The Best Garden Hose Reel For Your Gardening Needs

We might have all experienced watering our plants in the garden. For sure, it's one of the most stress-free tasks. However, what usually happens is that your hose kinks. To prevent this from happening, you need a garden hose reel. In this article, we're going to show you the best garden hose reel you can get.

The Benefits Of Having A Garden Hose Reel

1. Prevents Knotting

The very first benefit that you’ll get out of using a garden hose reel is that you won’t have to worry about the knotting that usually happens. Knotting is also called as kinking. This is when your hose folds, which then blocks the water from passing through it. This is a very irritating thing. When this happens, you need to straighten up the hose and fix the knot or kink so that water can again flow through it. But with the help of a garden hose reel, the tendency of knotting or kinking decreases because the hose is placed in a proper place. When you place it on the garden hose reel, the hose is coiled up properly.

2. Safeguards Your Safety

It is an undeniable fact that you are at risk of accidentally tripping down when you’re using a hose to water your plants. This happens because the hose usually forms a lump on the ground. You can’t easily notice this lump because it is small. Because of this, you can easily trip over it which might then cause further injuries. With the help of a garden hose reel, you don’t have to worry about that because the unneeded part of the hose is tightly coiled up on the reel. This means that its entire length won't be spread entirely throughout the ground. It's neatly tucked up on the garden hose reel. When you're using the hose, you just pull it and use the length of hose that you’re going to need.

3. Prevents Leakage

Another cool thing about having a garden hose reel is that it prevents leakage. This is because your hose is positioned properly on the reel. This then reduced the tendency of any leakage or spills because the gravity is not pulling the water to go out of the house. If there is any water left inside the house, they just stay there until you open the water source again.

4. Prolongs Service Life

You prolong your hose’s service life when you place it on a garden hose reel. This happens because your hose is neatly coiled on your garden hose reel. This means that they are not that exposed to the environment. The chances of them getting damaged like having a rip or hole due to a stone or being stepped over or rolled on by your car are reduced to a minimum. Your hose is in a safe place when you put them on a garden hose reel. Based on research, a garden hose reel can even extend the service life of your hose by more than three times.

5. Improved Efficiency

With the help of a garden hose reel, you can easily control the hoses. It’s up to you how much of the house you’re going to need. If you want to cover a greater area, you can just pull it effortlessly. It helps you become more efficient in watering your plants because of the proper placement and pulling mechanism of your hose.

Top 5 Best Garden Hose Reel Reviews

1. Liberty Garden Products Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel



You can also try the Liberty Garden Products Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel. It is a highly recommended product if you're searching for a decorative and functional hose reel. It can hold a hose of up to 125 feet in length. It is also made of no rust cast aluminum. It is even coated with a powder coat finish to ensure that its outer layer won't fade. This makes it perfect for the outdoors. This hose reel also has its shelf where you can place your other garden tools and hose nozzles.


  • It has a very interesting aesthetic design. It adds beauty to your garden.
  • Its construction frame is fully functional. You’ll find it easy to pull and rearrange your hose on the reel.


  • Its handles are a little bit unstable.
  • You need to take really good care of it. Don't let it fall because its design is quite fragile.

2. Rapid Reel Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel



The Rapid Reel Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel is also another nice choice if you want to nicely tuck up your hose on your garden. This hose reel can hold a hose that is up to 150 feet in length. It also has its own 6-foot inlet house that is made of rubber. The rubber hose ensures you that it would last long. Aside from that, it also features crush-proof brass fittings that add additional support to the house, making it also easier for you to handle it in use.


  • This hose reel is made up of high quality materials. You are assured that this product will be serving you for a long time.
  • It doesn’t have any leaks, because of the premium rubber material that its hose has.
  • It is also very easy to attach to your water source, making it also easy for you to use it.


  • It’s a bit expensive due to the premium materials that it’s made of.

3. Ikris Retractable Garden Water Hose Reel



You might also want to try the Ikris Retractable Garden Water Hose Reel. This hose reel is perfect if you’re just going to use it in your own garden or backyard. It doesn’t cover that much space because it can only hold up to 25-feet of hose. It also has its own pre-installed PVC rubber hose. It’s threaded with brass end fittings that assure you it would last a long time. Aside from that, this hose reel features a 180° swivel mount which allows you to easily detach the case if you want to store it inside.


  • This hose reel is very easy to install. You just need to follow the instructions in the manual and you’re good to go.
  • It’s also pretty easy to use. You won’t have a hard time pulling the hose and coiling it into the reel.
  • It gives you a snuggle fit.


  • It’s a bit expensive, knowing that it holds only a 25 feet hose. But then again, it’s got its own pre-installed house.

4. Strongway Parallel or Perpendicular Wall-Mount Garden Hose Reel



You might also want to try out the Strongway Parallel or Perpendicular Wall-Mount Garden Hose Reel. This hose reel is perfect if you have a small garden or backyard. This hose reel has its own rubber hose. However, it’s only 6 foot in length. It’s not that much but it will surely do its job especially if you’re just going to water nearby plants or grass. It’s very easy to set up. There’s no need for any fancy accessories, because it already comes with its own fittings and mounting hardware.


  • This is a heavy duty hose reel. It is one of the most durable products in the market.
  • It is made of high quality materials. You’ll feel that it’s of premium quality when you use it.
  • It also has a simple minimalistic design. It wouldn’t be an eye sore on your garden.


  • The length of the house is too short.

5. Polar Aurora Garden Water Hose Reel Cart



Probably one of the best if not the best host reel in the market is the Polar Aurora Garden Water Hose Reel Cart. This hose reel is packed with a ton of features that makes it a very sturdy and durable product. It can hold a whopping 300 feet hose that is 5/8-inch thick. That’s how serious this hose reel is. It even has its own axles made of premium steel. Its air inflation wheels also give it the mobility. This is also very comfortable to use as it has padded handles and a powder-coated steel frame.


  • It is made of high quality materials.
  • This has a very durably and heavy construction. It feels pretty solid and stable in use.
  • It’s also very easy to assemble and use.


  • It’s quite heavy, but the wheels make up for this because you can slowly push it.


The clear winner out of the five reviewed garden hose reels is the Polar Aurora Garden Water Hose Reel Cart. It holds up to 300 feet of hose, it can be moved, is made of high quality materials, and has all of the features needed to call it as worthy of your money. This will surely help you make the most out of your hose watering sessions.

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