The Best Leaf Shredder For Better Lawn Maintenance

Lawn maintenance is very important because this is where the overall look and feel of your property depends on. Doing maintenance work is quite of a laborious task to do, but you don’t have to worry about it too much. It’s because as long as you have a leaf shredder, you’re good to go. In this article, we’re going to show you the best leaf shredder that’ll surely make your lawn look neat, clean, and refreshing.

The Cool Things About Leaf Shredders



1. Environment Friendly

The first thing why you need to have a leaf shredder is because it helps the environment. It does this because you don’t have to put the leaves in a garbage bag and let the garbage truck take them and place them on a landfill.

2. Creates Natural Compost

Another cool thing about these leaf shredders is that they can be used a natural composting material. The shredded leaves function as a great compost to improve the health of your plants. These can be easily degraded, which means that they can also be easily absorbed by your plant’s roots.

3. Useful for Mulching

Mulching is important for growing plants because they need to be protected from the outside environment. With this, you can use the shredded leaves as a form of mulch. By simply placing them on top of the plants to cover them up until the right time comes for them to be exposed to its surroundings.

4. Easier Lawn Maintenance

You don't have to rake all the fallen leaves in your lawn because you can simply use your leaf shredder to collect them. Once it's done the collecting, it automatically grinds and shreds the leaves into small pieces. It's as simple as that.

The Characteristics Of A Good Leaf Shredder



1. Brand

The first consideration you need to make is the brand. It’s in knowing the brand that you can know if the leaf shredder will function properly or not. By getting a leaf shredder that is made by a reputable brand, you can have the peace of mind in knowing that you won’t encounter any problems with it.

2. Compartment

All leaf shredders have a compartment because this is where the collected leaves go. It is also where they will get the leaves that they’re going to shred. With this, it makes perfect sense for you to choose one that has a huge compartment so you’ll have a lot of space for the leaves. You don’t want to constantly empty the compartment. So get one that has a large compartment space.

3. Wheels

The wheels are an integral part of a leaf shredder, because it is the one which enables you to use it in different terrains. You want something that has big wheels so that it can easily muster its way through the soil, be it muddy, sandy, or sloping.

4. Shredding Mechanism

The shredding mechanism is the most important thing you need to consider. It’s through this that you’ll have your money’s worth. Make sure that it shreds the leaves in a very fine, smooth, and silent manner. In the first place, it’s what a leaf shredder is supposed to do.

5. Price

Last but not the least thing you need to consider is the price. The price should not be too high or too low. It should be in the midrange so you can be assured that its quality and materials don't come cheap.

Top 5 Best Leaf Shredders

1. Tazz K32 Chipper Shredder


The Tazz K32 Chipper Shredder features a 212cc Viper engine that gives you an assurance it can easily shred any kind of leaves in a very easy manner. It includes an optional vacuum kit that can produce more than 20% strength. This leaf shredder measures 25.4 inches by 29.9 inches, making it a very space-friendly leaf shredder to begin with. Its wheels measures 11 inches and are assured to never go flat. It’s a leaf shredder that is built for rugged and outdoor situations. It also has a zipper and bag connector that’ll surely make you feel comfortable in using it.


  • It has a very easy manual starting procedure.
  • You’ll find it very easy to operate.


  • It’s got 11 inch wheels which isn’t enough especially if you’re going to use it in muddy or sloping terrains.
  • The quality of this one is not that great.

2. Homegear Electric Leaf Shredder


The Homegear Electric Leaf Shredder is a multipurpose tool that can either be used as a leaf blower, vacuum, or shredder. It can reduce up to 81% of mulched debris into just ½ inches. That’s how effective this leaf shredder is. It is powered by a 12 amp motor and has a two-speed setting capability. The decibel rating is at 102DB. Its zip bag and collection bag are also assured to be secure. Its vacuum capacity is 15.8 gallons and mulch ratio is at 10:1.


  • It is a strong and fully capable leaf shredder.
  • It shreds leaves in a very efficient way because it does it really fast.


  • The capacity of the bag compartment is not that much. You might be short of space especially if you’re going to cover a huge lawn.
  • It’s not also the best when it comes to durability because the materials it’s made of are not of high quality.

3. Power Smart Electric Chipper Shredder


The Power Smart Electric Chipper Shredder is another highly recommended product. It has an overload protection which gives you an assurance that it’s safe to use. This shredder is powered by a 15 amp motor which is enough if you’re going to cover a small to medium-sized lawn. It has 1 5/8 inches cutting capacity and 6-inch wheels that make it a mobile tool to use. For added safety, this leaf shredder has a locking knob that stops the function of the motor when it is opened or becomes loose. If it’s your first time to use a shredder and you’re looking for something safe, then this is what you might be looking for.


  • This is a leaf shredder that is specifically designed for mulching. It’s great in shredding leaves that you can turn into mulch later on.


  • Its quality is not the best because it feels a bit too flimsy. It isn’t that stable especially if it’s working on a huge pile of leaves.

4. Toro Electric Leaf Shredder


Then there’s the Toro Electric Leaf Shredder. It is an electric-powered multipurpose equipment that can either be used as a blower, vacuum, or leaf shredder. You can easily choose how it will function by switching from the blowing and vacuum modes. This can reduce 10 bags full of leaves into just a single bag. That’s how effective it is. It makes disposal easier for you. It has a two-speed motor which is very compact and portable. It’s because of this that you can bring it wherever you want to go. It also has a cord-lock system that prevents unnecessary slack. Its air speed can go to a whopping 230 mph that is perfectly matched by 420 watts of air pressure. For sure, this will reduce your working time.


  • It is a great product because of the way it functions.
  • It’s worth the price because of its functionality and portability.


  • The safety with this one is a bit off because of its lack of extra security features.
  • You’ll have a bit of issue when it comes to durability because it’s not made from the finest materials.

5. Wood Chipper Cutter Leaf Mulcher Shredder


The Wood Chipper Cutter Leaf Mulcher Shredder is a gas-powered shredder. It runs on a 15 horsepower 420cc engine. Its handles measures up to 5 inches and it can chip down 1/4 inch mulch. The centrifugal clutch is the one which safeguards its engine from overuse. What’s cool about it is that you have a one year warranty when you get this one. It’s also made from steel cutting blade which is hardened and assured to be of the finest quality.


  • This can easily grind down whatever kind of leaves you put into it.
  • It works flawlessly. Its operation and mechanism is soft. There are no signs of over-vibration or something similar.
  • It does great in what it is supposed to do, and that is shredding leaves.


  • The instruction manual is not easily understandable. It’s confusing.


The best product out of the five reviewed products is the Wood Chipper Cutter Leaf Mulcher Shredder. It is made of high quality materials, it is very effective in shredding leaves and turning them into mulch, and it’s comfortable to use. If you want the best leaf shredder in the market, that can do a lot of other things, then this is what you need to get.

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