The Best Soaker Hose For A Healthier Garden

There are a lot of ways we can take care of our gardens. We can regularly prune it, add landscaping beauty, or we can just do our best to supply it with sufficient water. These are all effective ways, but the most important of them is the last one because this is vital in a plants’ growth. In this article, we’re going to help you choose the best soaker hose. For sure, your garden or lawn will be healthier than ever.

Things To Remember When Using Soaker Hoses

1. Use them for Garden Beds

The first thing you need to remember when using soaker hoses is that these are primarily designed for watering garden beds. If you want to water your lawn, what you need is a sprinkler. If you’re going to water the plants on a steep slope, you need to have a drip irrigation system.

2. Proper Connection

It's also important for you to properly connect the water source to the timer. This is very important because this is where the amount of water supplied to your plants depends on. It's best if you use a pressure regulator to ensure that the water pressure won't go beyond ten psi.

3. The Right Size

It doesn’t mean that the longer the hose, the better it is. That’s not the way things work when you’re using soaker hoses. This is because these hoses merely soak the soil. They don’t directly dampen or wet your plants. They supply water to the plants by soaking the soil and letting the roots absorb the water and the nutrients.

4. The Importance of Level Ground

These soaker hoses are designed for use on flat grounds or surfaces. These don’t do well if you’re going to use it on slopes or steep inclines because the water would just accumulate in one place due to the pull of gravity.

Types Of Soaker Hoses

1. Plastic or Vinyl Soaker Hoses

The most common type of soaker hoses are the ones made from plastic or vinyl. This is because they are affordable, lightweight, and can pretty well do the job. These have hundreds of tiny holes scattered throughout its body. This is where the water goes out. The only downside to these soaker hoses is that they're not that durable.

2. Soak and Spray

These are two-in-one hoses. They are soaker hoses and spray hoses at the same time. It doesn't just soak and dampen the soil where it is laid on, but it also sprinkles water upward. If you' want to water nearby plants directly always, then this kind of hose is what you need to have.

3. Fibrous Soaker Hose

This is the most durable type of soaker hose available in the market. Though they’re more expensive than the ones made from plastic or vinyl, these are assured to last a longer time. This is because the rubber material it’s made of is very durable. It can even be buried under a layer of mulch for a long time without any sign of deterioration. Compared to the vinyl soaker hoses which have hundreds of holes, these fibrous rubber soaker hoses have thousands of holes.

4. Sprinkler Hose

These kinds of hoses are also popular among gardeners because they can be used as both sprinkler hoses and soaker hoses. It sprinkles water upward through the thousands of tiny holes placed at the top of its body. You can then flip it over to make it function as a soaker hose, as the tiny holes let water dampen the soil that it’s placed on.

Top 5 Best Soaker Hoses

1. Colorite 1/2in X 50 Ft Soaker Hose

The Colorite 1/2in X 50 Ft Soaker Hose is a popular product because of its effectiveness in soaking the ground where your plants are at. It measures 50 inches in length and has an inside diameter of 5/8 inch while an outside diameter of 1 inch. You can bury this two to three inches below the ground. It’s made of rubber which is why you don’t have to worry about its durability, because it’ll sure have a long service life. It also weighs 10 pounds, which makes it easy for you to carry and transfer to other locations if you would want to.


  • It’s a durable soaker hose. You’ll know that it’s made of high quality rubber when you touch it.
  • It gives a continuous water flow. You don’t have to worry about sudden water bursts or too slow drips.
  • This soaker hose also doesn’t kink that much.


  • The surface can easily catch dirt because it’s made of rubber. But it’s not really a problem, knowing that the soil’s dirt contains nutrients that plants need.

2. A.M. Leonard Pro Series 5/8-inch Soaker Hose

The A.M. Leonard Pro Series 5/8-inch Soaker Hose is another product you might want to consider buying. This is a long soaker hose as it measures a whopping 250 feet. This would be perfect if you have a huge garden or lawn that you want to supply with constant water. It is uncoupled and doesn’t have ends, giving you the freedom to cut it to any length you want. It’s made of rubber, giving you the assurance that it’ll have a long service life. You can even this bury 6 feet deep underground for best results.


  • It’s a very sturdy hose. It feels very tough and robust. It can handle a good amount of beating.
  • It has a huge coverage. You don’t need to buy multiple soaker hoses because this would be enough.
  • You won’t have to worry about using standard connectors because it’s very to use and install it on this one.


  • The dimensions stated in the packaging aren’t true to size. It’s really bigger in personal.
  • The hose fittings are too large. It doesn’t perfectly fit in most hose fittings.

3. Mr. Soaker Hose Soaker Hose

The Mr. Soaker Hose Soaker Hose is another highly recommended product you can consider buying. It measures 42 feet long and is 5/8 inch wide. This is perfect if you want to avoid your garden’s foundation damage. It doesn’t have any ends, giving you the freedom to cut it to any length you want. If you have a small garden, a farm, or a tree that you want to constantly supply with water, then this is what you need.


  • It’s pretty effective in soaking you’re the ground wet.
  • The flow of water is consistent and even. It’ll go exactly where you want it to flow to.
  • The hose feels very sturdy. It has a heavy duty design. You might use this for the next several years to come.


  • Be careful of the elevation change restriction because this affects the consistency of the flow of water.
  • This works well only on flat surfaces.

4. Lawson Professional Soaker Hose

The Lawson Professional Soaker Hose is probably one of the best, if not the best soaker hose in the market today. It measures 50 feet, has an inside diameter of 5/8 inch and is made from premium rubber material. It weighs only 13 pounds, which is lightweight in its class. This will make it easy for you to transfer this to other places if you would want to.


  • It’s a high-grade soaker hose that can stand up to various environmental conditions.
  • It’s a durable soaker hose that’ll give you the feeling that it can serve you for a long time.
  • The water flow it gives off is constant and even throughout its length.


  • It’s a bit expensive. There are other cheaper products available in the market.

5. Smartdoo Garden Hose,50FT Garden Hose Expandable

You might also want to buy the Smartdoo Garden Hose Garden Hose Expandable. It is lightweight, compact, and very easy to use thanks to its expandable features. Its spray nozzle has 9 settings, namely, soaker, jet, mist, angle, flat, full, center, shower, and cone. It is 17 feet long, but extends up to 50 feet when water flows through it.


  • It’s a heavy duty soaker hose. It is made of premium materials.
  • This is also a lightweight and easy to use garden hose. It’s light and can be carried almost anywhere


  • It doesn’t do well if it’s buried too deep underground.


The five reviewed products are all great, but the one that stood out among them is the Lawson Professional Soaker Hose. It's durable, can handle a lot of beating, gives off a constant and even water flow, and is a made with premium rubber material. If you want to ensure that your garden and the plants in it would be at its best form, then this is the soaker hose you need to have. You’ll surely be awed when you see your plants and flowers thriving.

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