The Best Trimming Scissors For Garden Maintenance

Tending the plants in your garden is an important activity you need to do.

Not only does it make sure that your garden will look good, but it also ensures the proper growth of your plants. You can do this by trimming your plants.

In this article, we’re going to show you the best trimming scissors you can use to do just that.


Why Do You Need Trimming Scissors?

1. Maintain Optimal Plant Size

One of the best reasons why it's important for you to have trimming scissors is because it helps maintain the optimal size of your plant.

It makes sure that it doesn't become an overgrown plant because that would surely be a big hassle for you.

It's in using trimming scissors that you are able to easily cut out the unnecessary branches or stems that are growing from your plant every now and then.

Different plants grow in certain ways, which is why you need to regularly check how their growth progress.

And if things aren't going the way it's supposed to, then don't hesitate to use your trimming scissors.

2. Safest Way to Tend Your Plants

Safety is a big concern when it comes to tending your plants.

What usually happens with gardeners is that they easily get pricked by the plant’s thorns. This is especially true if you’re pruning plants that are tightly placed with one another.

And not only that, because it’s also pretty likely that you’ll get scratches or even cut your fingers when using some kind of bulky gardening scissors.

With the help of trimming scissors, you don’t have to worry about any of those.

These are specifically designed to trim plants, and that’s what makes these really safe to use.

3. Comfortable to Use

Then there’s the comfort factor. These trimming scissors are comfortable to use because then again, they are made for the specific task of trimming your garden plants.

This means that the way its handles are designed and shaped, and how its leverage and various mechanisms work are all in sync with each other.

This leads to a comfortable and easy-to-use user experience. These are made for the purpose of making the trimming task easier for you.

You won’t experience any arm or hand aches or get calluses and bruises from holding these trimming scissors for too long.

4. Fine Attention to Detail

When you're using trimming scissors, you benefit from its precision.

It's because cutting specific parts of the plants is possible, even if that means a few inches down to certain millimeters of the stem.

There's no stopping you from doing those precise cutting and trimming tasks.

That's what's great about these trimming scissors; they're pretty attentive to details. This also makes them great tools if you're into ornamenting your gardens' plants.

Top 5 Best Trimming Scissors You Can Get

Hydrofarm Precision Curved Blade Pruner

The Hydrofarm Precision Curved Blade Pruner is what you need to have if you are keen in details when tending your plants.

It is made from surgical stainless steel which gives you an assurance that it is a durable product. There’s no need to worry about rusting, because it won’t happen.

It’s a lightweight scissors that makes it a perfect product for people who have arthritis or wrist pains.

There are high quality springs built into it, saving you the effort and hassle of bringing it back to position.

  • It’s a precise trimming scissors because it’s pretty easy to use. It lets you deal with specific parts of the plant without any hassle.
  • The curve blades are very helpful in giving you precision when cutting specific plant parts.
  • It’s a great way to speed up your trimming session.
  • This is a bit too small. It gives you some sort of limiting feel.
  • This is not the most powerful trimming scissors. It might probably be due to its size.

Happy Hydro Straight-tip Trimming Scissors

The Happy Hydro Straight-tip Trimming Scissors is another highly recommended product. What seals the deal for this one is that it is titanium-coated.

This is ideal for people who are into hydroponics or for those who have box gardens.

The grip handles are specifically designed to make it easier for people who have arthritis and wrist pains to use it.

There’s also a safety lock that keeps the sharp razor blades away from your touch. Its blade is made from stainless steel that is corrosion-resistant.

This perfectly goes in tandem with the spring action mechanism that saves you the hassle of bringing the scissors back to starting position.

  • It makes your cutting and trimming job way easier.
  • It’s a well-made trimming scissors because of the high quality materials it is made of. It feels pretty solid.
  • It is titanium-coated. This means that it is corrosion-resistant and will surely last a lifetime.
  • The blades can easily get misaligned if you force it into cutting thick branches or stems.
  • Precision is quite of a problem here as it can miss the target every once in a while.
  • The plastic knotch is not that durable as it can easily get scratches.


The Flora Guard Micro-tip Leaf Trimmer is made from stainless Chinese steel, making it capable of making precision cuts on thick stems.

Its blade is coated with polished coating which makes sure that its sharpness will last for a long time. It’s also treated with anti-rush oxidation effect that makes it water and resistant.

It’s also what makes it less reliant on oiling maintenance. The handles have an anti-slip cushion grip.

The blades are pretty hard with a hardness rating of 54. This goes perfectly in rhythm with the 6mm cutting diameter. It’s what you need if you need to focus on details.

