The Best Sprinkler Timer For A Great-Looking Lawn

Lawn maintenance is a very important task to do if you want to make your home a more comfortable place to live in. It refreshes your senses and relieves you of the daily pressure and stress. One way of doing that is by installing a sprinkler system that has a timer. In this article, we’re going to help you with just that as we’re showing to you the best sprinkler timer in the market.

The Benefits Of Having A Sprinkler Timer


1. Constant Water Supply

Having a sprinkler system is one thing, and having a sprinkler timer is another. This means that these two are very important things to have on your lawn, but without each other, it wouldn't be that great.

The number one reason why you need to have a sprinkler timer is that it's the one that ensures that your lawn or plants get a constant supply of water. It automatically releases water from the sprinkler when it's already the right time of the day. You don't need to go back and forth to turn the water source on. The sprinkler timer does it for you.

2. Avoids Flooding

What's great about sprinkler timers is that they're not just made to supply your lawn with water continuously, but they're also about supplying them with just enough of it. If your system keeps on sprinkling water, chances are, is that your lawn will get muddy or worse, get flooded.

You surely don't want that to happen, which is why you need a stopping mechanism. You need it so that you get the peace of mind in knowing that you're not giving excessive water supply to your plants.

3. Less Supervision

One of the most hassling things about lawn maintenance or more specifically having a sprinkler system is the amount of supervision and time you need to devote. You need to constantly check your lawn and see whether it’s already watered properly. You also need to go back to your lawn again to turn the sprinkler off. It’s just a tiring task to do!

However, with the help of a sprinkler timer, you don’t have to worry about any of those. It does the job for you. There are sprinkler timers that are connected to your phone through its Wi-Fi capability, and you can control it remotely. That's how cool these sprinkler timers are.

4. Healthier and Greener Lawn

So what happens to your lawn when you have a properly managed and monitored sprinkler timer? The answer to that is simple and pretty obvious – your lawn becomes healthier and gets a greener and more vibrant color.

It would look its best, and it will surely relieve you of your stress even more. You don't have to worry about pests, molds, or sudden fungi growth. The chances of them growing become minimal when they get a constant and right supply of water. They become thicker, and the likelihood of weed growth also diminishes.

5. Lawn's Longer Lifespan

Then there's the effect on your lawn's grass and plants lifespan as it gets longer than ever before. Why is this so? Well, it's because of the sufficient supply of water. You see, it's important for plants such as lawn grass to absorb water at a certain time of the day. This makes its absorption process more efficient.

By simply having a time management tool as to when water will be sprinkled to your lawn, you're also making sure that it would bring out the best in your plants. Not only will they look greener and healthier than ever, but they're going to stay that way for a long time.

What Should You Consider When Choosing A Sprinkler Timer?


1. Indoor or Outdoor?

The first thing you need to consider when choosing a sprinkler timer is the location where you're going to put it. There are two main types of sprinkler timers available in the market. There are the indoor timers and the outdoor ones.

You need to be pretty sure where you're going to place it so that you'll get the timer which specifically answers your purpose. Indoor sprinkler systems are sleeker in design, but the outdoors ones are more durable and robust. It's just a matter of choice. And it's up to you where that location will be. Remember, it's all about the balance between design, functionality, and product longevity.

2. Time Zones

It’s also important for you to consider the number of time zones that the sprinkler timer has. It’s an important consideration to make because it should be capable of operating in different zones. These zones are the stations or places where your sprinkler systems are found. Your sprinkler timer is connected to them. This is the reason why it should know which sprinkler system to activate at a specific time of the day.

3. Number of Programs

Then there’s the element of programs. The more programs, the better choice that sprinkler timer would be for you.

There are sprinkler timers that have single, two, three, or four-program designs. The sprinkler timer is more flexible if it has more programs because it is the one who tells the zone's capacity. It sounds a bit complicated for a newbie's ears, which is why it would be recommended if you ask the help of the salesman from the shop that you're planning to buy from.

4. Price

The element of price should never be left on the sidelines because it's as important as buying the product itself. When planning to buy a sprinkler timer, make sure that it's justifiably priced. What we mean by this is that it should not be too expensive or too cheap.

It should be in the midrange of prices, so you'll be assured it's a quality and price-wise product. Cheap sprinkler timers usually don't last long, but neither do the expensive ones mean that they're of high quality. It's in knowing the price that you get a glimpse of the sprinkler timer's durability.

