The Best Brush Cutter For A Cleaner Lawn

We all know how annoying brushes are in your gardens and lawns. Not only are they eye-sores, but they just mess up with the fresh and relaxing feeling that this wonderful oasis gives us. 

To get rid of them, it's recommended that you use the best brush cutter.

And that's just what we're going to talk about in this article. So sit back, relax, and listen to what we have to say.


The Great Things About Using A Brush Cutter

1. Powerful Cutting Tool

The first and most obvious reason why a brush cutter is a great buy for you is that it's a powerful cutting tool.

It is specifically made to cut brushes, which is why they'll surely do a good job with that task.

The design, the mechanism, and the overall function of this tool exactly focus on the cutting of brushes.

This makes them the perfect equipment to get to take care of your annoying brushes.

2. No Need for Manual Labor

We all know how tedious and exhausting it is to manually uproot and cut those pesky brushes that suddenly grow in your garden or lawn.

It would even take you an entire day or even a whole week to cover your entire lawn! That's how tedious the manual process is. But thankfully, we've got these brush cutters that automates the task.

It does it in a very efficient way, speeding up the process of cutting the brushes. It would surely free up a lot of time in your schedule, allowing you to do other more important tasks aside from cutting brushes.

3. Safe to Use

These brush cutters are safe to use because of the way it is designed.

The blades that cut the brushes are found on the opposite end of the equipment away from your hands. This is the reason why you don’t have to worry about getting accidental cuts.

Compare that to if you were using garden scissors or similar tools where you come in direct contact with the brushes.

With the help of a brush cutter, you don’t have to worry about all of those. It keeps you away from risk.

4. Durable Machines

Brush cutters are also durable machines. They are built in a way that can take a lot of beating.

It doesn't matter if dried leaves, soil, or even rocks hit the body of these brush cutters because they're made just to receive all of those projectiles.

When you're cutting brushes, you need to expect that there will always be flying debris all over the place, and that's what just the designers and makers of brush cutters did.

They ensured that the body of the cutter could tolerate all of those flying projectiles. Just be careful because there are also a lot of cheap brush cutters that aren't made of quality materials.

5. Less Stress

If you don’t want to get stressed, then having a brush cutter is one of the best things you can do.

It’s because holding it and just letting it hover above a brush is way easier instead of manually pulling out or cutting brushes.

It doesn’t need a lot of effort when you’re working on it because everything is automated.

That’s how cool these brush cutters are. Plus they’re easy to use too! So newbies and first timers will surely be cool with this.

Top 5 Best Brush Cutter


The SHIMAHA Gas Brush Cutter/Trimmer goes first in our list as it is a 2-in-1 equipment that features a 2-stroke cutter.

It’s powered by a gasoline engine that has a 26cc capability. It has three prong brush cutter blades that make your removal tasks easier.

And what’s really nice about it is that it’s lightweight, weighing only 19 pounds. This is thanks to its dual spool trimmer that is specifically designed to make your cutting task more convenient.

The fuel to oil ratio of this cutter is 40:1, which means that it’s an efficient tool.

  • It’s a very lightweight product, making it very easy to hold even at extended periods of time.
  • This is also easy to start.
  • Its exhaust part can easily overheat especially if you’re working in a hot climate.
  • There’s also something fishy about the warranty, so you might want to be cautious of it.


The Remington RM2700 Ranchero Brushcutter is powered by a 27cc engine that features a 2-cycle mechanism.

It’s got its own proprietary Quick Start technology that makes starting this equipment easy as a piece of cake.

The cutting width of this cutter is 8 inches that goes perfectly well with the straight shaft design.

If you want to remove hard-to-reach weeds or trim under bushes, this brush cutter will do perfectly fine for you.

This can also be converted into a string trimmer by attaching its bump head into the body.

  • This is a multipurpose tool because it can be converted into a string trimmer.
  • You won’t have any problem using it because it’s very easy to handle, thanks to its stability levels.
  • It is important for you to make sure that its gas and oil are mixed properly so that it will function as it is.
  • There might be starting problems you’ll encounter.


The PowerSmart Gas Brush Cutter is also a product that we recommend to you.

It is powered by a gas engine with specs of 31cc. It is a 4-cycle engine that perfectly goes well with the ingle cylinder it has.

The blades are 10 inches and 20 mm when looking at its arbor size.

The fuel tank capacity of 20.3 ft. oz. is also more than enough to sustain a long amount of time in trimming those brushes of yours. 

The total length of this brush cutter is 74.8 inches, which is also enough to reach those nooks and crannies that are hard to reach.

  • This is a great tool if you’ll be taking on under brushes as well as overgrown places with weeds.
  • It’s a capable equipment. It doesn’t show any signs of being short on power.
  • The overall body construction is quite thin, giving you a feeling that it’s flimsy.
  • The was price also a bit high considering that the handles and body are thin and aren’t that sturdy.

