Best .065 Trimmer Line In 2019

A string trimmer or weed eater is an indispensable garden tool to keep your grass clean and neat.

The problem with string trimmers though is the trimmer line will break over time.

If the trimmer line for your small weeds breaks you will need to replace it with best .065 trimmer line.

The trimmer line or cutting line is located on the head of the trimmer at the end of the tool. It is normally tightly wound on a spool.

As it is being used to cut grass, it slowly wears out until such time that it totally breaks.


How to Replace a Trimmer Line

If you are cutting grass in your small yard and your .065 trimmer line breaks, all you need to do is feed a new cord into the spool.

The spool will then release the line and trim the grass. It is not however easy to replace the trimmer line. It can be time consuming.

Knowing the right techniques on how to load a new trimmer line can save you a lot of time.

  • Turn off power of the lawn trimmer.
  • Remove the cap of the trimmer head.
  • Remove the spool from the head.
  • Empty the spool with the old lines.
  • Cut the new trimmer line to required length.
  • Start placing the trimmer on the hole inside the spool. Follow the arrows on the spool to know the direction on which to wrap the line.
  • Turn on the trimmer to check the newly installed line. Check if the line is properly trimming grass. If you notice a snag, take off the spool re-wind the line.

You may find the process of loading a new trimmer line difficult. Once you get the feel of it, the process will be easy and quick.

When buying a new trimmer line make sure that it is compatible with your string trimmer.

The 0.65 trimmer line is the most commonly used size for light duty electric weed eaters. It is available in square, round, twisted, serrated, hexagon, six-sided lines, star or multi-sided shapes.

The shape of the line determines the level of vibration and noise from the equipment as well as its capability.

This article will help you choose the best .065 trimmer line in the market to make your job easier.

Best .065 Trimmer Line

Cyclone .065-Inch-by-300-Foot Spool Grass Trimmer Line (CY065D1/2-12)

This Cyclone .065-Inch-by-300-Foot Spool Grass Trimmer Line is ideal for personal and commercial use. It is made of copolymer nylon for superior strength and durability. It comes in a patented 6-blade shape to provide more cutting power.

This trimmer line fits all trimmers requiring a 0.65 diameter line. It lasts much longer than other brands. It cuts through tough weeds without the need of constant adjustments.

This blue trimmer is suitable for lighter cutting jobs.

  • Long-lasting trimmer line because of copolymer nylon material.
  • Comes with patented 6-blade shape for more cutting power
  • Color coded and this 0.65 trimmer line comes in Blue
  • Fits standard trimmer heads
  • More expensive than the competition

A user says this is an awesome trimmer line for his Black & Decker trimmer. He says it works magically to the point of not breaking even if he hit it to the concrete. He highly recommends this trimming line to everyone who likes to trim just like a pro.

The Cyclone .065-Inch-by-300-Foot Spool Grass Trimmer Line is ideal for personal use of you simply want to cut grass.

It has however also become a favorite of landscaping pros. It comes in 300 feet pack.

Maxpower Round .065-Inch Trimmer Line 1800-Foot Length (333665)

The Maxpower Round .065-Inch Trimmer Line 1800-Foot Length (333665) is made from durable and tough Nylon material.

It weighs 3 pounds and is of great value considering that is comes in 1800-Foot pack.

Being round in shape, this trimmer line may not be as durable as the other lines with different shapes but it is strong enough to effectively cut weeds and light grass.

  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Comes in a highly visible blue color
  • The length of this line can make about 90 refills.
  • Although thin, it is ideal for light trimming of grass and weeds
  • Value for money
  • Bit expensive because of its length
  • Extremely thin
  • Only good for commercial use

A user says that after one year, his roll still looks almost full even if he uses his trimmer once a week. He says that it is so durable it had become one of his best value purchases.

He also says that round trimmer lines really work best. He has tried other shapes but they often snag in the trimmer head leading to fast breakage.

The Maxpower Round .065-Inch Trimmer Line 1800-Foot Length (333665) is ideal for light grass cutting jobs in the house. It is long-lasting but will quickly break when it hit hard surfaces.

With this trimmer line you will be able to effectively do the right job without having to do too many reloads.

Arnold Maxi-Edge .065-Inch x 440-Foot String Trimmer Liner

The Arnold Maxi-Edge .065-Inch x 440-Foot String Trimmer Liner is made from durable polymer material therefore it will not easily break.

It comes in the color blue and can make around 22 refills. This line is serrated making it capable to cut through thick weeds. This trimmer line can also handle commercial work.

It can cut through grass three times the area other trimmer lines can. It makes work efficient and fast because it requires only few reloads.

  • Fits gas powered and electric trimmers
  • Requires few reloads
  • Comes in the color blue which makes it highly visible
  • Highly affordable
  • Small-sized diameter gives it limited power
  • Tends to toss out the last few feet of the line on the spool causing some wastage.

A user says this trimmer line cuts weeds and grass well and quicker. It is so much better than the round line that came with his battery-powered trimmer.

He also says it is priced less than the other trimmer lines of the same diameter and length.

The Arnold Maxi-Edge .065-Inch x 440-Foot String Trimmer Liner is compatible with any trimmer brand that requires a .065 diameter trimmer line.


If all conditions and specifications of the trimmers are equal, the Cyclone .065-Inch-by-300-Foot Spool Grass Trimmer Line (CY065D1/2-12) is the best .065 trimmer line in this group. 

Desert Extrusion Cyclone CY065D1/2 .065" x 300' Commercial Trimmer Line Blue [12/Case] (2-Pack)*
  • 0.065 Inch Diameter and 300 Feet Long
  • Special copolymer formulation provides longer lasting commercial cutting
  • Patented 6 bladed shape for added cutting power
  • Choice of landscaping professionals
  • Made in the U.S.A.

This .065-inch trimmer line is made from durable copolymer nylon material and a patented 6-blade shape giving it maximum cutting power to effectively get through weeds and light grass.

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