Best .080 Trimmer Line Review 2019

A landscaper’s toolbox is never complete without a string trimmer. This tool deals with areas a lawnmower cannot reach. For a string trimmer to properly work and do its job efficiently it needs the right trimmer line.

If you will be dealing mostly with medium-sized weeds, you will need the best .080 trimmer line.

Having the right trimmer line inside your string trimmer will allow it to complete your job as seamlessly as you can get and in a convenient manner.


Maximizing Your Trimmer Line

The trimmer line is the cutting edge of a string trimmer.

The type of trimmer line you use affects the efficiency of the string trimmer- what it can cut and how it can cut.

Not all trimmer lines are created equal. Some brands are more durable than the other brands and can created more even cuts.

If you have medium-sized yards and therefore medium-sized weed a .080 inch trimmer line is your best choice. Given this need, you will also need to choose a string trimmer that fits in .080 inch trimmer lines.

If you already have chosen the best trimmer line, you should know how to take care of it to prolong its use.

Here are some tips on how to handle your trimmer line.

1. Store away from Direct Sunlight

Too much exposure to direct sunlight more often affects the durability of the trimmer line. It will also cause the line to be brittle.

Make sure to store trimmer line in a cool and dry storage space.

Just in case the storage line gets brittle, just submerge it in water for 24 hours.

2. Knowing the Limits

Trimmer lines come in a variety of diameter sizes.

Each size handles a particular level of work pertaining to the area size as well as grass and weed thickness and size.

If you are working with middle-sized weeds, a .080 trimmer line is more suitable than a .065 trimmer line which is only for small weeds.

Using the wrong sized trimmer line will only overwork your string trimmer but will not be able to do the job right.

While your trimmer line is tasked to deal with hard to reach areas, be careful when using it near edges and hard surfaces.

3. Be Mindful of Weight

Lighter trimmer lines (those that are only one pound) are intended for simple cutting jobs.

The added weight (3 pounds) of heavy duty trimmer lines for simple jobs will cause you unwanted strain and fatigue. Choose the right trimmer line weight for the intended use.

If you constantly use your string trimmer it is a wise idea to have a roll of trimmer line ready.

Trimmer lines will break after some use and you should be ready to insert a new one when this happens so as not to hamper your job of dealing with weeds.

If you use a .080 inch trimmer line, here are the best brands.

​3 Of The Best 080 Trimmer Line

DEWALT 0.080-Inch by 225-Feet String Trimmer Line (DWO1DT802)

This DeWalt 0.080-inch by 225-Feet String Trimmer Line is a light-duty trimmer line suitable for cutting grass in such areas as beside mulch beds or near close edges.

This wound-style trimmer line is tough and durable. It can easily cut through weeds and grass without almost any hesitance.

This trimmer line is made from impact resistant and flexible material for a longer lifespan. It comes in an aerodynamic design providing superior efficiency when used in cordless cutting.

It works best in trimming and edging grass.

A user says this is an amazing .080 inch twisted string trimmer line. It easily, effortlessly and efficiently cut 2 to 3 feet tall weeds. He says it did not need any rewind when a similar job required 5 to 6 rewinds for the same job. There also was no welding that needed to be done on the line

The DeWalt 0.080-inch by 225-Feet String Trimmer Line comes with a length of 225-feet for many grass and weed trimming sessions.

  • Strong and durable
  • Highly efficient and works well for cordless cutting
  • Durable wound design
  • Highly affordable
  • Limited to home use
  • Does not fit all string trimmers

Cyclone .080-Inch-by-200-Foot Grade 6-Blade Trimmer Line (CY080D1/2-12)

This Cyclone .080-Inch-by-200-Foot Grade 6-Blade Trimmer Line (CY080D1/2-12) is made from special copolymer nylon material that is durable and long lasting. The construction design of this green trimmer line makes it suitable for commercial use.

This 1/2-pound and green trimmer line features a patented and unique six-blade design responsible for its super- efficient cutting power.

This line trimmer is a favorite of landscape professionals because of its superior cutting power.

  • Highly durable
  • Flexible design
  • Easily loads without any binding

A user says the trimmer line that came with his string trimmer was a crap because it kept tangling in the spool. He says that when he got the Cyclone trimmer line he was able to cut 2,000 square feet of grass with one rewind.

This star-shaped Cyclone .080-Inch-by-200-Foot Grade 6-Blade Trimmer Line only requires few winds to fill complete filling the spool.

It also is not prone to irregular winding which can delay the feeding into the spool.

Oregon 21-380 Gatorline.080-Inch-by-413-Foot Round String Trimmer Line

This 1-pound Oregon 21-380 Gatorline.080-Inch-by-413-Foot Round String Trimmer Line comes in the color green. It is made from strong and durable commercial grade copolymer material.

This Round Gatorline from Oregon does not easily tangle making it easy to feed on the spool. It comes in a 413 feet roll for many grass cutting sessions.

  • Strong, sturdy and durable
  • Suitable for commercial use
  • Efficiently cuts through weeds and grass
  • Tends to be brittle or weak
  • Tends to break fast

A user says this is a sturdy trimmer line. The trimmer line that came with his string trimmer broke after every few minutes of use. He is happy to say that with this Oregon round string trimmer line he experienced minimal breakage. Since it is long lasting he says he is getting the best value for his money.

The Oregon 21-380 Gatorline 0.080-Inch-by-413-Foot Round String Trimmer Line is not as stiff as the other trimmer line brands. It is more flexible and will therefore last longer.


Since all these trimmer lines have the same diameters, the choice of which 0.80 inch trimmer line depends on the brand equity and style of the lines. The style of trimmer lines contributes immensely in creating an even and cleaner cut.

The Cyclone .080-Inch-by-200-Foot Grade 6-Blade Trimmer Line (CY080D1/2-12) the best 0.80 trimmer line in this batch. This trimmer line features a patented and unique six-blade design giving it its superior cutting power.

Cyclone .080-Inch-by-200-Foot Spool Commercial Grade 6-Blade 1/2-Pound Grass Trimmer Line, Green...*
  • Special copolymer formulation provides longer lasting commercial cutting
  • Patented 6 bladed shape for added cutting power
  • Choice of landscaping professionals
  • Color coded by diameter size
  • Measures .080-inches-by-200-feet

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