Best .155 Trimmer Line to Buy in 2019

A string trimmer is the most appropriate tool if you are mowing weeds or grass in a bordered or tight area. String trimmers come with trimming lines which are responsible for cutting through weeds and grass. If you want your string trimmer to operate swiftly, it should always have enough of the best .155 trimmer line.


What is a Trimmer Line?

If you want to keep your lawn properly maintained in an easier and faster manner, you will need a string trimmer often also called a lawn sweeper or weed eater. A string trimmer uses a string and not a blade to cut grass.

A string trimmer is an ideal tool to reach every area of your yard, especially the difficult to reach areas with ease and convenience. The trimmer line is the most important mechanism of the string trimmer because it the one that cuts through grass and weeds. A trimmer line is a long material similar to a string. It is inserted inside the string trimmer so I can cut through and around grass and weed.

The type of trimmer line you need depends on the amount of cutting that needs to be done. Working with the right trimmer line will get your job done quickly and thoroughly. If you only need to do a little cutting, you will be fine with a thin and simple trimmer line made of nylon material.

If you are to work on a large area or a professional landscaper you will need a tougher and thicker trimmer line. Large weeds and grass and need to do a lot of trimming (e.g. huge gardens, large estates, industrial landscape areas), you will require a .155 inch diameter trimmer line.

New string trimmers come with trimmer lines. However with constant use and over time, these trimmer lines will break and you will have to insert new ones.

There are many .155-Inch trimmer lines in the market. Here however are the top 3 choices.

Best .155 Trimmer Line - Top 3 Editor's Choices

Cyclone .155-Inch-by-315-Foot Trimmer Line ( CY155S3)

The Cyclone .155-Inch-by-315-Foot Trimmer Line (CY155S3) comes in a 6-bladed shape and is made from copolymer nylon material making it strong, durable and extremely powerful. It comes in a 315 feet roll and fits most gas powered string trimmer models. To prevent any binding or breakage, check the manual of your trimmer to make sure this trimmer line feeds correctly.

This Cyclone .155-Inch trimmer tine is the most popular in its category because it boosts of easily trimming thick grass and weed areas. It also is amazingly versatile with its 315 feet length roll which will definitely outlast your tool.

A user says this is the best trimmer line for a commercial weed whacker. He says it is efficient and cost effective because it does not easily break especially when coming into contact with metal objects. It is perfect for thick grass. He further says you will need heavy duty snips to cut through it as it is really thick.

The Cyclone .155-Inch-by-315-Foot Trimmer Line (CY155S3) is able to exceptionally hold up over time therefore it can work through hundreds of feet of grass and weeds without breaking. This multi-sided trimmer line can easily and quickly cut through small, medium and large yards.

  • Leak-proof
  • Durable and long-lasting making it ideal for commercial use
  • Features a 6-blade shape
  • Multi-sided making it easily cut through thick grass and weeds.
  • Delivers clean cuts
  • Made from multiple commercial grade polymers
  • Preferred by professional landscapers and gardeners
  • Because of its extreme power it can toss debris and rocks while in use making it dangerous.
  • Tends to be noisy because of its shape
  • Can be fragile on hard surfaces
  • A bit expensive

Craftsman .155 Trimmer Line (XQ 85', 71-85906)

The Craftsman .155 Trimmer Line (XQ 85', 71-85906) comes in a spiral shape and is in the color red. Being spiral-shaped, it comes with extremely high power capable of easily trimming thick and heavy grass and weeds. 

This trimmer line is designed for high wheel trimmers. The spiral shape of this trimmer line also minimizes the vibration and noise of the string trimmer making it suitable to use in noise restricted areas. Its shape also enhances its durability.

A user says this trimmer line is so much better than the square one that came with his string trimmer. It is a durable and tough trimmer line that is highly recommended for all trimming jobs using a wheeled trimmer.

Using the Craftsman .155 trimmer line allows you to have a less fatiguing trimming experience because it does not vibrate much and it only has minimal noise. You will always need to do only few reloads.

  • Strong and durable
  • Extremely powerful
  • Less noise and vibration
  • Visible red color
  • Highly affordable
  • 85 feet length is too short

Oregon Square Magnum Gatorline .155-Inch String Trimmer Line

The Oregon Square Magnum Gatorline .155-Inch String Trimmer Line comes with features that make it suitable for heavy duty and commercial trimming of large areas.

This trimmer line is made from dual polymer material and aramid fibers. The square shape of this trimming line is responsible for its superb cutting power to cut through thick and big weeds.

The core layer of this trimmer line is made from high performing polymer that is resistant to breakage. The outer layer is made from another polymer material which is resistant to abrasion and with anti-welding properties. The aramid fibers reinforce the outer layer for more durability.

A user says that he cut an area full of rock but amazingly this trimmer line did not break. He says he knows it will break in time but not as easily as the other brands.

Just like all monofilament trimmer lines, the Oregon Square Magnum Gatorline .155-inch trimmer line can become brittle over time due to lose of moisture especially when exposed to sunlight and heat. The manufacturer recommends submerging the trimmer in water for at least for 24 hours to bring back its normal state.

  • Strong and durable
  • Suitable for heavy duty trimming
  • Square shape provides powerful cutting efficiency
  • Highly affordable
  • Too short at only 84 feet
  • Gray color is not very visible


The best .155 trimmer line in this pack is the Oregon Square Magnum Gatorline .155-Inch String Trimmer Line.

Oregon 22-455 Heavy-Duty Professional Magnum Gatorline Square String Trimmer Line .155-Inch Diameter...*
  • Outer shell prevents welding
  • Flexible core
  • Fewer tangles
  • Break-resistant
  • Long lasting

Its inner layer is made from polymer material making it strong and durable. Its outer layer is made of an additional polymer mater making it resistant to abrasion and reinforced with aramid fibers.

This superb construction makes this trimmer line almost unbreakable.

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