hydroponics system.
  • It’s made of high quality materials.


  • The white color of its body can easily stain due to its white color.
  • This one is expensive.

What Are The Different Types Of Hydroponic Systems?


1. Drip System

Drip systems are a popular type of hydroponic system because of its simplicity. These function by creating a reservoir of nutrients at a separate location. The water pumping mechanism then brings these nutrients to the plants through a series of tubes. There is also a timer that controls the pumping mechanism.

2. Nutrient Film Technique (NFT)

Then there's the nutrient film technique or the NFT. This is the chosen type of hydroponic system for people who are into cultivating short harvest crops. The process is similar to the drip system, but instead of it being controlled by a timer, the nutrients flow continuously. It also features a slight downhill decline to make it easier for the nutrients to go to the plants.

3. Aeroponics System

Then there’s the aeroponics system which is considered to be a technologically advanced system. The plants are left suspended in the air and hanging on some solid surface. The roots are then hanging beneath it, where the nutrient solution is sprayed to its roots through a high-pressure pump.

4. Flood and Drain System

The flood and drain hydroponic system is the chosen hydroponics type for amateurs because it’s fairly easy to do. It has similar processes with the drip system, but what makes it different is that its nutrients are placed in a different place. A timer controls the pumping of nutrients, but it will go through the grow tray.

5. Deep Water Culture (DWC)

The deep water culture or the DWC is the simplest hydroponic systems. It’s because of its simplicity that this is the hydroponic method used to teach children at school. The place where the nutrients are stored is not placed in another container, but instead, is with the growing platform. It floats on it.

Good Things You Can Get In Using A Hydroponic System


1. Nutrients

There are a lot of good things you can get out of using a hydroponic system. But one of the best things about it is that your plants can get more nutrients. It is because the environment where it is living and thriving on is specifically enriched with nutrients and minerals. The plant lives inside a controlled environment which continuously supplies it with a healthy dose of nutrients.

2. Water-Saving

It's with the use of a hydroponic system that you can save water. According to studies, hydroponic systems can use more than two thirds less water, compared to if you were to plant it in your garden. You'll save lots of water, and also lots of money as a result.

3. Affordable

Most people prefer using hydroponic systems on their plants because they don’t have to spend a lot of money for the plant’s cultivation. Compare that to the price of having to buy soil, pot, fertilizers, herbicides, and all of those gardening stuff. In using a hydroponic system, you don’t have to worry about those because everything is included in the package.

4. Higher Yields

The healthier and more nutritious surroundings that the plants are in is what makes them healthier. And what happens when they’re healthier? They tend to produce higher yields. So if you’re into vegetation and want to increase your vegetation yields, using hydroponic systems is what you need to do.

5. Space Saver

When you’re using hydroponic systems, you don’t have to worry about the space or the place where you’re going to place your plants. These hydroponic systems are space savers because you don’t have to spread them out in the garden’s soil. You just place them in a controlled environment, and they’re good to go. It’s as simple as that.


Each of the reviewed products are all good buys, but the one which stands out as the best is the iRSE Indoor Garden Kit, Hydroponics LED Growing System. It looks great, is fully functional, and is made of high quality materials. If you want to grow your plants indoors, and wants to make it add beauty to your home’s interior, then this is what you need to get.

The Best Rooting Hormone You Can Try


We all know how important it is to have healthy plants in our garden. It is where the look and feel of our garden depends on – the welfare of the plants. And how do plants become healthy? It does this by absorbing water and nutrients from its roots.

With this, it makes perfect sense for us to ensure that it has big, properly-functioning roots. We can do that by using rooting hormones. In this article, we're going to help you choose the best rooting hormones. For sure, your garden will look better thanks to this write-up.

Top 5 Best Rooting Hormones

1. Hormex HC1204 Liquid Concentrate


The Hormex HC1204 Liquid Concentrate is one of the best rooting hormones because of it having a mixture of vitamins and growth stimulant. This is what separates this among other products. What’s great about this is that it is good in preventing transplant shock. What this means is that it makes transplanting easier for you because it becomes tolerable on the changes it experiences. If you’re into transplanting, this is what you need. It does this by prioritizing the stimulation growth of the younger feeder roots.


  • It’s a good product because of its effectiveness. It’s a pretty good choice if you want to make your plants healthier.
  • It can help boost the plant’s explosive growth. You’ll be shock to see them increase in size in just a few days.


  • It has a tendency to have a negative effect on other plants, so you might want to make sure that it doesn’t spill over.
  • The white packaging can easily make it dirty.

2. Clonex Hydrodynamics Clone Solution


The Clonex Hydrodynamics Clone Solution is another rooting hormone you might want to try. It contains a mix of high quality vitamins, minerals, root promoters, and rooting agents, that is most likely to help your plant’s root improvement endeavor. It is specifically designed to encourage rapid root development. It also has specific micronutrients that help support the creation of bigger roots in more numbers. It’s a highly concentrated rooting solution.


  • It is a fast acting rooting hormone, making it very effective if you want fast improvements for your plants.
  • Your roots will become very fuzzy, which is great for mineral absorption.


  • It’s not great for older and bigger plants. It’s only effective for younger seedlings.
  • It’s a bit expensive.

3. Dip n Grow Rooting Concentrate


The Dip n Grow Rooting Concentrate is a liquid rooting hormone that is effective in improving the health of your plant’s roots. This works well if you mix it with water, as the dilution process makes it have a stronger effect to your plants. What makes this stand out among the other products is that it not only allows the roots, but also the stem to absorb the rooting hormone. This makes it more effective as it gets absorbed by the majority of the rooting concentrate.


