Best 4×8 Grow Tents – 2018 Reviews

Nowadays, indoor gardening has become easier through grow tents. These tents offer a cost effective and versatile way to keep your plants healthy even if they are indoor. There are number of options in the market which offer durable construction, excellent light and climate control. We recommend you check out the best 4x8 grow tents listed below.

Top 5 Best 4x8 Grow Tents

Here are some of the best 4x8 grow tents you can look into if you want a larger space to work on your indoor planting activities.

1. Indoor Plant Grow Tent Made of Mylar from Hydrobay


Having the ultimate grow tent for consumers, Hydrobay created this product to provide quality as well as savings. Equipped with a thick material, it can easily keep the temperature inside constant.

The tent is made of high quality construction components such as sturdy tent poles and strong metal corners. It can easily hold a weight of up to 200 pounds.


  • Has the ability to hold a heavy weight
  • Can withstand intense tears due to its heavy-duty construction
  • Has tight enclosure to keep light and temperature in control
  • Offers excellent support on lighting systems with the help of durable metal poles and joints


  • No assembly guidelines included in the package

These tents are truly one of the strongest products in the market. The reflective material aids in getting the most light from external and internal sources.

Lastly, you are sure of good yield as the tent prevent disturbance with its excellent seal. All thanks to its heavy-duty zippers and binding seams. This prevents light from bleeding on different directions

2. Hydroponic Grow Tent for Indoor Plant Growing from iPower


This product offers a considerate window ease in tent opening and closing. Nevertheless, it has an easy view-window is made from transparent plastic. This feature allows you to check on your plants without the need to open the tent

Covered in removable sheet made from Mylar, you can easily disassemble it for cleaning. It is also equipped with an organizational tool bag made from the similar material. It conveniently holds your tools in place.


  • Made from durable Mylar sheet which aids in keeping your tent in good shape
  • Has an easy-view window made from plastic
  • Provides a reliable opening and closure for ease in access
  • Equipped with a tool bag accessory that holds your tools and materials securely


  • Provides visible light leaks
  • Zipper does not run smoothly

In general, this product provides a durable construction which helps it last for a long time. Actually, it can handle up to 110 lbs. of weight. When investing in a grow tent, look out for these key features.

3. Mylar Grow Tent for Indoors from iPomelo


Designed for the horticulture industry, iPomelo offers grow tent which can help you control the environment of your plants. This set-up shall make your plants grow healthy and result to better yield.

Made from solid metal poles and corner connectors, it offers a durable structure for your tent. Moreover, its construction takes pride on excellent stitching and zippers.

The reliable design provides good ventilation and ample lighting for your indoor plants. The window mesh also keeps the insects and dust out.


  • Has a durable and weather resistant construction
  • Offers a highly reflective tent made from waterproof Mylar material
  • Utilizes powder coated 19mm diameter heavy duty metal steel frame
  • Provides excellent ventilation and light on your indoor plants


  • Zipper gets stuck on some areas as you open the tent
  • Visible light leaks seen

Over-all, this light and water proof grow tent has wide applicability. It issues no harm or toxic on your indoor plants, keeping it healthy all the time.

4. Hydroponic Grow Tent made of Mylar Sheet from Vivosun


Vivosun grow tents are considered to be great choices for indoor plant growers. This product is made from thick canvas material that does not tear easily. It is also stitched twice which makes it perfect when blocking the light. The construction is supported by durable and sturdy metal poles.


  • Has a heavy-duty zipper that is smooth to use and does not damage easily
  • Equipped with a transparent window which allows you to check your plants anytime
  • Provides a highly reflective sheet which boosts the yield of your indoor plants
  • Has a double stitch to prevents the lights from leaking
  • Employs heavy duty metal poles which keeps the design in good shape


  • Poor customer service when dealing client concerns
  • Tent components do not easily snap in

With its 98% reflective sheet made from Mylar, the tent prevents the light from escaping. This results from a boost in output efficiency on your indoor plants.

Installation of your Vivosun tent is easy. You will not need any special tool or equipment. You can bring it along anywhere without the fuss of transportation or set-up.

5. Hydroponic Mylar Grow Tent from Apollo Horticulture


Reinforced with metal poles, the thick Mylar sheet is secured well and provides stability to the construction of the tent. Apollo Horticulture offers a high quality growing tent with heavy-duty zippers runs smoothly every time you zip and unzip it.

The product includes a highly reflective Mylar tray situated in the floor area. The tray is tear and light proof. It assists the light equipment and fixtures as your indoor plants grow well.


  • Manufacturer offers excellent customer assistance for any inquiries or concerns about the product
  • Easy to install and assemble anywhere in your condominium, house or apartment
  • Offers highly reflective Mylar tray that is tear and light proof
  • Has a high quality components such as zippers and stitching that are meant to last


  • Light leaks were visible on certain areas
  • Runs a shorter length than listed dimensions

Compared with other brands, this tent is easy to assemble. It comes with an instructional guide which details the set-up procedure. With this, you are assured to immediately start our planting activities as you receive it straight from the mail.


Over-all, the grow tents listed above offer a wide variety of features that are preferable even for indoor planting starters. Nevertheless, there are some which stand out among the rest.

Hydroponic Grow Tent from Vivosun provides excellent features and minor disadvantages. Compared with other tents that have visible light leaks and weak zipper, it has a durable construction. This will give you savings as it can last for a long period of time. A good runner-up for this battle is Indoor Plant Grow Tent from Hydrobay. It offers great light and temperature control. The only issue is that some customer find it difficult to assemble it.

By choosing the best 4x8 grow tent, you can avoid potential issues such as small coverage area, electrical and lighting concerns, etc. With this, you need a reliable tent that provides a number of features that are helpful on your indoor planting activities.

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