  • It’s a trimming scissors that is comfortable to use. It keeps your hands and fingers from aching or getting sores.
  • The blade tip is very sharp.
  • It’s not the best when it comes to durability. It might be probably due to its stainless China steel blade.
  • This is difficult to use in narrow spaces.

Garden Friends Straight Pruning Scissors

The Garden Friends Straight Pruning Scissors is also in our list. It has a long reach which makes it easy for reaching hard-to-reach stems and branches.

This one is made from high quality stainless steel blade that is assured to prevent rusting. It’s easy-to-clean and it is specifically designed to reduce microbial buildup.

You’ll find an obtrusive open/close clip at its bottom. This ensures an easy and safe storage. This is what you need if you’re into tending your flowers.

It’s a trimming scissors that’s soft to the touch. So you’ll surely fare well with this one.

  • This is a very strong trimming scissors. This might be due to its long leverage.
  • The blades are also pretty dang sharp. Cutting thick twigs and stems is like slicing through butter.
  • It’s got an easy unlocking mechanism.
  • The price is too high, considering that there’s nothing really special about this one.
  • Its design is also a bit off, knowing there are more stylish-looking trimming scissors out there.

Tabor Tools K-7 Straight Blade Pruning Shears

The Tabor Tools K-7 Straight Blade Pruning Shears is another highly recommended trimming scissors we’ve got for you.

This one has a really long reach, making it easy for you to take on bundles of stems bunched inside. Its blade is made from carbon steel that underwent anti-corrosion coating.

There’s an open/close strap that makes it comfortable for you to hold and at the same time increases its capability.

You’ll even find a spring in the middle which acts as a shock absorber. This reduced fatigue and makes it easier for you to cut with precision.

  • It’s got a really sharp blade that’s also fully capable of cutting thick bunches of stems.
  • This is what you need if you’re into accurate precision.
  • This is one heck of a solid trimming scissors. It doesn’t easily stain, its got a well-made construction, and it’s looking really nice.
  • The only downside to this one is its texture which is a bit weird to the touch.

What Should You Consider When Choosing Trimming Scissors?

the best trimming scissors

1. Blade

The first thing that you obviously need to consider is the blade. The blade is the whole point why you're getting a trimming scissors.

You need something that can easily cut and trim your plants to your liking.

And what part of the scissors gets in contact with the plant? It's the blade.

It's with this reason that you need to make sure that the blade is sharp and is made from the high-quality material. If it easily gets dull, then there’s no point in using one.

2. Lock and Cover

As what we’ve said earlier, it’s important to ensure safety when using trimming scissors. That’s why having a blade lock and a couple of shear blade covers is recommended.

If you’re choosing one, it would be best if you’ll choose something that has these features so that the chance of you getting cuts, bruises, or some type of injury is less.

These protective features will surely make the plant trimming task easier for you.

You’ll also have the peace of mind in knowing that you’re not going to bleed when using it.

3. Weight

Weight is another vital thing to consider. This is also where the comfort levels depend.

The lighter the trimming scissors, the more comfortable you’ll get in using it. With this, it would be better if the trimming scissors of your liking is a light one.

Not only is it easy to carry and use, but it also lets you have better precision in trimming the specific parts of the plant.

Precision and the level of detail depends on the weight of your scissors, so you might want to keep an eye on that.

4. Brand

The brand of the trimming scissors is also where you'll see if it's durable or not.

It's where you'll know if it's a quality product or just some crappy thing that'll get destroyed after a few usages.

Know the brand and research the internet. Ask yourself questions like, "Is the maker a reputable company?" or "What do other users have to say about the product?"

It's in asking questions like these that you get a grasp on the worth of the product.

Positive reviews and testimonials mean that the trimming scissors are worth buying.

5. Handle

It’s recommended that you choose trimming scissors that have comfortable handles.

Those that have non-slip grips are what you need to get, especially if you have sweaty hands.

There are also ergonomically-shaped handles that fit perfectly well on your hands

Take note that the handles have a very big effect on your user experience because it’s where your body gets in contact with the scissors.

6. Spring Feature

You might have noticed that when you use ordinary scissors, you need to bring back the blades in contact with each other every after winch.

If you take away that need, the whole trimming experience would surely be way easier. And that's just what a spring feature does.

The trimming scissors that have this feature have a spring that is built-in on it. This then automatically flexes the scissors back to starting position every cut you make.

This reduces your hand fatigue and makes the whole trimming experience easier for you.


If you want the best trimming scissors, the one we can recommend to you is the Tabor Tools K-7 Straight Blade Pruning Shears. It’s sharp, precise, comfortable to use, and can take a lot of beating. 

Though it might have a fishy texture, there’s nothing really wrong with it because you’ll be using gloves anyway.

This will surely make your trimming task easier, more comfortable, and more fun.

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