  • This is a great product because it gets absorbed not only by the roots but the stem as well.
  • It’s perfect for use on Aspen seedlings.
  • You can immediately see the positive effects because the stems magnify the improvements.


  • This rooting hormone is a bit expensive.

4. Supernatural Rootburst Powder


The Supernatural Rootburst Powder is also a highly recommended rooting hormone. It’s made of high quality rooting formula that is specifically mixed to maintain the overall health of your plant’s roots. It prioritizes the maintenance of the root’s physical features in order to make it more absorbent of the water and nutrients it can get from its surroundings. It’s a gel rooting hormone and has 2 ounces of substance in it.


  • It’s an effective rooting hormone. You can easily see the effects of it on your plants.
  • It’s a fast-acting rooting hormone. You don’t have to worry about waiting for the days just to see the outcome. You’ll be surprised to see your plants blooming.
  • This is a great option if you’re going to apply it during the vegetative stage of the plant.


  • The packaging is not that great because it’s unsecure. It might spill off of it.
  • It has a small volume. You might be short of applying it especially if you’ll be covering a huge area of plants.

5. Hormodin Rooting Hormone


The Hormodin Rooting Hormone is probably one of the best there is because of it being a specialty product. It is specifically made to be used on poinsettias, roses, carnations, and different kinds of shrubs. If you’ve got herbaceous plants on your garden, then this is what you need. It is a one-pound jar, and is proven to not just be effective on the mentioned plants, but to other plant-lives as well. This also works great if you’re into professional horticulture, as the effects are fast-acting with these.


  • There is a very high success rate if you’re going to use this rooting hormone. You don’t have to worry about it taking some time to take effect. It acts fast.
  • This is great for produce gardening as it helps increase your yields.
  • It’s an effective rooting hormone as it can be used on almost any kind of plants.


  • The price for this product is a bit too high considering that it’s volume is a little low.
  • You might be short of using this product especially if you’ll be covering a lot of plants.

The Benefits Of Using Rooting Hormone

1. Increase Root Volume

The best thing about rooting hormones is that these are very effective in increasing the root volume of your plants. It does this thanks to the effects of the release of a hormone that it does when it makes contact with the soil and the plant. This is what makes these very useful if you want to have bigger and healthier plants. It's in having bigger and more roots that the plant can absorb more water and nutrients from the soil, in turn, making them healthier.

2. Stimulates Root Creation

One of the common problems of some plants is that they are not naturally inclined to have a lot of roots. It's because of this that they experience being limited regarding its capacity to absorb water and nutrients from the soil and its surroundings. With the help of rooting hormones, root creation is stimulated, and the plant produces more roots. It becomes more welcoming and tolerable of taking in more nutrients.

3. Makes Plants Stronger

When the plants absorb a lot of water and nutrients from its surroundings, it becomes stronger. They become more tolerable of the different changes in the environment. Whether it’s cold or too hot, the plant won’t mind, because they can survive through it. They become sturdier and more resilient to changes. That’s what gives them a longer lifespan compared to the other plants which aren’t given any rooting hormones.

4. Greener Color

Though this might not apply to all plants because each plant has its different genetic makeup, it still applies to the many. By becoming better at absorbing water and nutrients from the soil, your plant becomes healthier. And when they become healthier, they get greener. It's this change that most people resort to rooting hormones because it makes their garden or lawn look much better.

The Different Types Of Rooting Hormones

1. Gel Rooting Hormones

Gel rooting hormones are one of the most popular types because of its effectiveness in increasing the volume and number of roots. Though these are usually more expensive than the other types, it still is salable because it’s fairly easy to use. And it doesn’t get messy because of its semi-solid state.

2. Liquid Rooting Hormones

Then there are the liquid rooting hormones which are considered to be the most popular type. It’s because these can be easily stored and used. You can simply place them in a spray bottle or garden bottle, and they can then be ready to be used. These rooting hormones work best by mixing them with alcohol or water.

3. Powder Rooting Hormones

The powder rooting hormones are talc-based products which are thoroughly mixed with a minuscule amount of artificial hormone. This is the rooting hormone choice of most professionals because of its precision in accuracy when applying it to your plants.


Out of the five reviewed products, the one to stand out among the rest is the Supernatural Rootburst Powder. Why? It’s because it is very effective in ensuring that your plant’s roots will grow big and will increase in volume and in number. It’s fast-acting, and assures to increase your yields especially if you’re into produce vegetation.

If you want the best rooting hormone, then it makes perfect sense for you to get this one. You’ll surely not regret it, because it’ll make your garden look booming and more refreshing.

How To Set Up A Grow Tent – 3 Simple Steps

How To Set Up A Grow Tent

If you’re new to gardening, you might have come across the term “grow tent.” So, what exactly does it mean? A grow tent helps create an ideal indoor environment for growing your plants.

In order to raise a healthy plant, you need to set up a controlled environment. This includes the temperature, humidity, and lighting among many others. These factors can significantly affect the development of your crops.

Having your own grow tent can help you handle and manage your plants better. You can replicate the outdoor environment within the comfort of your own home.

If you think you’re ready to set up your first grow tent, this article is for you. Learning the tricks and tools on how to set up a grow tent inside your home is not as complicated as you think. You don’t need rocket science to be able to figure this out on your own.

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