The Best Log Splitter You Can Use – Reviews 2019

Splitting logs is an essential part of surviving outdoors. However, we all know that it’s not that easy to do. In fact, it’s quite challenging especially if it’s your first time doing it.

But worry not, because there are log splitters you can use. We’ll also be telling you the best log splitter that’ll surely make your log splitting sessions easier.


What Is A Log Splitter?

Log splitters are equipment and tools that are specifically designed to cut and split the log in half or into different sections.

These are carefully created to not only make log splitting easier but to also make it safer for you to do it.

Do You Need A Log Splitter?

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1. Time Saver

The first nice thing about log splitters is that they help you become faster in cutting logs or any wood. It's a big time saver because the process is easier. This happens because of the design and functionality of log splitters. It cuts different portions of wood simultaneously.

2. Do More Things

Another cool thing about these log splitters is that they help you become more productive. Because it enables you to split log faster, it also means that it also frees up a lot of your time to do more important things other than log splitting.

3. Money Saver

You’ll also be able to save a lot of money because you don’t have to pay for the electric heating bills that your heaters might do. By having a log splitter, you can easily have a steady supply of firewood that’ll keep you warm and cozy throughout the night. You don’t have to worry about the ever-skyrocketing price of electric bills.

4. Minimal Maintenance

Compared to electric heaters that you need to regularly check for cleanups and maintenance works, having firewood as a source of your heat doesn't need this, thanks to log splitters. It’s with the help of these log splitters that you gain the peace of mind you deserve, for you don’t have to worry about it breaking up every once in a while.

5. Clean Tool

What’s also cool about having a log splitter is that it doesn’t make a lot of mess, compared to other tools. When you use one, you’ll see that some of the wood chips would just go to the corner. You can then use them as tinder or compost.

Top 5 Best Log Splitters Reviews

Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter

The Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter is one of the most highly recommended products because of its powerful 2 horsepower motor.

But it’s not only because of that as it also has another 7 horsepower for its splitting force. It’s fairly easy to use this one as it can be used with only one hand, thanks to its one-hand operation design.

Its ram return is automatic and it comes with a two-year warranty.

This weighs 106 pounds, which is a decent weight for a semi-portable and functionally-rich log splitter.

  • It does a great job in splitting logs. It doesn’t matter what kind of wood you’re splitting, because it can handle pretty much anything.
  • It splits wood in a very fast and quick manner. It is able to do this thanks to its mechanism and automatic features. This makes you more productive as you can cover a huge amount of wood in little time.
  • This log splitter is durable and is very sturdy. Its materials are all of high quality.
  • But despite its durability, its overall frame construction is still quite flimsy. Though there are times where it’s sturdy, it still becomes flimsy especially if you place it on a muddy or uneven ground.
  • There’s a chance that the wheels might fall off when you use it ruggedly on different terrains.

YARDMAX YS0552 Log Splitter

The YARDMAX YS0552 Log Splitter is an electric log splitter that has 5 tons of ram force. Though it’s not that strong compared to other fuel powered log splitters, it is what makes this a good choice because of its portability and power efficiency.

It comes with a stand, log tray, and a stroke limiter. It is designed to be used in a two-handed operation. This is what makes this a very safe-to-use log splitter.

It has a maximum log capacity of 20.5 inches in length and a 10 inches diameter. Its short cylinder cycle time is 16 seconds.

  • It’s a very efficient machine which makes proper use of its electric power. It’s all about clean power when you’re using this one.
  • This is a great splitter because it can cut through and split wood in a very fast and constant way. It’ll surely save a lot of your time.
  • This is a portable log splitter. It’s not that heavy, which makes it the perfect companion if you’re going out in the woods.
  • It doesn’t come with a manual. This is the reason why it’s a little bit tricky to use it for the first time.
  • You can’t easily pop the bolts on or off, so you might have to spend a little more time to assemble or disassemble it.

Dirty Hand Tools 22-ton Gas Log Splitter

The Dirty Hand Tools 22-ton Gas Log Splitter is another highly recommended log splitter. It’s a 22-ton machine that is powered by a 6.5 horsepower engine running at 196 cc.

What makes this stand out is that it is capable of horizontal or vertical screening. It even just takes 10.9 seconds for its cycle time to go down and back.

It’s that fast and efficient of a machine, which makes it a perfect buy for someone who needs to split a lot of wood. Its cylinder is 4 inches in diameter and has a 24 inch stroke.

The main highlight of this log splitter is its 2-stage 13-GPM pump.