Top 5 Best Sprinkler Timers

1. Rain Bird SST600IN Indoor Sprinkler Timer System


The Rain Bird SST600IN Indoor Sprinkler Timer System comes first in our list. It’s a timer that’s easy to program because of its friendly user interface. It features zone by zone settings that enable different watering schedules for different places in your lawn. This is specifically made for the indoors.

One of its main highlights is the one touch seasonal adjust that gives you more control as to how you’re going to manage the sprinkler system. It even has a rain delay feature that can suspend watering up to a total of 72 hours. It’s safely placed inside its sealed case.


  • It’s got clear and easy to understand instructions.
  • It’s an easy to set up sprinkler timer because of its user-friendly interface.


  • The design is a bit bulky due to the way its edges are made.
  • The price is also a bit too high, considering that there are products which have similar features that are priced lower than this one.

2. Rain Bird SST400I 4-Zone Indoor Timer


Here comes another product form Rain Bird, the SST400I 4-Zone Indoor Timer. It is an automatic watering system that features customized water schedules to give you more control as to how you want your sprinkler systems to function.

Its got an automatic rain shut off mechanism in case it rains. This ensures that your lawn wouldn’t get flooded. It’s specifically made for the indoors, which means you can use this inside the comforts of your own home. There are 4 zones you can control, which is more than enough for you to make sure that your lawn is getting the right amount of water. Its got a large and easy to read screen with backlit buttons.


  • It’s an easy to install sprinkler timer that’s why this is newbie friendly. You won’t have to worry about setting it up.
  • It does a great job in doing what it’s supposed to do. It’s a precise and accurate way to water your plants in the right time.


  • This is not the best when it comes to durability because it can easily get scratches when it falls down to the ground. It’s material also doesn’t seem to look high quality.

3. Orbit Remote Control Sprinkler System Timer


The Orbit Remote Control Sprinkler System Timer is also a product that we recommend to you. This features a 12-station mechanism that gives you a lot of choices as to how you’re going to water your plants. The screen it has is blue and is laden with big and easy to read fonts. There are also buttons that have big figures in it.

If you want something that is simple to use and is user-friendly, this might just be what you need. The water saving feature during drought situations is also very useful.


  • It’s an easy to install sprinkler timer because of how its screen and figures are presented.
  • It makes watering your lawn more efficient.


  • It would be better if there is an indication in the screen if the sensor is activated or not.
  • The manner in which the wires are connected is also troublesome.

4. Orbit 57876 Indoor Dual Sprinkler Control


The Orbit 57876 Indoor Dual Sprinkler Control is another indoor sprinkler timer that features a rain sensor capability. It’s easy to set up and is user-friendly because of its simple buttons and mechanisms. Its LCD display can be found on its upper portion where the figures and numbers are shown.

This sprinkler timer can control up to a total of 6 sprinkler valves, enabling you to easily control the amount of water you want to be sprinkled. It weighs 1.27 pounds and measures 4.38 x 8.5 x 2.5 inches. It’s made of a combination of metal and plastic material.


  • It is a great product because of the way you’re able to control the sprinkled water with accuracy and precision.
  • In terms of price, you’ve got a good deal with this one.


  • You first need to read the manual’s instructions before you use it. But the problem is, the manual itself is also confusing.
  • There’s nothing unique with this product.

5. Rain Bird WiFi Sprinkler System Timer


The Rain Bird brand is indeed a reputable maker of sprinkler timers as another one of its products slipped into our top 5 products. The Rain Bird WiFi Sprinkler System Timer can either be used outdoors or indoors because of its all weather design and construction.

What’s really nice about it is that it can be connected through Wi-Fi so you can control with your smartphone. It can connect to Apple iOS 8 or Android 4.4 or greater. It has a daily watering schedule feature which makes sure that it would adhere to the season, weather, and humidity of the surroundings.


  • Even though it’s a Wi-Fi timer, you still won’t have any problem programming it because the processes are all streamlined.
  • This product got a lot of nice features that gives you more control on your sprinkler system.
  • It’s an efficient way to ensure that your lawn and plants are getting sufficient water.


  • The app is kind of slow in picking up information.


The best product in the list is the Rain Bird WiFi Sprinkler System Timer. It’s because it has advanced connectivity features, like its Wi-Fi capability. It’s also durable because it can be placed outside.

Best of all, it is accurate and precise in making sure that the amount of water and the timing of the watering are ensured to be well coordinated. If you want the best sprinkler timer in the market, then this is surely what you need to have. Get it now and see the positive change happen to your lawn.

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