The Best ATV Sprayers For Home And Garden Use

In taking care of your lawn or garden, one of the most important aspects associated with maintenance is the use of fertilizers to make sure that your grass or produce is kept as healthy as possible.

To ward of insects, as well as to kill pests that could potentially harm them, you could also make use of insecticides. The task of spraying them could indeed, be a daunting task, and hence some reinforcement would come in handy.

One of the most popular means of spraying either of these nowadays are ATV sprayers.

What are ATV Sprayers? This article aims to give you a quick run-through on pertinent matters regarding ATV Sprayers.


Top 5 ATV Sprayers Reviews

90.700.150 15-Gallon Sprayer by BE AGRI Ease

The first on this list is simple as it could get. This is a 15-gallon conventional tank that’s equipped with custom mounting straps.

It makes use of 1 gpm, 12-volt demand pump that’s mounted on its top. It also makes use of a large filling lid with a width of 5 inches, an an easy to remove drain plug.

It also has spot want for better adjustment of the tip and hose.

Lastly, the purchase comes with 12v Alligator clips to facilitate connection to power source.

  • Mounting Straps are customized
  • Demand Pump is mounted on its top
  • The filling lid and drain plug are easy to remove due to its large size
  • The Trigger want also comes with an adjustable nozzle.
  • There are reported issues with the use of the pump.
  • The want and hose might not be as long as the size that people usually operate this with.
  • There are reported issues with leakage, especially whenever it is filled to the brim.
  • Alligator Clips are not constructed up to par with the rest of the device, although they could be easily replaced.

ATV Broadcast and Spot Sprayer by NorthStar

If you’re looking for an ATV Sprayer that does its job extremely well, then one of the best options for you is this sprayer by NorthStar.

It touts itself as the spray which is just as hardworking as you are, with this supposedly allowing you to work for hours upon hours without losing your control.

This could be attributed to the fact that this product is made of high-quality, industrial-grade NSQ Series with a 100% duty cycle which is nothing short of impressive.

With a pump that’s solidly built, they advertise themselves as the ATV Sprayer that lasts up to 5 times longer than that of others.

  • Drain is at the bottom for quicker and easier emptying.
  • Compatible for use with Agricultural Herbicide
  • Equipped with a 26-gallon tank which has extremely thick, UV and chemical resistant walls.
  • No boom arms brak the 14-ft range of its Broadcast Nozzle
  • Faster Priming, Longer Life for NorthStar NSQ Series
  • The Straps that come with this are not compatible on all ATVs
  • The wand may come across as too short for those who want it long.
  • The durability of the whole product is affected with some crucial parts being made of plastic rather than metal.
  • Drain Cap, being at the bottom may be prone to leakage to some extent.
  • There is a design flaw that prevents you from using the whole jug of chemicals in one go.

SMV Industries 25AY202HLB1G2N ATV Sprayer

Next on the list is this ATV Sprayer by SMV industries.

One of the things that could help to grab your attention include its bright yellow color, which is a far cry from the usual translucent, off-white hues which a lot of tanks have. It has a capacity of 25 gallons, and a 2.0 GPM pump.

It has a light hand want, a boom of 2 nozzles, with the gallon callouts having a yellow sprayer tank.

It also has wire leads of 120” with a conveniently located on-off switch, plus a suction screen.

  • Installation to the back of the APV is easy as easy can be
  • Does not come with plenty of complicated parts
  • Materials which are used in the manufacturing of this are of the best quality
  • Basically works like a charm and is one of the easiest to operate in the market nowadays
  • Hose for Spot spraying is of a good distance.
  • Some people may prefer other white or translucent tanks to easily monitor on the level of chemicals inside the tank.

Ironton ATV Spot Sprayer

This 8-gallon, 1 GPM, 12 Volt ATV sprayer by ATV is perfect for those who want it small.

With that said, it is made of extra strong and Santoprene and Viton components which make it resistant to potential reactions from harsh substance you may be spraying.

The 8-gallon tank is one which is UV resistant, and could be used on all known pesticides.

Its tank has an opening of 3.5 inches, and the bottom drain is one which is easy to open.

  • UV-Resistant, Chemical Resistant tanks allow you to use a wide variety of chemicals without the fear of it reacting with the tank.
  • For easier and more accurate observation of quantity, there are gallon marks which are engraved.
  • The bottom drain is one which is easy to handle and allows for quick and easy draining.
  • Potential, Probable Leakage is something to look into.
  • The rubbery scent of the hose may be too much for some.
  • The galvanized screws may corrode through time.

Chapin 97300 Deluxe Dripless EZ Mount by Chapin

If you’re on the lookout for a sprayer that could be mounted on either your lawn tractor, your ATV, UTV, or maybe even your back, then this one is a great choice for you.

With that said, this ATV Spray by Chapin is one which has a capacity of 15 Gallons, and is chemical resistant with a wide tank for opening, as well as easy mixing and filling.

It has a max pressure of 70 psi and delivers a maximum vertical spray of 26 feet with a horizontal one of 30 feet.

The pressure gauge also comes with a manifold.

