A Clean-Cut Branch – The Best Hand Pruners on the Market

Cutting plants has been a common practice on both European and Asian continents for ages now. Allowing the plants to grow new branches and leaves and cutting the old ones has proven efficient in maintaining a healthy growth and overall life span. That's why the best gardeners use pruning shears or best hand pruners.

By investing in a new pair of hand pruners, you'll not only be helping your plants but also yourself. Doing gardening with pruning shears makes your job tremendously easy, and you'll see yourself finishing the job much faster than usual. That's why we've compiled a list of the best pruning shears on Amazon, especially for you!

Stay tuned and check the buyer's guide to find out what it is that makes the hand pruners unique and how to choose the right one for you!


Top 3 Best Pruning Shears: Comparison Chart

Here's a quick overview of the best pruning shears that we've found for you.

Best Hand Pruners 2020 - Top 7 Reviews

Fiskars Sharp Blade Hand Pruners - Lifetime Warranty

We're going to start the list with the very best pruning shears on the market, the Fiskars Hand Pruners.

First off, even though many gardening products tend to cost a lot, that doesn't mean that they will last forever. However, this one is a combination of low price, quality, and an included lifetime warranty. Exposure in rough environments can often cause pruning shears to wear off in time, which is why Fiskars' company policy protects you for a lifetime.

The steel blades this pruner has enables it to cut through small branches that are 5/8 inch thick, and they do so with maximum precision. The low-friction coating offers a gliding sensation during the cutting action, which makes your job feel like a child's play.

Also, it features a locking mechanism that protects both you and the device during transport and storage, which is something that each dangerous product should have.

And lastly, it's good to know that grips are ergonomic and made specifically to avoid accidental slipping during use. If you have smaller hands, this will undoubtedly be helpful.

  • Efficient
  • Ergonomic
  • Affordable
  • Locking mechanism
  • /

Felco F-2 068780 Manual Hand Pruner - Anvil Pruners

Moving on, we give you another terrific pair of classic manual pruning shears, the Felco Hand Pruners.

A common issue with pruning and getting a clean cut is the sap getting out of plants and onto the shears. They tend to get all sticky and make your job much harder. That's why the designers behind this set of anvil pruners made sure to include a sap groove to ensure none of that sticky goo gets on your pruners.

Also, to ensure the stability and the overall adjustment of both cutting and anvil blades, the manufacturers put in a hardened bolt and nut to keep it steady.

Furthermore, the ergonomic design is also a fantastic part of this product. If you have small hands, you know the trouble that arises when you cut a plant, and you feel the vibration coursing through your entire hand. This pair of pruning shears takes care of that by introducing a shock absorber and a rubber cushion that makes your job ten times easier.

The incredibly sharp blades with a wire-cutting notch ensure that you cut through each branch and plant in your garden with ease. Aside from being a bit pricey, you won't go wrong with choosing this pair of pruning shears!

  • A sap groove
  • Ergonomic design
  • Shock absorber
  • Steel blades
  • Price

Gonicc 8" Professional Sharp Bypass Pruners - Trimmer

As for our third product, we present to you one of the best garden hand pruners on the market, the Gonicc 8" Professional Sharp Bypass Pruners.

Unlike anvil pruning shears, bypass enables you to draw a straight or a curved blade next to another blade, a similar scissors fashion. It's excellent for cutting plants that are alive because it bypasses the outer wall of the stem, thus the name.

The blades are made out of carbon steel with a high-end polishing technology that proves to be efficient for every gardener. The ergonomic design with the drop-forged handles and body gives you a cutting sensation that you'll enjoy every second out there in the garden.

This bypass pruner is ideal for trimming the edges of plants, designing your bonsai tree, deadheading, and so much more. Similar to the last product, this one also has a sap groove that collects the icky liquids from the plants and protects the blades.

Just bear in mind that the spring can get damaged if you try to cut some thicker plants that this pruner is not able to go through with ease. Other than that, it's a safe bet!

  • Carbon steel blades
  • Drop-forged handles
  • A sap groove
  • Designer pruners
  • Cutting diameter

Power Drive Ratchet Anvil Hand Pruning Shears - Cutting Power

If you plan to use pruners for cutting something that just seems uncuttable, this is the pick for you. Here's the best ratchet hand pruners on the market, the Power Drive Hand Pruning Shears.

