The Best Pulsating Sprinkler For A Healthier Garden

Our gardens and our lawns are our refuge when we’re stressed and down. It seems like there is a magic in their green color.

Because of this, it makes perfect sense for us to make sure that we have the best garden or lawn. One way of doing that is by using a sprinkler

However, there are a lot of types of sprinklers out there.

But if you want to assure efficiency and coverage, then what you need is a pulsating sprinkler. In this article, we’ll be talking about just that.

We’ll also be showing you the best pulsating sprinklers you need to have.


What Is A Pulsating Sprinkler?

A pulsating sprinkler is one of the many types of sprinklers in the market.

However, this one's unique because it has a 60-degree to 360-degree water coverage. This is equivalent to 450 square meters, making it as the best sprinkler type if you want maximum coverage.

This is perfect for gardens or lawns that have deeply-rooted plants on its sides.

Top 5 Best Pulsating Sprinklers

Melnor 9536H All Metal Pulsating Sprinkler

The Melnor 9536H All Metal Pulsating Sprinkler can water up to 85 feet, making this a very strong sprinkler.

It even has a step metal spike that enables you to easily install it in the soil. Just stick it right into the soil and it's placed there. That's how easy it is.

This one also allows unit-to-unit connections, which is a pretty good thing as its metal head is also very durable.

  • It’s got a pretty good performance because of its internal mechanism.
  • It’s also very flexible thanks to the easy adjustability features this one has.
  • It looks a bit too bulky, which might be an eyesore for some of you.


The Nelson Plastic Pulsating Sprinkler Head has an impact-resistant head that makes it capable of taking up a beating.

Though its head might be made of plastic, this one’s still pretty sturdy. You’ll also find its 85-feet of coverage a good deal because you won’t be short of area with this one.

It also has a metal series connection spike that lets you easily place it anywhere you like.

  • This one will give you great value because of the high-quality materials it’s made of.
  • The quality of this one is really good. You’ll know that it’s a premium product.
  • It’s a bit flimsy because there are times when it can be easily removed from its place.
  • The material also has some minor bumps, even though it’s got a premium finish.

Hidoll Lawn Water Sprinklers Pulsating Sprinkler

The Hidoll Lawn Water Sprinklers Pulsating Sprinkler is a very strong and sturdy product because it’s made of strong ABS engineering plastic.

It has its own sled base that’s weighted. This prevents tipping and helps you easily install it anywhere.

If you’ve got a medium-sized to large-sized lawn, then this one’s for you.

And not only is this one made for the purpose of cleaning, but for enjoyment and leisure as well.

  • I find the quality of this sprinkler to be really nice.
  • There are no leaks because the structure of this sprinkler is sturdy.
  • This is also very durable. It doesn’t show any sign of wear and tear even if used frequently.
  • The price is a major turn off as there are other brands that are cheaper than this one but still have good quality.

Gardena 8136 5,200 Square Foot Pulsating Sprinkler

The Gardena 8136 5,200 Square Foot Pulsating Sprinkler On Spike has a coverage area of 5,200 square foot.

That is a very huge coverage for a sprinkler of this size.

You can connect this to a garden system connector thanks to its capability to installed in an organized row. 

You even have the freedom to select the spraying arrangement as there are 25 degrees to 360-degree options to choose from.

  • Its main selling point is its quality.
  • The design also looks nice because it’s stylish.
  • The price is a bit too high for its set of features and quality.
  • It can easily get stuck when the pressure goes down.

Nelson Rezimar Head Pulsating Sprinkler

The Nelson Rezimar Head Pulsating Sprinkler boasts a large head that can spray a circular pattern up to a 90-foot diameter.

What’s cool about this is the ergonomic handles it has on its head and base.

This one’s also got a swivel coupling that’s made of metal ergo.

This one is also light too as it only weighs 1.75 pounds.

  • Magnification 10x
  • Expensive

Tips For Extending Your Pulsating Sprinkler's Service Life

1. Use it When Needed

The first thing you need to do if ever you have a pulsating sprinkler is to make sure that you only turn it on when you’re going to use it.

Don’t keep it on all the time because these also need a rest. Though they may be objects, they still have their limits.

And it’s not just the health of your sprinkler that hangs in the balance, but your plants as well.

By using it only when you need it, you’re also avoiding flooding.

2. Place it in a Safe Place

Be sure that the place where you’re going to install the pulsating sprinkler is far away from foot traffic.

As much as possible, place them in an area which is not always visited.

These pulsating sprinklers might be sturdy but they’re one of the most sensitive types of sprinklers there is.

But it’s not all about the traffic of the area, but it also has something to do with the surrounding temperature.

It's recommended that you place it in an area which is covered by the direct heat of the sun.

3. Don’t Overuse Your Sprinkler

Never overuse your sprinkler, because this will only cause it to malfunction.

As much as possible, make sure that you only use it when you need it.

You can also attach it to a timer so that it automatically turns off when it has already sprinkled enough water on the area.

Pulsating Sprinkler Buying Guide

1. Brand

The first thing you need to consider when choosing a pulsating sprinkler is the brand.

It's about knowing the brand that you can gauge whether it is worth the buy or not.

Make sure that the pulsating sprinkler is manufactured by a reputable company.

2. Scope

The scope is also sometimes referred to as the coverage.

Make sure that the scope of your pulsating sprinkler of choice is huge.

As much as possible, it’s recommended that you use one that can cover a huge area so that you won’t need to buy a lot of them. 

Just be sure that it’s adjustable so that you can switch it to a different sprinkling feature without any hassle.

3. Quality

Then there's the element of quality, which you need to consider whichever product you choose to buy.

See to it that it's made of high quality materials so that it will last a long time.

The last thing you want to experience is to have one that will break down after a few months of use.

4. Aesthetics

Visual appearance is an important consideration to make because most of the time, these pulsating sprinklers are placed in the center of your garden or lawn.

This makes them easily visible to you or your visitors.

It's because of this that you need to make sure that it looks good and nice so that it will add beauty to your garden and also to your home as a whole.

5. Price

Also, consider the price because this is where you'll see if the one you're buying is worth it or not.

Be careful when looking at the price because you might easily be deceived with the affordable price of some sprinklers.

As nice it is to choose them, they aren't always the best choice because the affordable ones are usually low-quality sprinklers.

But also avoid buying overly expensive sprinklers as a high price doesn't always lead to a high-quality product.

Better choose one that's found in the middle range price.


The Nelson Rezimar Head Pulsating Sprinkler is the best pulsating sprinkler out of the four reviewed products because of its efficiency, performance, and sleek-looking. 

Though it has some minor faults, this one’s still worth buying.

If you want the quality pulsating sprinkler, then this one’s for you.

Nelson 852023-1001 Plastic Pulsating Circular Sprinkler Head on Metal Spike, Two-Pack*
  • Impact-resistant plastic head
  • Coverage up to 85 feet in diameter
  • Metal series connection spike

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