  • Tank is heavy-duty, translucent, and of course, chemical resistant. It has a tank that’s 5 inches wide to facilitate the mixing and filling of chemicals.
  • You can expect a longer life for your sprayer, thanks to the double filtration system.
  • Comes with either a 7-foot or a 16 foot coverage spray boom kit.
  • Maximum Pressure is one of the greatest.
  • Problems with full usability and wastage of chemicals has been reported.
  • Full capacity leaves it prone to leakage.
  • Lower quantity could result to lower pressures.

What Makes A Good ATV Sprayer?

1. Optimal Capacity of the Tank

The reason why we say optimal capacity is simply due to the fact that the tank with the largest capacity you can find in the market is immediately the best for you. This would usually depend on how large your lawn is.

If your lawn is small, then you wouldn’t really need a tank of large volumes, simply because this may cause chemical wastage, as usually, you can’t store the chemicals that have already been mixed; a lot of these have to be used at once.

Furthermore, it would be such a hassle if you are going to make use of small tanks for large fields as this may cause you to run out of ATV to be sprayed in the middle of the lawn or field.

2. Strong and Steady Power Supply

Most of the time, power supplies for ATV tanks are usually the 12V battery. With that said, while the voltage may more or less be the same across tanks, some may vary just a little bit. Having said that, compatibility is something that you should always ensure.

Also, make it a point to choose those that make use of premium quality batteries, as not using such would cause power on the ATV tank to run out prematurely.

In general, always pick the battery or power source that is most stable and most efficient.

3. Extensive Spray Range and Pattern

If you purchase an ATV tank and could only spray across a distance that a normal hand-operated sprayer would work, forget it. One of the most common choices people make are the Vertical Sprayers, as these allow you to finish the spraying job in the shortest span of time, as well as in an even manner.

Make sure that the pressure of the device is kept in check, as this would be directly proportional to the height at which the liquid gets sprayed out. The higher it is, the better. The spray pattern could also have an impact on how the chemicals are applied.

With that said, make it a point that the spray pattern is kept as even as possible. Not only will this nourish your plants, weeding out and other aspects of taking care of your lawn would turn out to be smooth as well.

4. Made of Quality Materials

Different manufacturers, different means of coming up with the finished product.

Some manufacturers make use of more advanced and high-end materials, some make use of mediocre-quality, and some, in an effort to reduce the price, make use of sub-par quality materials. This is one of the things you ought to remember.

With that said, always scout for ATV Sprayers made of the best, most durable ones. An important thing you have to look into would be the valve, which helps to regulate the flow of the chemicals.

It would be best for people to avail of valves or nozzles made of brass, as these are extremely resilient and less reactive to the things that you may spray.

Chapin 97300 15-Gallon 12v Deluxe Dripless EZ mount ATV Spot Sprayer*
  • Configured to mount to your standard ATV, UTV or lawn tractor
  • 15-Gallon heavy-duty, translucent, chemical resistant tank with a 5-Inch wide tank opening for easy filling and mixing
  • 2.0 gpm, 12-volt diaphragm pump with quick connect alligator clips
  • Maximum pressure of 70 psi delivering a 26-foot max vertical spray and a 30-foot max horizontal spray
  • Double filtration system extends the life of the sprayer

Why Should You Get An ATV Sprayer?

1. Convenience for Large-Scale Use

I’m sure you would agree to the fact that it would be extremely daunting to just even think about manually spraying insecticides and fertilizers on your entire lawn.

With ATV Sprayers, you are spared from this hassle, as these, generally cover a significantly larger area compared to manual spraying.

Aside from allowing you to do so, this also helps to spare you much more time for other more worthwhile things.

2. More even Distribution of Pesticides and/or Fertilizers

A disadvantage associated with manual spraying of pesticides and fertilizers for your garden or lawn is that it may not be distributed as evenly as it should.

With that said, you are allowed a more even distribution of these substances onto your grass or crops. This helps promote better crop and produce health, given that either spraying too much or too little on them could be the cause of its eventual death, if you use this kind of sprayer for produce

3. Less Time Spent for Lawn Care and Maintenance

The good thing about ATVs is that you are able to cover a much wider area with much less effort, compared to manual means where you would have to walk from one point to another and go back and forth just to check on whether or not the plants are all sprayed.

There may even be some instances, when, due to the long hours we spend walking, we may end up spraying an area twice.

Not only will this cause wastage of fertilizers or pesticides, but this would also cause wasted efforts, and in some cases, overdose of the grass or produce, which could affect its death and end up killing it.

4. ATV Sprayers are Portable

Another great advantage with ATV Sprayers is that they are obviously portable. Most of the models available in the market are not just built for the back of ATVs, they also allow you to carry them on backpack as well.

With them being removable from the back of the ATV, you could be assured that ATV sprayers are easy to refill and empty with the necessary contents.

These ATV Sprayers could actually be filled and attached as a backpack, but this would cause you back pains halfway through.

5. They are Fun and Easy to Use

ATVs are basically just like toy cars for adults. With that said, maneuvering is not as difficult in comparison with traditional cars. Accelerating and reverse motions are both doable with the press of a few buttons.

Most of the ATVs out in the market nowadays are built to tackle rough terrain, with you being spared in terms of the effort that driving across these fields entail.

Despite the relative ease, proper care and safety still have to be observed as with all other vehicles, given that ATVs have much less safety features compared to conventional vehicles.

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