Unlike regular anvil shears, ratchet-style pruners click into place once you squeeze the handles. By doing this, you're able to apply more considerable pressure and make more cutting power for your cut. This Gardenite's product allows this and so much more.

The sharp carbon blade will enable you to cut through the thickest branches and plants with ease, and when you combine this with the raw power of a ratchet pruner, you get a deadly combination.

The ergonomic design that this pruner has decreases any wrist strain and fatigue since the pressure to cut is reduced significantly. Furthermore, the handles fit into a hand like a glove, even if you have small hands.

Even though some users think that they might be too small for everyday use, the efficiency that you'll get in return is undoubtedly worth it. Aside from this, they are as good as it gets!

  • Effortless cut
  • Carbon blades
  • Ergonomic design
  • Less pressure to cut
  • Small

If you like the third product on our list, you'll undoubtedly go for this pair of Corona Hand Pruners right here!

Just by the look of it, you can already tell that this model's design is a work of art. The steel alloy construction gives off the appearance of a professional tool for an expert gardener. Furthermore, the blades and the strength they provide have proven to be quite efficient in cutting plants that are 1" thick in diameter.

Durability is an excellent feature of this product. Being able to cut efficiently season after season says a lot about this pair of hand pruners. It has a locking feature that stops it from clipping accidentally during transport or such, and also a wire-cutting notch.

This Amazon's Choice product is a bypass-style pruner that can cut through thick and thin with ease thanks to its scissor-like design that cuts efficiently.

However, what may trouble you is the design itself when it comes to ergonomics. They might feel weird and rough to hold at the beginning, but once you get used to them, it'll be like you never had any problems, to begin with.

  • Excellent garden bypass pruners
  • Thick cutting diameter
  • Blades
  • Ergonomic design

The Gardener's Friend Ratchet-Style Pruners - Weak-Hands Design

If you have arthritis or you have smaller hands in general, these pruners will be ideal for you. We give you the Gardener's Friend Ratchet-Style Pruners.

Pruning around the garden can be quite stressful and can make your day awful if you don't have the right equipment. That's why Gardener's Friend made sure to produce a set of pruners that will make cutting plants effortless.

The mechanism that uses leverage as a primary tool for max pressure offers instant results when you use this product for plants. The ergonomic design is also a valuable feature that this pair of hand pruners offer. The best require comfort as well, which is what this product offers.

It's ideal for cutting flowers, smaller branches, designing pot plants, and pruning plants in the stem in general. However, if you plan on doing some professional work, you probably won't be satisfied with this pair since they don't have enough strength to cut through larger branches or thicker plants.

However, if you're a senior that loves spending his afternoons in the garden, you've found the product suited for your needs!

  • Ergonomic design
  • Leverage mechanism
  • Garden design
  • Not suitable for professional work

Mockins Professional Heavy Duty Garden Bypass Pruning Shears - Professional Use

And for the last item on our review list, we give you a product that you can use both for your hobbies and professional endeavors, the Mockins Professional Heavy Duty Garden Bypass Pruning Shears.

Do you often feel like you're in pain while you're pruning? It's a common problem due to lousy craftsmanship in the design. This model, however, has an ergonomic design that fits your hands perfectly, whether you have large hands or not.

Furthermore, the handles are rubber-made, and they will make your job feel like a children's play. When it comes to efficiency, it features a stainless steel set of blades that are both durable and able to cut through thick plants and branches.

The best pruners are the ones that will last you for a lifetime. In case these pruners malfunction or wear off in time, you'll be secured knowing that you have a lifetime warranty with Mockins that ensures replacement and repair at any time of night and day.

Apart from a slightly loose spring that tends to pop up if you try to cut through very thick plants, this one will serve you well!

  • Rubber-made handles
  • Ergonomic design
  • Stainless steel set of blades
  • A loose spring

What Makes the Best Pruners Unique and How to Recognize Them? Buyer's Guide

Inefficient pruning can make any gardener go mad. You might often find yourself wasting time with the wrong products that cannot do the job as well as some premium products - but they are so expensive!

