The Best Bow Saw For Easier Sawing

It is never a waste to invest in a quality bow saw - an efficient tool for woodwork. DIY enthusiasts and homeowners should definitely own one in the garage.

However, not everyone knows to choose the best bow saw for their needs as there are too many brands on the market.

We understand your struggle. That is the reason we wrote this article to review the top 6 products and give you a detailed buying guide.

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Top 3 Best Bow Saws: Comparison Chart

Editor's Choices
Bahco 10-24-51 24-Inch Ergo Bow Saw for Dry Wood and Lumber*
Truper 30255 / AJT-21 - 21" Bow Saw Tubular Steel Frame*
Best Selling
AGAWA - BOREAL21 -> 21 Inch Folding Bow Saw - Black Frame, Yellow Handle, 21" All Purpose Blade*
Customer's Rating
Best Feature
Lightweight and compact design
Good value for money
A foldable design ideal for backpacking
Editor's Choices
Bahco 10-24-51 24-Inch Ergo Bow Saw for Dry Wood and Lumber*
Customer's Rating
Best Feature
Lightweight and compact design
Truper 30255 / AJT-21 - 21" Bow Saw Tubular Steel Frame*
Customer's Rating
Best Feature
Good value for money
Best Selling
AGAWA - BOREAL21 -> 21 Inch Folding Bow Saw - Black Frame, Yellow Handle, 21" All Purpose Blade*
Customer's Rating
Best Feature
A foldable design ideal for backpacking

Why Do You Need To Have A Bow Saw?

1. Larger Cutting Radius

One of the best reasons why you need a bow saw is because of its cutting radius.

If you’re cutting a huge chunk of wood, you surely need something that can cover up its entire radius. Good thing these bow saws have that.

best bow saw blades

2. More Aggressive Cutting

These bow saws are known to be very effective wood cutters.

You can exert a small amount of force, but its effects would surely exceed your expectations.

It cuts through wood like butter, and it can take on even the strongest and thickest of all wood types.

3. Safer Cutting

You surely don’t want to cut your hand or get bruises when doing woodwork. That’s just what these bow saws do. It makes the task safer for you.

Your hands are away from the cutting blades thanks to the bow-design it has. This means that you're less likely to slide your hands to the blades accidentally.

4. Lightweight


Have you heard of bows-and-arrows? If you have, then you can compare these to the bow saws.

Bows-and-arrows are the weapon of choice of medieval infantry men because it’s lightweight.

And that’s what’s the same with these bow saws. They are light, very portable, and don’t take up a lot of space.

5. More Productive Woodwork

With the help of a bow saw, you will become more productive in doing whatever woodwork you’re dealing with. You can cut through wood faster, and you can cover a lot of work.

It frees up a lot of your time which then enables you to do other more important things.

It’s because of this reason that professional carpenters choose bow saws over other wood-cutting tools.

6 Best Bow Saws of 2020 - My Reviews

Bahco 10-24-51 24-Inch Ergo Bow Saw - Best Lightweight Product

The very first name on our list today is the Bahco 10-24-23 bow saw. It is available in three frame sizes, namely 21’’, 24’’ and 30’’. The link we included is the 24-inch version.

Regardless of which size to choose, the frame is lightweight yet durable against extended use. You can surely expect it to last.

Another loved feature of this Bahco bow saw is the ergonomic handle, which is humanized and designed for ultimate comfort on your hands. Feel free to hold the saw for hours without feeling fatigued or so.

On the handle, there is a knuckle protector to increase comfort and provide safety. This is a useful feature that not many bow saws offer. Fortunately, Bahco took our satisfaction in mind and introduced it.

The advanced tensioner is also worth your compliment. It allows for a high tension blade when making straight and smooth cuts. On top of that, the blade comes with razor-sharp triangular teeth to cut effectively with every pull of yours. That way, you will not have to apply too much force on the saw while working.

The most notable thing about this Bahco 10-24-23 unit is it is one of the lightest bow saws on the market, at just 1.65 lbs. Being lightweight and compact makes the whole thing a delight to use at the job site.

A small minus lies in the subpar blade cover. We find it hard to put in the blade for storage.

  • Knuckle guard for added comfort and safety
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Advanced tensioning mechanism
  • Subpar blade cover

Truper 30255 Steel Handle Bow Saw - Best Value For Money

The Truper 30255 is also an excellent bow saw that provides good value for money. Don’t skip it if you are seeking a quality and affordable bow saw.

It boasts an advanced Cam-lever tension system, which will keep the blade perfectly tight when you are making the cuts. This means you do not have to make any adjustments in the middle of the felling deadfall in your backyard. That’s convenient!

The ergonomic handle and the high steel arch are also there to make all the cutting chores more comfortable and less time-consuming than before. You are also able to cut thicker logs than with other bow saws.

Is there a knuckle protector?

Luckily, yes! This Truper is designed with a knuckle guard to ensure your safety while working.