Honda Trimmer/Brush Cutter

The Honda Trimmer/Brush Cutter is a highly reputable brand because of it being made by Honda in the first place. It is powered by a 4 stroke engine with specs of 35cc.

This makes it a powerful and fully capable cutting tool. If you need to take on strong weeds and thick brushes, this might just be what you need. 

Its head is also semi-automatic, which means that you’ll still have full control over it despite its autonomy. The head measures 17 inches.

  • The vibration is not that much, knowing that it’s one heck of a powerful tool.
  • It’s not the best when it comes to design, because it looks awkward and weirdly shaped, aside from the fact that it’s got a bulky shape.
  • The fuel cap is not durable and tightly placed or secured.


The Troy-Bilt Gas Brushcutter is one of the best products we can recommend to you. It’s powered by a 27cc engine that has a two-cycle mechanism.

This gives you enough power to take on thick brushes and overgrown weeds.

Aside from that, it also allows you to have a smoother and easier time in pulling the startup mechanism. The cutting width of the steel brush bladed measures 8 inches that is perfect for its straight shaft design.

It features JumpStart technology which means that you don’t need to pull the chord when starting this one.

Its engine can even power 10 various TrimmerPlus attachment kits.

  • It’s a light and portable brush cutter. It won’t strain your arms and hands.
  • This can easily cut brushes. It gives you the feeling that you’re just slicing butter. That’s how easy and powerful this brush cutter is.
  • It’s a powerful and fully capable brush cutter. You won’t have any problem dealing with it because it won’t be short of power.
  • The only downside to this product is its nut that is secured too tightly. This makes it difficult to swap the blades in a fast manner.

Tips Before Buying A Brush Cutter

1. Choose a Powerful Cutter

Of course, you want to make sure that the brush cutter you're getting is a powerful machine.

It should not only be functioning properly, but it should also have the capability to cut even the thickest of brushes.

In fact, a good brush cutter can cut down a small tree. That's the standard that you need to instill within you.

If it can cut down a small tree, then there's no doubt that it can cut any brushes, weeds, or whatsoever.

In also doing so, you need to consider the vegetation that you want to clear.

Is it hard to cut or not? It's in asking these questions that you can make sure that you’re getting the best brush cutter.

2. Prioritize Ergonomic Handles

The least thing you want to experience when using a brush cutter is to have tired and exhausted hands. This is why you need to choose one which has ergonomic handles.

A brush cutter that has ergonomic handles are easier and more comfortable to hold. It's because its handles are shaped similar to your hands, thereby allowing your hands to hold and grab it easily.

However, it's not just about the ergonomic design, because it's also important that it has soft padding cushions.

This will give your hands, even more, comfort when using it for an extended amount of time.

3. Having an Adjustable Handlebar

The handles or handlebar should not only be comfortable and easy to hold, but it should also have the right height.

With this, it would be great if the brush cutter has a handlebar that can have its angle changed. 

Having a foldable handle would also be better because this makes it more convenient and portable.

If you are always on the go and you need your brush cutter with you, see to it that its got foldable handlebars.

4. Has Less Vibration

It’s important to make sure that the brush cutter you’re choosing doesn’t vibrate very strong.

It should have less vibration so that you won’t easily get tired.

This is very important especially if you’re going to use it for a long time. The less vibration, the better the usage experience for you.

5. Proper Pricing

The price of a brush cutter plays an important role in its quality.

This is because affordable and cheap cutters usually also have a cheap quality, that’s why it’s not recommended that you get the cheapest one. 

But then again, it doesn’t mean that the expensive brush cutters are also of quality because there are cheaper brands that have similar quality with the more expensive ones.

So it’s a matter of balancing price with the product’s quality when you’re choosing one.


The best product out of the five reviewed brush cutter is the Troy-Bilt Gas Brushcutter. Not only is it powerful and fully capable of cutting even the thickest brushes, but it’s also easy to use because of its JumpStart capability, lightweight design, and stability features.

Though its nuts might be secured too tightly making it challenging to change blades, it really isn’t a true downside.

It’s just another way of saying that everything is built with precision and security. And that everything is properly and tightly put in place.

If you want to make it easier and more comfortable for you to cut brushes, then this is the brush cutter that you need to get.

Troy-Bilt TB42 BC 27cc 2-Cycle Gas Brushcutter with JumpStart Technology*
  • When a string trimmer alone just can't get the job done, rely on this brushcutter to power through dense weeds and brush
  • Premium 27cc 2-cycle full-crank engine with JumpStart capability eliminating the need to pull cord
  • Adjustable J-Handle provides added control and easy right or left-handed use;Line Replacement System : Standard
  • 8-inch 4-tooth steel brush blade for taking on heavy vegetation
  • Attachment-capable design allows the trimmer engine to power 10 different TrimmerPlus attachments, turning your trimmer into a garage full of tools

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