The Best Pop Up Sprinkler Heads To Use

Your garden won't thrive without water. It is what enables them to grow, which in turn adds beauty to your home.

But how can you do that?

Well, the answer to it is by simply using a pop-up sprinkler. In this article, we'll be talking about just that.

We'll also help you choose the best pop up sprinkler heads.


Top 5 Best Pop Up Sprinkler Heads

Rain Bird 1800 Series Pop-Up Sprinklers

The Rain Bird 1800 Series Pop-Up Sprinklers gets the first spot on our list because of its ideal 4-inch pop-up height. It has a proprietary pressure-activated wiper that's co-molded.

This is great for preventing water leakages that can cause your water bill to rise.

Its spring is made of heavy-duty stainless steel, which helps in ensuring flush retraction.

And it’s also very easy to use because you don’t need to use any tools to change the nozzles. Its inlet size measures ½ inches.

  • It works very well because of its smooth spraying pattern.
  • It’s very efficient because there are no unnecessary water drippage.
  • It doesn’t feel smooth because of its texture.

Sommerland A7012 Pop-Up Sprinkler

The Sommerland A7012 Pop-Up Sprinkler has a nozzle that's made of premium brass. This can rotate in a 360-degree position and can be used completely for automatic sprinkler systems. 

If you purchase this one, you'll get six pieces of pop up sprinklers. They're spring-loaded and measures 2-inches.

This gives you a lot of reserves in case one of them breaks down. It's also very light as it only weighs 2.25 pounds.

  • It’s one of the strongest pop-up sprinklers out there. This one’s very durable.
  • This is very easy to use. You won’t have any problem using this even if it’s your first time using one.
  • The design is not that attractive. It would look better if it had a sleeker design.

Toro 53743 570 Pop-Up with X-Flow Sprinkler

The Toro 53743 570 Pop-Up with X-Flow Sprinkler is another one you might want to get. This is one of the tallest on our list as it has a height of 6 inches.

If you have tall grass or shrubs in your garden or lawn then this one's ideal for you. It can easily reach them as it's a tall one.

It also has a huge coverage as it can cover up to 16 square feet. This also has a superior seal that can easily resist any corrosion.

  • It’s very durable. It doesn’t easily get any scratches even if it’s accidentally brushed onto something.
  • The quality this one has is remarkable.
  • It’s not that competitive compared to other brands because it doesn’t have any striking features.

Signature 6000 Pro Rotor Pop-Up

You might also want to get the Signature 6000 Pro Rotor Pop-Up. This one’s a very light sprinkler head.

But don’t see this as a cheap material, because this one’s also one of the strongest and most durable.

It has a 4-inch sprinkler which is made of premium-grade steel. This helps it prevent any rusting or corrosion.

  • It does the job done properly. It does what it’s supposed to do without any problems.
  • This one’s very easy to set up.
  • The price is also remarkable because it’s affordable even though it got a lot of features.
  • It’s not the best-looking out there.

Rain Bird Professional Pop-Up Sprinkler

Then there is the Rain Bird Professional Pop-Up Sprinkler which features a hi-tech flow technology.

This makes it one of the most efficient sprinklers in this list. This can reduce your water usage up to 40%. It has a spring that’s made of premium stainless steel material.

This gives you the assurance that it will have a smooth retraction every time it works.

It also has a proprietary wiper seal that’s molded, which helps it have a long lifespan.

You’ll also find its pop-up neck to be tapered. It’s because of this that this is considered to be one of the best-looking sprinkler heads out there.

Not only is this visually pleasing, but it also performs great.

  • It’s very easy to install. Even a newbie can install this one for the first time.
  • It is also easy to adjust and use. This one’s a user-friendly sprinkler head.
  • It looks nice thanks to its sleek and modern design.
  • This also uses water efficiently.
  • There’s nothing special about this pop-up sprinkler head.

Pop Up Sprinkler Heads Buying Guide

1. Durability

When you're buying a pop-up sprinkler head or any kind of product, in general, is to make sure that it's durable.

It's in knowing if the product is durable that you can know if it's worth the price or not.

Durability plays a very important role when it comes to spending your money wisely. See to it that its construction is good and it's made properly.

By making sure it meets these standards, you're most likely to use that pop-up sprinkler head for a long time.

2. Water Pattern

Each pop-up sprinkler head has its own spraying type, which is why you need to choose which pattern suits you best.

There is some pop-up sprinkler heads that have circular spray patterns, while there are those that have straight spraying patterns.

If you have a large lawn or garden, then choose those that have a circular pattern to have a big coverage area.

But if you want to water only a specific portion of your lawn, then better use the sprinkler head that has a straight spraying pattern so that it can make efficient use of the water.

3. Material

Also, make sure that the materials that your sprinkler head is made are of high quality. This gives you the assurance that your sprinkler head is durable.

This is a very important thing to consider because this is where your money's worth depends on.

You get your money's worth if the pop-up sprinkler head is made of high-quality materials.

Choose those that are made of stainless steel or those that have a chrome coating.

4. Looks

It's not just about the quality or the performance of the sprinkler head that you need to keep an eye on. But you should also make sure that it looks good.

The design is an important aspect to consider because it will affect the look of your garden.

Remember that your pop up sprinkler will be placed most probably in the center of your garden, which is why it really needs to look good.

5. Price

Make sure that it’s not overpriced or underpriced. Most overpriced products are not worth it because they’re just expensive because of the brand.

On the other hand, underpriced sprinkler heads are usually of low quality and they can break down really fast.

Different Types of Pop Up Sprinkler Heads

1. Part-circle rotors

Part-circle rotors are those sprinkler heads that you can adjust from 40 degrees to 360 degrees.

This comes in handy especially if your sprinkler is found near a corner or sidewalk.

What’s great about this is that it won’t reach the areas you don’t intend to water.

2. Full circle rotors

This is the one you need to get if you have a large yard. These are placed in the center of your garden or lawn because they rotate in a 360 degrees circle.

The only downside to this one is that they can’t be adjusted.

3. High Poppers

Then there are the high poppers which pop up water higher than the normal ones.

If you’ve got tall grass or shrubs in your garden or lawn, then this one’s what you need to get.

4. Adjustable Heads

There are also pop up sprinkler heads that are completely adjustable.

If you’re the kind of person who wants to really be specific with your garden’s watering needs, then this one’s for you. 

This perfectly fits any spacing requirements that your plants need.

5. Strong Shooter Heads

Strong shooter heads are those that can shoot or spray water at very long distances.

This lets you shoot water over areas you don’t intend to water.


So which one’s the best? Well, we can say that it’s going to be the Rain Bird Professional Pop-Up Sprinkler.

This one’s very easy to install, adjust, and use, apart from it being a good-looking and sleek pop up sprinkler.

Though there’s nothing fancy about this one, it will still serve your garden or lawn’s watering needs pretty well. This is indeed the best pop up sprinkler out there.

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