Don't worry because this list has enough products that are both cheap and quality-grade as well.

However, stay tuned with our buyer's guide that will help you learn more about hand pruners and what separates the best ones from the bad ones.

1. Craftsmanship

A lot of manufacturers put a lot of effort and time into designing their products, especially hand pruners.

They might not seem like a sophisticated tool, so the differences in quality are always hard to spot. However, there are some things that you can check to ensure that you're making the right decision.

  • Grip and Handle Design - As we've previously stated, some hand pruners may have a quality steel blade, but it's no use getting them if the design is not intended for prolonged use. The best pair of hand pruners should fit the hand like a glove and also contain features such as rubberized handles and shock absorption.
  • Quality Blades - The best blades are often made out of stainless steel and carbon steel. However, that only speaks of durability. The best way to know if they are good enough is to ask the retailer to let you test them out. Even though some blades might seem strong, that might not be the case once you test them out. Also, make sure to test them on thick plants or branches and feel if the grip suits you and the size of your hand.

2. Warranty

Since you'll use your pruners in the garden, yard, or even forest-like environments, the chances are that your pruners will get damaged in the process - it's inevitable. Still, that does not mean that it's time to shop for a new set of pruners again. 

If you invest in a premium product, you'll surely receive a lifetime warranty that will protect you in the years to come in case your shears get damaged or broken.

The issuing company will either replace them for you or fix the ones you have.

3. Style

As we've mentioned before, there are several styles of pruner shears on the market.

If you're looking for something impactful that will serve you well against thick plants, the bypass shears are the way to go. If you have smaller hands and need something to produce pressure without tiring you, you've got to go for the ratchet-style pruners.

And, if you're looking for the old-fashioned, the anvil-style pruners are your pick of the day. Finally, it comes down to you and your individual needs.

Types Of Hand Pruners

1. Bypass Hand Pruners

Bypass hand pruners are the most popular type in the market. This is because these do perfectly well in cutting live wood.

It doesn’t deal unnecessary or collateral damage on the branch or other stems of the plant or tree that you’re pruning. This is made possible thanks to the scissor-like cutting motion it exhibits.

Bypass hand pruners that have longer blades lets you prune branches or stems that are head to reach.

However, the smaller ones are better when it comes to precise cutting.

2. Anvil Hand Pruners

But if you were to cut dead wood or any wood which is hard and brittle, anvil hand pruners are what you need.

This is because it reduces the chances of the plant splintering. What happens when you cut it through dead wood is that it crushes the bottom portion of the stem.

This makes it easier for you to cut these kinds of wood. It’s all about the unique cutting mechanism that makes this useful in cutting brittle and old wood.

3. Double Cut Hand Pruners

These double cut hand pruners are not widely used because of its unorthodox cutting mechanism.

What makes these hand pruners different, it is that it has two blades instead of a single one. This makes the pruning process faster for you.

However, the precision is sacrificed because you don't have much control as to where the second blade cuts through.


1. What Are the Best Bypass Pruners?

That title belongs to the third product on our list, the Gonicc 8" Professional Sharp Bypass Pruner Shears.

The raw power that these pruners display is unmatched by any product on the market currently. Besides, they go for a quite affordable price.

2. How Do You Use Hand Pruners?

It depends on the type of hand pruners, to begin with.

In essence, you should always try to resist the urge to pull the pruners upside-down. Just align the blade with the incision cut and if that's not enough, spread the handles and try again.

If you twist the pruners, you risk damaging the plant.

Final Thoughts - Summary

All gardening tools are there to make our lives easier and help our plants grow strong and healthy. They require the best, and that's why you should probably invest in the Fiskars Steel Blade Hand Pruners. They are by far the best product on the market when it comes to manual pruning and cutting plants.

If you, however, don't seem to like this one, you'll rest assured with the Gonicc 8" Professional Sharp Bypass Pruner Shears and Felco F-2 068780 Manual Hand Pruner. They offer similar features and work just as well. They are also suitable for you, even if you're a novice gardener.

In the end, it's all about the plants. They deserve the best, and we're here to give it to them.

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