This model comes with either 21-inch, 24-inch, or 30-inch blade. Opt for a suitable size depending on your demand.

However, this Truper 30255 features a blade meant for cutting green wood only. Replacement blades for dry wood are not available, unfortunately. This is quite off-putting if you are going to work with dry wood at the construction site.

Like other bow saws, the unit does not require too much maintenance over its entire lifespan. However, you should oil the blade after every use to make it durable and ready for the next service.

  • Good value for money
  • Advanced Cam-lever tensioner
  • Little maintenance required
  • No blade for dry wood

Agawa Canyon - BOREAL21 Folding Bow Saw - Best For Backpacking

This Agawa Canyon is a must-have tool in your garage. It has the perfect balance between weight, size, and function without compromising anything.

It is incredibly light and compact, weighing only 1 lb. The bow saw folding up onto itself, making putting it into a backpack and carrying around a breeze. Dedicated hikers and hunters would definitely love this one - the best bow saw for bushcraft.

The super-compact design also eases the assembly. There are virtually no parts that need removing or tightening during the process. Just take it out of the bag and saw your way through a deadfall!

Don’t underestimate its power, though!

It boasts a sharp blade that is hardened for maximum strength and durability. You will not be disappointed once using the saw to cut through timbers.

A highlight of this Agawa Canyon is the automatic blade tension system, allowing you to fold and unfold the saw without touching the blade. Few can compare to this bow saw in terms of safety.

Of course, the whole thing is not flawlessly perfect. It is expensive, and sometimes not rigid as other bow saws with a solid frame.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Foldable design
  • The automatic blade tension system
  • Expensive price tag
  • Not rigid as solid frame saws

Gerber Freescape Camp Saw [31-002820] - Best For Design

Next, we like to introduce you to the Gerber Freescape Camp Saw. It features a revolutionary design that will surely amaze you.

Let’s talk about the look first.

At first glance, this Gerber saw looks modern and stylish with bright green grip and black surface. This color combination makes it visible, amongst other tools.

The unique design allows the whole saw to be folded up flat for hassle-free storage and transportation. At the workplace, just take it out from the gear kit and put all parts together to have a complete bow saw ready. The entire setup process only takes seconds!

Aside from the blade, the saw uses four pivot points to cut through larger pieces of wood effectively. Keep it in mind that it only accepts standard 12-inch blades.

The handle is made of plastic, which is quite off-putting to some. However, the manufacturer tried to make up for that by equipping it with a Freescape texture that always provides a firm grip.

No worries about the saw slipping off your hand halfway through cutting the wood!

On the whole, this Gerber Freescape saw is the best camping bow saw. Cutting dry wood or pruning is also applicable.

  • Visible colors of green and black
  • Unique foldable design
  • Non-slip rubber grip
  • Plastic handle
  • Only for standard 12-inch blades

Filzer Buckster Bow Saw BBS-1 - Best Premium Material

Another option with a brilliant design! This Filzer Buckster deserves a place on this list with its outstanding quality.

What literally sets it apart from other tools is the bright orange color, making it hard to misplace even when folded down. It is also undeniable that the saw looks pretty in such a color.

However, the true thing that makes it outstanding is the premium materials. It features an aluminum frame alongside a stainless steel tensioning system.

The aluminum frame offers awesome strength for the saw while keeping it lightweight at 1.3 lbs only. Plus, you are able to cut timbers measuring up to 13 inches in diameter with the high clearance provided by such a frame.

Unlike other models that fold flat, this Filzer Buckster saw collapses into a tube for convenience. Those traveling into the woods can benefit greatly from this configuration.

Good news: the saw allows for easy replacement of the blade.

Bad news: you cannot get the replacement blade from a third party, and the manufacturer sells them at a high price.

We hope the brand will lower the price for the replacement blade in the future. If so, this Filzer Buckster model could easily be the best bow saw for cutting trees on the market.

  • Collapsible design into a tube
  • Aluminum frame and stainless steel tensioner
  • Lightweight yet powerful
  • Expensive replacement blades

Great Neck 15550 12 Inch Bow Saw and Hacksaw - Best Multi-Purpose Tool

When it comes to Great Neck bow saw, people are more familiar with the BB21 or BB24 models. However, this 15550 12-inch unit is also worthwhile to consider.

This is a multi-purpose tool that can serve as both a bow saw and a hacksaw. You can use it for cutting wood (bow saw) or cutting metal (hacksaw). Such a model will offer you ultimate versatility on the job site.

When you buy this one, you will receive a 12’’ hacksaw blade and a 12’’ bow saw blade. A real bargain!

This saw also impresses us with the coated, tubular frame that is strong and durable. It will certainly last you several seasons! The frame explains why this model is rated as heavy-duty.

The unit features a dipped rubber grip for more control. At the same time, it will go easy on your hands and wrists, leaving you with no fatigue even after holding the saw for long hours.

It is not without drawbacks if you happen to ask. The saw is easy to use, but it is difficult to cut with one hand.