  • It’s a log splitter that’s fairly easy to use. You don’t need to exert a lot of effort in carrying it or operating it because it’s a user-friendly machine.
  • It has great performance as it is capable of cutting any type of wood in the fastest possible time. This helps you become more productive.
  • The way this log splitter is constructed is great. It’s sturdy, is made from high quality materials, and can take a lot of beating.
  • The metal pin is a bit too soft. It’s because of this that the splitting mechanism somewhat deforms the pin into a different shape.
  • The blade guards can easily bend especially if you constantly use it to split hard types of wood.

Dirty Hand Tools 100408, 27 Ton Gas Log Splitter

The Dirty Hand Tools 27-ton Gas Log Splitter is also a highly recommended product because of its 27-ton splitting force. This makes it a very capable log splitter.

Its engine is a Kohler 196cc and is powered by 6.5 horsepower. These specs would surely make this not run or be short of power.

Its pump is a 2-stage 13 gallons/minute which perfectly goes with its 5 gallons capacity operational hydraulic.

  • The performance of this log splitter is great. It doesn’t show any signs of being short on power. It’s because of this that you can depend on this a lot even if you’re going to use it for commercial purposes.
  • When it comes to price, you surely have a good deal with this one. For its set of features and capabilities, it surely is worth more than its SRP.
  • The instructions are easily understandable, and the log splitter is also easy to use.
  • It’s not the most durable log splitter, mainly because of its constructions and overall frame.
  • It can easily get scratches due to the design and kind of material its exterior surface has.


The Timber Champ Kinetic Log Splitter is another great product you can buy. This is a 7-ton log splitter that is powered by a decent 1.7 horsepower motor.

It has 7-ton splitting force handles that can easily split any kind of wood. Its solid 7-inch diameter tires also make it a dependable companion if you’re out in the woods.

There’s also a built-in log cradle where you can put the log before or after splitting it. This can tolerate a maximum log length of 20 inches in length and 16 inches in diameter.

  • It can easily twist different types of wood without being short of power.
  • It’s precise when it comes to cutting and breaking logs into the size of your choice. You won’t have to deal with the zigzag edges that other log splitters create.
  • Its price is what makes this an attractive buy. It’s affordable but it still has a lot of features to boast about.
  • This is a very heavy log splitter. You’ll have a problem if you’re going to always bring it with you in your camping outings.
  • The 7-inch diameter wheels are a bit too small. Though it’s built for the outdoors, it still isn’t that big which is why you’ll have a problem in pushing it through different terrains.

Things To Check When Choosing A Log Splitter

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1. Durability

The very first thing you need to do when planning to buy a log splitter is to check its durability. Learn more about its materials. Is it made from premium and high-quality materials? 

Make sure that you are buying your money's worth because you surely don't want to buy a new one later one when if ever it breaks down.

Make sure that it’s sturdy, can take a lot of beating, and can be used in the outdoors.

2. Blade

Learn more about the blade. Is it sharp and is it strong enough to pierce through any wood.

There are a lot of fancy-looking log splitters in the market, but don't have a sharp and strong enough blade.

It's these things that you need to consider to make sure that what you are buying will help you out.

3. Comfort

Log splitting is not an easy task. You can get bruises, calluses, and muscle pains when using a log splitter. This is the reason why you need to check if it’s comfortable to use.

Does it have a soft handle that is ergonomically designed? Is it light enough to easily be carried wherever you use it?

Does it emit too much smoke? It’s in asking these questions that you can see if it’s worthy to be bought or not.

4. Price

The price is also an important consideration to make because it's through this that you can see if it's worthy to be bought.

It doesn't mean that if you buy an expensive log splitter, it's already a high-quality one.

There are a lot of log splitters that are affordably priced but can still be going head-to-head with the more expensive brands.


The five reviewed products are all highly recommended because they stand out among the other brands when it comes to durability, function, and price.

However, we can’t deny the fact that there is one that stands out among the five products, and that is the YARDMAX YS0552 Log Splitter.

Not only is it effective in splitting logs in the fastest possible time, but it also is durable, precise, and very affordable.

Though it has some flaws, it still isn’t enough to make this a turn-off product because it wouldn’t be. It’s just the perfect log splitter you can get if you want to make log splitting easier and safer for you.

YARDMAX YS0552 5 Ton Electric Log Splitter, Stand, Log Tray*
  • Powerful, 5 Ton RAM Force to get the job done fast
  • Stand, log tray and stroke limiter included
  • Two-handed operation puts operator safety first
  • Log capacity - 20.5" in length and 10" in diameter
  • Short cylinder cycle time - 16 seconds

In using this product, we can assure you that you’ll benefit a lot from it. So what are you waiting for? Get one now.

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