The Best Soil pH Tester To Ensure Healthy Growth Of Plans

When it comes to gardening, we need to ensure that the soil that is plants are well suited to the soil that they're planted on.

It is because the soil is where they stand on and where they get their nutrients from.

To ensure that they're planted in the right soil, you need to have the best soil pH tester.


The Importance Of Using Soil pH Tester

1. Ensures Soil Fertility

Soil pH testers are important for all gardeners because this is what ensures the fertility of the soil that your plant is planted on. Different kinds of soil have their respective alkaline or acidity levels.

To ensure that your plant stays healthy, they should be on the middle mark right in the middle of the alkalinity and acidity levels.

That's what a soil pH tester does; it tells you if the alkalinity or acidity level of the soil will perfectly suit your plant.

2. Thriving Bacterial Life

Though some people might think negatively when they hear bacterial life, there is no reason to worry. This is because bacteria are important in the growth of plants.

These help ensure that all of the growth and development processes of your plant are carried out properly.

Both the microorganisms and the plant benefit from each other. Thus they need each other to thrive.

3. Makes Plants Healthier

It’s with the help of a soil pH tester that you can make your plant healthier.

This happens because if the alkalinity or acidity level of the soil is too low or too high for your plant, then you can easily transfer your plant to another place.

If not, then you can simply add lime to the soil if it’s too alkaline. On the other hand, you can add sphagnum peat on it if it’s too acidic.

4. No Need for Trial and Error

You don’t need to do trial and error when you’ve got a soil pH tester with you. It’s because you know beforehand if the soil that you’re going to place your plant into is perfect.

You don’t need to replant or transfer them to another soil or place if they aren’t growing properly.

It’s less the hassle for you, thanks to a soil pH tester.

Using Soil pH Testers The Right Way

1. Do the Test Before Anything Else

When it comes to using soil pH testers, the first thing you need to do is to make sure that the soil you’re going to test is free of any organic or synthetic fertilizers.

In simpler words, it should be pure and all natural. This is the time when you need to do the test.

By following this tip, you ensure that you’re going to have an accurate result from the soil pH test that you’ll be conducting.

2. Use Warm Soil

The next thing you need to consider is only to use warm soil. It's not recommended that you use a too cold or too hot soil.

It should just be temperate, and much preferably warm. It also shouldn't be too dry or too wet. It's best if the soil you're going to test is just a little bit damp.

This way, you won't have a hard time in sticking your soil pH tester into the ground. It also wouldn't wobble.

3. Take Multiple Samples

When doing a soil pH test, you need to see to it that you're not just testing a single part of the soil in your garden.

This is especially true if you're going to plant a huge garden or lawn.

By taking multiple sample soils, you're making your test results more accurate and precise.

Top 5 Best Soil pH Testers

1. Border Soil pH Meter

The Bodear Soil pH Meter is a 3-in-1 soil tester kit that can test the pH and moisture level of your soil as well as serve as a light sensor. If you want a product that has a lot of functions, then this is the one you might want to have. It features a sensitive probe that gives you accurate pH and moisture readings. It then transfers the information to the conductor that displays it in easy to read values. What’s best about this product is that you don’t need any battery or electricity to use this pH tester.


  • It works pretty great. It gives you fast pH and moisture level readings, making you save a lot of time.
  • It’s very helpful because it gives you accurate results. You can test its accuracy by doing multiple consecutive tests on the same patch of soil.


  • It would be much better if the scale would face upward so that you won’t have difficulty in reading it.
  • The stand is a little bit flimsy. You need to make sure that it’s properly stuck on the ground.

2. Gain Express Soil Ph & Moisture Meter

The Gain Express Soil Ph & Moisture Meter both measures the soil’s pH and moisture level, making this very helpful if you want to ensure that the soil your plant is planted on is perfect for them. It can operate in temperatures of 5 to 50 degrees Celsius, making this as one of the most versatile and durable soil pH testers in the market. It’s also a self powered device, which means you don’t need any batteries to use it.


  • It’s very helpful in keeping your plants healthy because of the accurate pH and moisture level readings it gives you.
  • The features are the same and work as described in advertisements and in the packaging. The company stays true to its words.


  • The probe is too long. This makes it a bit difficult to carry with you in different places. You need to stick it to the ground deeply.
  • You need to make the soil very wet so that it can properly measure the pH levels.

3. Elenest Soil Moisture Meter

The Elenest Soil Moisture Meter is another highly recommended product that you might want to get for yourself. This is a 3-in-1 device that measures the pH and moisture level of the soil, as well as the amount of light that reaches your plant. It measures 11 x 8 x 2 inches, which makes it a portable soil pH tester. It’s made of high quality materials that assure you it can take up a lot of beating, as it’s truly made for the outdoors.


  • It’s one of the best, if not the best when it comes to accuracy.
  • It’s very easy to use. You can also clearly see the readings in its display.
  • Despite it being made of high quality materials, this one is still affordable.
  • What’s best is you don’t need to use testing strips or any chemicals on first try.


  • There’s no doubt that this gives you accurate readings. However, if you misused this or mishandled it even in the slightest manner, it can give you very inaccurate readings.
  • You need to have prior experience in using soil pH testers, before using this product.

4. Fanme Soil Tester

The Fanme Soil Tester is another 3-in-1 device that measures your soil’s pH and moisture levels as well as the amount of light that reaches it. It features a clear dial plate that enables you to clearly see the readings from the test. It weighs 0.19 pounds and measures 11.4 x 1.5 x 2.4 inches, making this a handy and portable soil tester.


  • It’s an easy to use product. You simply just stick it into the soil effortlessly.
  • This gives you accurate and precise readings.


  • This is not the best when it comes to price. It’s a bit too expensive.
  • The markings are too small. You’ll have a hard time reading it especially if it’s a little bit dark outside.

5. QEES 3 in 1 Water Moisture PH Light Tester

The QEES 3 in 1 Water Moisture PH Light Tester can both measure the soil’s pH and moisture levels. It can also measure the amount of light that reaches your plant, even at its root level. You don’t need any batteries to use this device, making this a very environmentally-friendly product. If you want to prevent under or overwatering, then this might be the one you’re searching for.


  • This soil pH tester features a durable and sturdy design.
  • It gives you accurate pH and light readings.


  • Its moisture readings are a bit inaccurate.
  • You need to stick it deeper into the soil so that it wouldn’t wobble.


The best soil pH tester in the list is the Elenest Soil Moisture Meter. This is because it’s easy to use, gives you accurate pH, moisture, and light readings, and it also features a very robust design. Despite all of these, it still remains to be an affordable device. For sure, the Elenest Soil Moisture Meter will totally be worth your money.

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