The Best Commercial Weed Eater For A More Attractive Lawn

We all want to make our garden look good. We want it to be clean, tidy, and free from all the weeds that pester our sight whenever we just want to look at our version of "Garden of Eden." One of the best things you can d is by using a commercial weed eater. In this article, we're going to help you choose the best commercial weed eater that'll surely transform your garden or lawn into a paradise.

Ways On How To Use Weed Eaters The Right Way

1. Put it Close to the Ground

The first thing you need to always remember is to put the weed eater close to the ground. Make sure that you have a comfortable grip on it. By putting it close to the ground, you’re making sure that the bases of the weeds are removed. This is also for your safety, because the further the weed eater’s spinning blades are from you, the safer you are.

2. Proper Motion

The proper way to move your weed eater is by following a side to side motion. Once you’re done trimming down all the weeds on a single location, move forward. All you have to do is to keep on repeating this side to side and forward motion. This is proven to be the most efficient way to get your weed whacking job done.

3. Take a Break Every Few Minutes

Using a weed eater isn’t really that difficult because you basically just have to carry it with one arm and use your other arm to guide it. However, when you’re doing this regularly, you’re most likely going to have muscle sores. This is the usual case that will happen if you overdo your gardening job. It’s best if you take a break every fifteen to twenty minutes. Stretch and move your arms and back during this time. You need to let your blood flow naturally. Remember, our bodies are made to move, and not to remain stagnant and inactive.

4. The Two Inches Rule

l Though it’s recommended that you position your weed eater as close to the ground as possible, you should still see to it that it wouldn’t touch the ground or the soil. Because if you do, you’re just going to slice the soil and dirt will be flying anywhere. You surely don’t want that to happen to you because that is surely one heck of a mess.

Things To Consider When Buying A Weed Eater

1. Features

These weed eater do not have a complicated mechanism. They are simple machines, which is why every feature they have will surely make a big difference. With this, it makes perfect sense for you to give a keen eye when looking at the features of the weed eater of your choice.

2. Ergonomics

You also need to consider its ergonomics because this is where your comfort levels will depend on. See to it that the handles are comfortable to hold on to. It would be much better if the handles features a padding cushion. There are also some weed eaters that have ergonomically shaped to allow your fingers to hold on to it with a perfect fit.

3. Performance

Of course, you need to check how it’s performance. There are a lot of weed eater varieties in the market. There are others which are cheap but don’t pack a punch when you let them trim long and tough weeds. It’s best that you get the most powerful one, but something that is not too heavy or too expensive.

4. Price

The last but certainly not the least important consideration to remember is the price. The price of a weed eater plays a major role in your choosing process. We all know that you want to buy a cheap product. But the problem with that is that these cheap products are usually made of low quality materials. Settle for the middle priced ones because they’re durable, reliable, and justifiably priced.

Top 4 Best Weed Eaters

1. Makita XRU07PTX1 18V X2 LXT Lithium-Ion (36V) Brushless Cordless Trimmer Kit


The Makita XRU07PTX1 18V X2 LXT Lithium-Ion (36V) Brushless Cordless Trimmer Kit is one of the weed eaters that you can buy. It is powered by a lithium ion battery and has a maximum of 60 minutes of run time. This features two pieces of 18 volts LXT BL1850 batteries. What’s best about this product is that it releases zero emissions. You don’t need to fuel it with gas or lubricate it with oil. It’s a clean machine. This one also has a reverse rotation system that will make it easier for you to clean the trimmer head.


  • It is made of high quality materials. All of its mechanisms are working properly.
  • Its features are all useful and very functional.
  • This is also easy to use because it’s not that heavy. You can easily maneuver it to trim weeds that are hard to reach.


  • Its main downside is that it can easily overheat.
  • It’s a bit expensive.

2. Poulan Pro 967105601 28cc 2 Stroke Gas Powered Curved Shaft Trimmer


The Poulan Pro 967105601 28cc 2 Stroke Gas Powered Curved Shaft Trimmer is also a good choice if you’re searching for a reliable weed trimmer. It’s very easy to start thanks to its effortless pull starting mechanism. It also has an auto return stop switch that you can easily reset and use to start it up. Aside from that, it has a very good air purge system that removes the air trapped inside the carburetor.


  • This works perfectly and smoothly. You’ll have no problem in using this to cut through thick weeds.
  • It’s very easy to start and effortless to use too. You’ll have fun using this even for hours.


  • It’s a little bit heavy. However, this is due to the many advanced features it has.

3. Zombi ZST5817 15-Inch 58-Volt 4Ah Lithium Cordless Electric String Trimmer


The Zombi ZST5817 15-Inch 58-Volt 4Ah Lithium Cordless Electric String Trimmer is probably one of the best weed eaters you can find. It is powered by a 58 volt 4Ah lithium battery. It also has its own variable speed control, giving you more freedom to control it whichever way you want. Its speed is at 6,600 RPM. This weed eater also has a powerful brushless motor that enables it to work at extended amounts of time. Its adjustable cutting width is also very useful as it measures 13 to 15 inches.


  • It’s very easy to charge this weed eater. You just need to slide the mechanism if you want to charge it back.
  • It has excellent power. It can handle trimming weeds of varying lengths and thickness.
  • The battery life of this weed eater is excellent. It can go on for hours without having to recharge.
  • You’ll feel that this will serve you for a long time because the materials it’s made of are all of high quality.


  • It’s a little bit too expensive. There are other weed eaters that are cheaper but have similar features.

4. EGO Power+ 15-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Brushless String Trimmer


The EGO Power+ 15-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Brushless String Trimmer is another choice of product you might want to get. It features a high efficiency brushless motor that enables you to easily adjust the speed. Its weather resistant construction also makes this one of the toughest weed eaters in the list.


  • These are very comfortable in your hands because of the way the handles are designed.
  • It can still have power even if you’ve been using it for quite some time.


  • It’s a little bit heavy. You’ll experience mild muscle pains when you use this throughout the day.
  • It’s likely to overheat. It’d best if you take a break every once in a while and turn it off.


There are five products reviewed in this article and all of them are highly recommended. However, the one which stood as the best one is the Zombi ZST5817 15-Inch 58-Volt 4Ah Lithium Cordless Electric String Trimmer. Thanks to its easy-to-use construction, durable design, and very useful features, it ranks as the best weed eater you can get for yourself.

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