The Best Shovel For An Easier And More Productive Gardening

Gardening might sound fun and easy, but in reality, it isn't that way. It's because you need to do a lot of hard work. However, you can ease your gardening task with the help of a gardening equipment such as a shovel.

In this article, we’re going to help you choose the best shovel for an easier gardening experience.


Why Are Shovels A Must-Have?

1. Effective Digging Tool

These shovels are a must have for every gardener because these are effective digging tools.

When it comes to gardening, you need to prepare yourself for a lot of digging tasks. This is because you need to dig out soil when you’re planting something.

With the help of a shovel, you can easily dig out soil without too much hassle. It just makes your gardening experience much easier.

2. Easy to Use

Shovels are easy to use the gardening equipment because they are built in a very simple but sturdy way.

You don't need to be skilled in operating any machinery or advanced tool because using a shovel is fairly easy. You just need to have a good grip on it and properly sway it in motion where you can pick up a lot of soil with less effort.

3. Lightweight

Another reason why shovels are a must have is that these are very lightweight.

If you want to plant something, you need to have a tool that wouldn't strain up your hands or arms. 

And that's just what a shovel does. It's very light that you can even just use one hand in carrying it because you use your other hand as a means of support.

4. Multipurpose

It's important to know that shovels are not just made for gardening because these can be used for a host of other tasks.

It's not just for digging up soil, but you can also use it to remove piles of snow during the winter months. You can even use it as a tool to clean up clogged up sewage systems.

Shovels have a lot of uses, which is why almost every home have them.

Top 5 Best Shovels

Fiskars Long Handle Digging Shovel

The Fiskars Long Handle Digging Shovel is the one you need if you’re going to be digging on hard or tough soil. It has a wielded 14-gauge hardened steel blade that will surely be capable of digging through even the toughest of soil types.

It also has an 18-gauge steel shaft that reinforces its strength.

This shovel measures 57.5 inches which is the ideal length for gardening works.

  • It’s comfortable to hold onto, making it easy to use.
  • This is a great digging tool. It makes your digging task much easier.
  • It’s not the best when it comes to durability. It can easily get scratches and it doesn’t feel to be made of premium materials.
  • Its yellow grip handles can split if misused.

Bond LH015 Mini D Handle Shovel

The Bond LH015 Mini D Handle Shovel is a mini shovel that is perfect for people who wants to have a portable gardening tool.

It only measures 27.5 inches long but it is assured to be strong and durable. Its handle features a soft non-slip grip that enables you to easily hold on to it even if you’ve got sweaty hands.

Its head is heat-treated which means that it can take a lot of beating. 

What’s best about this shovel is that it is powder coated with rust resistant paint.

This gives you an assurance that it wouldn’t easily rust and it will still look new even if it’s used for a couple of years.

  • This is the perfect shovel if you’re going to dig on tight and restricted spaces, thanks to its portable size.
  • Its handle is made of fiber glass, which means that it is durable and won’t easily crack or get any damages.
  • It’s too short to handle a lot of gardening or digging activities. It limits your tasks.
  • You need to bend when you’re digging with this one.

Fiskars 46 Inch Steel D-handle Transplanting Spade

The Fiskars 46 Inch Steel D-handle Transplanting Spade is what you need if you’re going to be digging deep and small holes on your garden. This is because its head has an elongated narrow shape. It’s called as a teardrop shape design.

This one features a D-handle design that enables you to use it with two hands. It’s the perfect shovel if you’re going to transplant something onto another location.

It weighs only 6 pounds, making this a lightweight shovel.

  • Magnification 10x
  • Expensive

Spear Head Spade Fiberglass Gardening Shovel

The Spear Head Spade Fiberglass Gardening Shovel is a hybrid spade and shovel that guarantees you that you will find it easier to dig.

It features a lightweight design thanks to its construction, making it easy for you to lift and use it over extend amounts of time.

Its handle is made from pultruted fiberglass that is 60% stronger than other shovel brands. If you’re going to dig up compacted, rocky, and clay soil, then this would perfect do well for you.

What’s best about this product is that its handle features a D-shape design that makes it easy for you to hold onto it. Its comfortable grip is also made possible with its soft cushion.

  • This shovel is very easy to use, and it’s also lightweight despite it being durable and sturdy.
  • It can easily cut through the hardest of soil types, such as solidified clay.
  • It’s perfect for digging deep into the ground.
  • It’s handles have a very comfortable grip
  • The shovel head is a bit too small.
  • The price of this shovel is a little bit expensive.

Cold Steel Special Forces Shovel

The Cold Steel Special Forces Shovel is the simplest product in this list.

It is a mini shovel that will perfectly do fine if you’re going to use it in small and constrained places.

It only weighs a light 1.8 pounds, making this also the lightest shovel in this review roundup. Its handle is made from high quality wood while its shovel head is made from premium steel.

There’s nothing fancy about this product, but it’ll surely do fine for your gardening.

  • It has a very sturdy and robust construction.
  • Though it looks simple and there’s nothing fancy about it, it is still very durable and can take a lot of beating.
  • Its edges are dull, making it hard for you if you’re going to use it to cut through something.
  • It can easily get scratches because it doesn’t have any special coating on its body surface.

Tips For Using A Shovel Properly

1. Limit the Material in Every Load

When using a shovel, it’s important for you to know that it will be easier for you if you were to lift multiple light loads instead of carrying a less number of heavy loads.

This means that you don’t need to fill up your shovel entirely for every lift that you make.

2. Task Variation

It's also important that you vary your tasks every day or on a single day so that you won't be straining your muscles too much.

Shovels are known to easily strain your hands and arms because of the simple motion you do when using them.

To avoid this from happening, it's not recommended that you focus on your shovel work throughout the day.

3. Refrain from Side Throwing

When it comes to using shovels, it’s important that you follow the straight throw rule.

What this rule means is that you should always throw your lifted materials at your front.

It’s not recommended that you throw them at the sides because in doing so, you’ll also be turning your hands. This might lead to loss of balance or worse, injury.


There were five products reviewed and all of them are undoubtedly reliable shovels. However, the one to emerge as the best shovel is the Spear Head Spade Fiberglass Gardening Shovel

This is because it is a combination of both a spade and shovel which means that it has a wide variety of uses. It’s easy to use, has a great comfortable handle, is very durable thanks to its fiberglass construction, and can easily dig through hard soil.

If you want a capable and long lasting shovel, then the Spear Head Spade Fiberglass Gardening Shovel is what you’ve been searching for.

Spear Head Spade - Reinforced Fiberglass Gardening Shovel with Cushioned D Grip - Award Winning...*
  • First multi patented hybrid garden shovel and spade.
  • Guaranteed to significantly reduce digging efforts because it's light weight design makes it easy to lift and use.
  • Recently awarded "BEST of the BEST" in garden shovels in 2018 by independent test lab BESTREVIEWS!
  • Specially reinforced pultruded fiberglass handle is 60% stronger than EN-3388 shovel/spade standards.
  • Great for rocky, compacted soils and clay. Excellent for separating and dividing highly rooted perennials.

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