  • Multi-purpose saw
  • Sturdy tubular frame
  • Dipped rubber grip
  • Difficult to cut with one hand
  • Small size

The Comprehensive Buying Guide ​​​​- What to Know When Buying a Bow Saw?

Equip yourself with essential knowledge first before proceeding to choose a suitable bow saw. We have everything you need to know about bow saw in the buying guide below.

Check it out!

1. Length

The shorter a bow saw is, the small cuts it makes.

Bow saws often measure 21 inches, which is long enough to handle a variety of applications while remaining portable and affordable.

If you want to handle large trees, you can get a bow saw up to 30 inches long. Make sure you choose a saw with a suitable length that is easy to use.

2. Tensioner

best bow saws

The tensioner is an important feature that allows adjustments of the blade’s tension; therefore, make sure your bow saw is equipped with a decent tensioning mechanism.

3. Protective Sheath

Using a bow saw is, of course, dangerous, as its blade is razor-sharp. In this case, a protective sheath is essential in protecting yourself against injuries

Also, the sheath can extend the lifespan of the bow saw.

4. Coloration

This is a minor factor, but don’t skip it!

Deep coloration allows you to spot the bow saw amongst other items quickly, so you can save time and avoid hurting yourself due to tripping over the tool.

5. Blade

best bow saw blades

There are two main kinds of a blade that often come with bow saws.

The first one features a peg tooth, which is designed to handle dry wood by cutting on both the forward and backstroke. The other kind of bow saw blade comes with a raker tooth to cut through the wet greenwood.

Depending on the wood you often work with, you can choose a suitable kind of blade.

For more versatility, some brands offer reversible blades, which have peg teeth on one side and rake teeth on the other. When you want to switch the blade, simply flip it over! This is incredibly handy at the workplace.

Some bow saws even come with extra blades. Needless to say, the more, the better!

6. Handle and Hand Guard

You are going to use the bow saw for long hours, so make sure you find one with an ergonomic and comfortable grip.

On the other hand, a handguard is essential in keeping your hands safe from injuries while cutting with the sharp blade.

Tips to Use Bow Saws Safely

Follow some safety tips below to use the bow saw in a safe and effective way.

best bow saw for backpacking
  • Keep a distance between your hand and the blade while using the best bow saw for cutting logs
  • Hold the object you are cutting by putting your hands inside the frame
  • Do not stand in the direction which you predict the tree will fall
  • Avoid touching the blade as soon as you finish cutting
  • Place the bow saw inside the sheath after use
  • Do not leave the saw on the ground amongst other tools
  • Keep the saw out of children’s reach

What is a Bow Saw Good for?

Why do people still stick to bow saws when there are several advanced saws nowadays?

In fact, the bow saw offers many benefits that its modern counterparts don’t have. It is lightweight and compact, giving you total control over the saw itself and the cuts being made. Plus, it is quicker and a lot safer compared to a table saw, or band saw.

These advantages might explain why bow saws are still widely used and loved. You can use it for multiple purposes.

  • Felling Trees: Cutting down trees is probably the most common application of bow saws. However, as it is a manual tool that uses no power, you need to exert considerable effort into the work. As such, it is suitable for felling small trees only.
  • Making Firewood: People also use bow saws in cutting small pieces of firewood.
  • Making Logs: The razor-sharp teeth of the saws are excellent for making logs from fallen trees. Don’t expect smooth cuts, though!
  • Pruning: Without the needs of fuel or power, a bow saw is a favorite option of homeowners when it comes to pruning and gardening works.
  • Making Furniture: If you are a meticulous person, you can even craft wooden furniture like chairs, tables, etc. using only a bow saw.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bow Saw

1. How Much is a Bow Saw?

Bow saws are available in a wide price range, so rest assured that you can always find one that fits your budget.

However, if money permits, you should opt for high-end models that come from trusted brands. In the end, you’ll get what you pay for.

2. Can You Cut a Tree Down With a Bow Saw?

best bow saw for green wood

Definitely yes! Bow saws are capable of cutting through small trees.

It is more challenging to fell wider or older trees with these manual tools, as you need to exert tremendous effort.

3. What Saw is Ideal for Cutting Trees?

All 6 products we mentioned above are suitable for cutting trees. Read the review carefully, weigh the pros and cons to find out what you should choose.

The Bottom Line

Bow saws are undoubtedly a must-have tool in your garage. It is versatile and efficient when you do it for the right job.

Out of 6 products on the list, the Bahco 10-24-23 is our favorite. What makes it outstanding is the lightweight frame, excellent tensioner, and the useful knuckle protector. Plus, it is reasonably-priced that will not break your bank if you take it home.

Bahco 10-24-51 24-Inch Ergo Bow Saw for Dry Wood and Lumber*
  • Country of Origin:Portugal
  • Package length:11.0"
  • Package width:11.0"
  • Package height:7.1"

We hope you find this article useful. Do not hesitate to share it with your friends who are having the same concern.

Thanks for reading!

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