The Best Bow Saw For Easier Sawing

Doing woodwork might be as daunting as it sounds because you have to exert a lot of effort to slice through your way whatever wood you might be working on. It sure is difficult, especially if you don't have the right tools to work with.

In this article, we're going to help you out as we're going to introduce to you the best bow saw. For sure, this will make your woodwork easier and safer.


Why Do You Need To Have A Bow Saw?

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1. Larger Cutting Radius

One of the best reasons why you need a bow saw is because of its cutting radius.

If you’re cutting a huge chunk of wood, you surely need something that can cover up its entire radius. Good thing these bow saws have that.

2. More Aggressive Cutting

These bow saws are known to be very effective wood cutters.

You can exert a small amount of force, but its effects would surely exceed your expectations.

It cuts through wood like butter, and it can take on even the strongest and thickest of all wood types.

3. Safer Cutting

You surely don’t want to cut your hand or get bruises when doing woodwork. That’s just what these bow saws do. It makes the task safer for you.

Your hands are away from the cutting blades thanks to the bow-design it has. This means that you're less likely to slide your hands to the blades accidentally.

4. Lightweight

Have you heard of bows-and-arrows? If you have, then you can compare these to the bow saws.

Bows-and-arrows are the weapon of choice of medieval infantry men because it’s lightweight.

And that’s what’s the same with these bow saws. They are light, very portable, and don’t take up a lot of space.

5. More Productive Woodwork

With the help of a bow saw, you will become more productive in doing whatever woodwork you’re dealing with. You can cut through wood faster, and you can cover a lot of work.

It frees up a lot of your time which then enables you to do other more important things.

It’s because of this reason that professional carpenters choose bow saws over other wood-cutting tools.

Top 5 Best Bow Saws Reviews

Bahco Bow Saw

The Bahco Bow Saw made it to our list of best bow saws because of its lightweight design. It only weighs 1.95 pounds.

And despite its lightweight nature, it can take a lot of beating as its body is made of strong steel tubing frames. Its tension lever is also made from high-quality steel.

Then there are its blades which are forged from hardened steel, giving you an assurance that it can cut through any wood, be it thick or thin.

  • It’s an efficient cutter and can easily cut and slice its way through different wood types.
  • It saws the wood in a very easy manner, and it does this fast.
  • You don’t have to worry about cutting through thick wood because this bow saw can pretty much handle it.
  • Its blades are a bit thin, and it feels wobbly at the time.
  • Even though its body is made from high-quality materials, it can still easily get scratches.

Irwin 218HP300 Combi-Saw

The Irwin 218HP300 Combi-Saw is another product in this list of best bow saws.

It features a wielded frame hat gives you great stability and faster cutting. It's a no flex frame that ensures you its sturdiness.

And what's cool about this is that you can use this to cut through either wood or metal. That’s how tough this is said to be.

There’s a knuckle guard to add extra protection for your hands, and a deep throat design that enables you to cut through plastic.

  • It’s a portable, and very lightweight bow saw. You can bring this whenever or wherever you like.
  • It got sharp blades, making it capable of cutting through wood, plastic, or even metal.
  • The wing nuts are too small.
  • The overall usage feeling makes you think that it’s cheap.

Seymour WP-7621 21-Inch Bow Pruning Saw

Then there’s the Seymour WP-7621 21-Inch Bow Pruning Saw which is features a very useful cam lever blade tension system.

Its tubular frame is made from premium steel and has its handle. What makes this stand out is that you can easily replace its blade if it gets dull or worn off.

Its blade measures 21 inches which provide you with a lot of cutting coverage.

  • It’s a pretty sharp bow saw. It can cut through anything, even if it’s specifically made as a pruning saw.
  • The price for this one is also great. It’s affordable but has a lot of good quality features.
  • It’s a fairly easy-to-use bow saw.
  • This bow saw’s measurement is a bit too short.
  • The design is too generic and boring. It’s not visually pleasing.

Gardena 8747 Pruning Bow Saw

The Gardena 8747 Pruning Bow Saw is one of the lightest and most robust products on this list. This makes it easier for you to use it inside confined and small places. Its saw blade is rust-proof and is hardened through pulsing.

It features fine cut teeth that'll make your woodwork easier and have a finer outcome. It even has its screw mechanism to improve its blade tension.

The most surprising of all is that it has a 25-year warranty, assuring you that it'll last for a long time.

  • It’s a well-made bow saw thanks to its robust and sturdy construction.
  • It’s a quality product, which gives you the feeling that it’ll last for a long time.
  • This has very sharp teeth blade that never gets dull.
  • This bow saw’s price is a bit too high.
  • Its body is durable, but it can easily get scratches.

BAHCO Pointed Nose Bow Saw

The BAHCO Pointed Nose Bow Saw is perhaps one of the best if not the best choice in this list. It's because it is 21 inches long, which makes it an effective cutting tool.

It's got a pointed nose, making it easier for you to use it in tight spaces. This is a small and lightweight bow saw that you could use wherever or whenever you want to.

You can use this if you want to prune some branches, or perhaps for your roofing work.

  • The quality of this bow saw is superb. You can feel that this will last for a long time.
  • It’s got an excellent design. It is visually attractive and pleasing. It can be easily seen at night due to its orange color.
  • This can easily fit in between branches.
  • Though the design is nice and functional, it would be better if its color was changed to yellow to make it more pleasing.

The Characteristics Of A Good Bow Saw?

best bow saw for green wood

1. Blade Sharpness

The very first thing you need to consider if you’re looking for a bow saw that can pack a punch is its sharpness.

Its blade should be sharp enough and should stay that way for a long time. It should never dull up through time.

It’s in having a sharp blade that your bow saw becomes an effective wood cutting tool.

2. Length of Cutting Radius

We all know how big of a cutting radius these bow saws have. However, there are still variations in each brand.

Settle for the one which has the biggest or longest cutting radius so you can make the most out of it.

3. Handle

The handle of the bow saw should be comfortable to hold. It should be smooth, and if possible, should have ergonomically-designed handles.

This way, you’ll have no problem holding it for some time. It’s through this that you won’t experience too much strain on your hands.

4. Lightweight

A good bow saw should be lightweight. It would just defeat the purpose if you'd get one that is heavy. These bow saws function constantly and you should very well know this fact.

Make sure it’s lightweight so you can use it properly without exhausting your hands and arms in the process.

5. Durable

Of course, you need to get one that is durable. It should be made from fine and high-quality materials so it wouldn't easily get damaged. Make sure that it wouldn’t easily break and that it can take a lot of beating.

You surely don’t want to spend another set of bucks just to get a new one.


The five reviewed products are all good choices. However, the best one is the BAHCO Pointed Nose Bow Saw.

It's functional, is very sharp, and would surely make your woodwork easier. Aside from that, it's affordable and looks pretty good.

This is indeed what you need if you want to make it easier and safer for you to cut through wood.

BAHCO 331-21-51-KP 21 Inch Pointed Nose Bow Saw Equipped with Non Ergo Metal Handle*
  • Small and handy bow saw for all around use
  • Pointed nose makes the saw ideal for use in tight spaces
  • Used for pruning and roofing work

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